Alone at Last (pt 2)

both my arms, sliding his fingers along the sensitive skin at the crook of my elbow all the way down to my wrists. There, he pulled my arms above my head and reached back for the restraint cuffs that hung along the top end of my mattress. The cuffs were connected to a nylon strap that disappeared under my mattress, only to reappear on the other

Free Spirited (02)..My Birthday (1997)

had Jason groaning and cumming inside my wet pussy. He yelled Oh God then quickly pulled out of me. Andrew lifted me on to all fours and positioned himself with his cock at my cunt for the doggy position. He began to really fuck me hard oh God it felt so good, each time he thrust it in I pushed back to meet him. I needed him deep inside me and I

Nasty Boys by Millie Dynamite

Robert told him. Pushing Tony’s head closer to his hard cock, Robert thrust his hips upward, driving his cock between Tony’s parted lips. The wet interior of Tony’s warm mouth felt so good on his rigid pecker.Tony sucked on the cock and ran his tongue around it. In a few moments, Robert grabbed hard on the hank of hair he held, pushed Tony down

Bondage Saturday

Her eyes got even wider and she started to close her legs. I looked her in the eyes and indicated that wasn't a good idea, while grunts and groans from JoAnn seconded the notion. After four minutes of massaging her clitoris, she was writhing on the bed in the throes of her first forced orgasm today, maybe ever. Her whole body is relaxing into the

Mond' s Clan pt 5 Final

He called Timor and Bell and sent them to take Girl and to send Teal to her husband Drago. These two spots he considered the most dangerous because of the number trails that dumped in to these two. He was not sure about Lake side … Toma had told him at the end of the lake the trail split in three trails the Lake Clan went straight. There were

My Sister Returns

to make love to me. I complimented her on her looks, dress and attire every day. I went shirtless often, exposing my tight abs, muscular chest and arms. I work out every day and for a 40 year old, I’m in great shape. I noticed she was stealing looks when she thought I wasn’t looking. After a few days, I knew my plan was working as she was now


cryptic, and "Geisha" was certainly not her real name. I looked at the on-screen image again and compared it with the image of her about to step off the bus, and the difference between the two images was both breathtaking and beautiful in its own right. Pressing another key, the full directory path was displayed above the filename. I quickly

T-leaders : Night with natalie

the dining table after grabbing both of the filled glasses. The table has already been set with a candle light table minus the wine glasses. She sets one near my plate and one near hers. She sits down, picks up her cum filled glass and says “a toast to new sexuality and the partnership sexually here.” I raise my glass to hers and touch them

Elizabeth 04: Late Summer (Part 2)

Irene’s beautiful body, her shy smile, her uninhibited touch and kiss, and myself fearlessly returning the favour. The following morning had grey, threatening skies, as if a summer downpour might appear at any moment. I slept poorly due to overindulgence on wine the evening before, and forced myself to arise for breakfast in hope that would

Dominated by My Cousin

of it hit me in the face, but some hit my shoulders and a few squirts even landed on my breasts. It was an odd, and surprisingly pleasurable, feeling. Nonetheless, I was totally freaked out. My first sexual encounter had ended with me being covered in a strangers semen. It was not exactly what I had in mind when I imagined my first time with a

Introducing Georgina (Part Two)

and Business Studies, and set about the task of finding myself gainful employment. By this time I was sharing a flat with two other girls, Katie and Jade, both of whom I had been introduced to by Jessica, and whilst we had a lot of fun and some pretty wild times together, after three years of communal student living I was beginning to feel the

It all started out erotic enough&hellip,

pussy. After we talked dirty a little more Greg started to tickle Teresa. She obviously was starting to get more and more aroused and suggested that I go get her Robo Rabbit. I couldnt get out of my seat fast enough and Greg was clueless as to what she was asking for. When I brought it into the living room, Greg had the biggest smile on his

She Told Me She Had Super Powers

at the wrong time. She was strong in her religion when I prayed to no God. She was strong in her act of contrition when I thought I needed no confession. She not only gave me three sons, but also was strong enough to raise them herself when I was too weak to stay leaving her for another woman, a weaker one at that. Yet, she was strong enough to

Chapter 2 Mel gets to work

in trade."The man got an uneasy look on his face. "I don't know about that, the owners would skin me alive if they found out I was cutting special deals."Pushing his chair back with her feet, Mel got off the desk and dropped to her knees between the man's spread legs. "Let me worry about that, I'll make sure to keep you happy." With that, she

Young Mistress, Old Sub

she would arrive, I started setting things out and preparing. There was a large table in the kitchen opposite the door through which she would enter. I emptied the contents of the bag onto the table and laid everything out, ready for her to inspect when she arrived. I then went to the bathroom and showered, taking time to ensure I was clean all


women paid her handsomely to unleash her inner beast on them. In her basement, Beauty had designed a paradise where she inflicted pain for pleasure. She always enjoyed preparing for her clients. Slipping her body into her latex jumpsuit, she breathed deeper as she dressed. She loved feeling it caress, fondle and embrace her body. The rhythm of

Making him into my little girl

console and onto my lap. I pushed my seat back about halfway as she straddled me and we just started kissing, quickly, passionately, desperately. More and more we kissed, my hands moving around and exploring her back from her ass up to her shoulders, feeling the straps to her bra and her panties under my fingers. I grabbed her little ass cheeks


looked the accused right in the eyes and said, “We will prove that this man deserves to be put in prison and kept there for the rest of his natural life.” When Barns said that, the man’s wife and parents began to sob and the defendant turned and tried to comfort them. Swaggering to the exhibits table, Barns picked up a gun. He introduced it as

The Kidnapping : A Fantasy

Dont add or take away. Find a changing room and wear the outfits as though you mean to go out in them. Imagine yourself out in them. Imagine me sitting in the waiting area, giving you my approval or disproval – depending on how well the clothing suits your beautiful body. Take pictures if you like. Remember how it feels to dress sexy. If you wish

Winds of Revenge (pt 2)

and a stalker!“No. No. It’s...It’s on your...backpack.” “Creep!” She flipped me the bird, right between my eyes. “So, you want it back...your card?”“Y...Yes. Wh...Where is Olivia?”“Playoff game. Out of town. Listen and listen carefully, buttface!”Buttface? Dammit. Olivia must have told her. My face flushed. Her face transformed into a

Cervix Penetrstion..

away and pulled out saying "wow girl I got to take a break.. I looked at Frank and thankfully he was hard again so I said "come here baby I need more cock please fuck me like Tom did,, Hard and fast I love it.. I started cumming again as soon as he was inside and just kept up continuously cumming.. Frank wore himself out so when he cum that time

Switched On

think, he pressed his face into a pillow, yelling, then sobbing into it. The sound touched her deeply and, with a rough motion, she grabbed his hair and turned him to look at her. His eyes shone with tears. They dripped down his cheeks and left a visible spot on the pillow. His lower lip trembled as his orgasm riled his body. The moment their

A fortunate, providential accident

hand, got it?” As I uttered these words I looked her in the eye. I said: “Somewhere around here might got hurt, I’m not an amateur flub dub, I figure out it must be a temporary problem regarding a fracture stress around here.  I want you to relax.” I leaned forward to proceed: began to kiss the delicious vagina, so wet my tongue slid pleasantly


and plenty of times. But always with my hands—never with any toys. I'd always been too embarrassed to buy toys. Very responsive!I felt it. Within less than a minute, the low buzzing had pulled me to the brink of an orgasm, close, close, so close—I screamed in frustration as both turned off and withdrew abruptly.Ladies and gentlemen, twenty-three

Dreams of Submission

tightly as you looked at my pussy, glistening and swollen, now fully visible. You told me to stand and discard the skirt, I did so and sat down again, you told me to move closer to the edge of the chair and spread my legs wider and I obeyed. You left the room and returned seconds later, moving to my side you placed a blindfold around my head, I

Enter Sandman Ch. 06

know? Going through the years up to now I came with some definite facts. 1. The baby wasn’t mine as I was sterile. 2. My wife was a cheating bitch. 3. Sandman was my worst enemy and he was fucking My wife. 4. Doug Peterson was an asshole but he had been set up by Sandman. It is a hard thing to come to terms with when you realize your whole life

There Must Be A Mistake Ch. 16

father. Throw your cell phone away when you get to your destination. Call me on one of those prepaid phones. I will have instructions for you when you get there.’ ‘Delicious, I don’t know how to thank you.’ ‘You can thank me by moving your ass now.’ ‘What about my clothes?’ ‘What’s more important Junie, your clothes or your life?’ ‘I’m leaving

Diary of a Secretary/Slut Ch. 07

I simply looked at his hand squeezing my tit."Oh yeah, she gave me a blowjob on the toilet, right after I'd agreed to help you guys out. And then another one, after I brought in the papers for your husband."I smiled and said, "I see... well, it's true, we're both whores, and since you're technically also on the company payroll for the time being,

Dominatrix Makes Him a Slut Ch. 05

slut again." Lady Stella smiled. "Good. Take a quick shower and then get dressed. We can start in a few minutes."Now Marc was standing in the middle of the room, wearing his outfit and heels. The babydoll gave him a a little chubby look, but his legs made up for it. Marc knew he had nice legs for a guy: long, straight and slightly muscular from

A teenage surprise.

from my hair though. I saw Logan from the second floor hallway, which looked over the living room. He was sitting on the couch with his hand on his cock. I was quick to think that I should just go down and in a sly way, ask him what he's doing. But instead I though I should make my presence known. So I cleared my throat a little as I was

Emma Watson Chapter 2

me. Hell, sometimes I don't believe it. It sounds like some kind of sleazy fantasy I had dreamed up on a lonely night. And yet, I have her panties hidden in my wardrobe at home like some sort of trophy. Beneath it sits my copy of 'Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban', with a handwritten message from her on the inside of front cover thanking me


possibility of drying out a bull’s dick, stuffing a donkey’s dick, or just letting a dog fuck them. What about carving one out of wood, making one out of clay and baking it, or just using veggies like corn on the cob, carrots, or cucumbers. All of my thoughts were plausible but what would a horny woman in the eighteen hundreds use as a dildo. I

Discover Cove – Part 1

barely covered her, but as she walked further into the club she felt more over dressed the anyone. Most of the other women were in sexy lingerie and half of them were bare chested with only sexy panties on. The men in silky boxers or briefs. Some with white terry cloth robes on.She walked over to the bar and took a seat and asked the bartender

Erin's Story Pt. 02

and saw the whip in his hand. Many leather straps hung loosely by his side, and raised and fell in a beautiful unison across her tits and stomach. The snap was loud, but her scream of pain and surprise drowned it out. Before her voice had left the hallway, it was filled with another snap, and her skin began to brighten. Her thighs began to

I Love You Daddy – Part 1

pushing into my side, I crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower and shave. I had just finished my eye makeup (lots of blue eye shadow this morning, with thin tapers on the edges of my eyes) and was straightening my honey-blonde hair when he came in to relieve himself. “Good morning, Master,” I offered as he stood there peeing,

My Time as a Sugar Baby Part Two

load for me, then it happened.A small trickle of semen oozed from the eye and ran over the surface quickly followed by a long low groan from Marc. Moving back I watched it spit a long white thread; it seemed to be in slow motion as it spurted a trail against my cheek, warm and thick it felt wonderful against my skin. The next spurt took me by

Inspired By: I Need My Punishment.

over her tight ass, down her pale legs and off completely, before reattaching the clips to her stockings. Next Mistress took two pieces of silk rope and, spreading her legs wide, secured the sub's legs to the heavy wooden legs of the desk.Now that the sub was firmly tied in place Mistress went to a cabinet and unlocked it revealing an assortment

The Meteor PART 1

'auto' mode with forceful counter thrusts.Lisa was riding her orgasmic elevator toward her second orgasm. Her hands fisted and her toes curled as her Lover lunged into her womb and unleashed its warm thick ejaculant. Lisa felt the incredible thick volume fill her cervix and vaginal sheath. Her eyes opened wide but she saw nothing, her mouth


that the radio wasn’t working anymore. Jeff nodded. He then asked Jeff for ‘orders.’ He had actually used that word, not that he was fantasizing he was in some film about the navy but with the wind screaming and waves crashing he hadn’t wanted to use a lot of words. Jeff said they had to get the radio working, a temporary antenna needed to be

Cuckolded by Homeless Latinos

birth control anyway.” In the past I had only seen those guys as mild-mannered, homeless men getting free meals at the church. Now I saw them as aggressive men with a huge hunger for sex. Their attitudes about having sex with the church women and white men were inexplicably exciting to me. At one point I realized that my little dick was getting


harness and restraints removed and her eyes uncovered and rolled onto her back. Master positioned a pillow under her hips and slid between her inviting thighs.The man and women then stood over pony and the woman positioned her hot wet snatch above pony's waiting and open lips and the man knelt and slide his hardening cock into her in one shove


good looking, and you guessed it, i did well with the opposite sex. Like him, I also had a penchant for a good time. Drinking by 14, and smoking by 15. Never touched a cigarette though. A real fast track to the social underbelly, saved only by my talents on the field and in the classroom. Why is this relevant? You'll see.   We can fast forward

Hotel Room Ch. 01

my probing tongue, she tastes so goddamn sweet, it gets me so hot lapping at her hard clit, teasing her pierced labia between my lips, while I watch as you titillate her breasts. One of her stockinged legs is now wrapped around my neck, securing my lips to her cunt as she bucks and grinds against me.As I am down on my knees, licking n sucking at

My Unforgetable Summer- Part 1 The Beach

but I also knew in her bikini she was someone different. Taylor is standing there with a royal blue bikini, which made my cock grow even more since it was my favorite color. She was standing there with her beautiful breasts, which were almost exposed, her dark brown hair, and green eyes made my cock grow to its fullest height. Her legs oh my

Office Visit

trench, slowly loosening the belt. With a sudden shoulder shrug the trench drops to the floor revealing the stunning lingerie. The instant look of hunger in Mark’s eyes betrays his desire. He begins stroking her silky stockings, his smile of understanding growing as he realizes dinner will be preceded by dessert. His anticipation intensifies as

Invisible Bondage

Him as He tells me, without words, that I am His, to do with as He will; to take His pleasure in me in whatever way He chooses.He lays me back on the bed, stretches my arms up above my head, and spreads my legs into a 'spread eagle' position on my back. He positions Himself between my thighs, and looks down on me, staring directly into my eyes.

Afternoon Sex Outside on a Mountain Trail

back into the missionary position and I pushed into her really sloppy wet pussy. I was discovering that Jennifer always got unusually wet!!! As I was fucking her missionary she grabbed my ass cheeks firm with both hands and said she wanted me to cum in her. She said, “I want to look into your eyes as you cum in me!” It was easy to just let it go

Tinker, Tailor, Goyim, Spy

have the skill sets I want. No one teaches spying in Massachusetts, unless you count the fraternities going after the sororities, or the internal intrigues of either group. After experiencing that level of stupidity, I think decapitation with a sword is far more civilized.’ Normally, the Mossad man would ask if that was a reference to Daniel

Business Matters

time is in the shop, never do it here again, understand?”. Tara nodded bleakly but grinned at Bobby then left the room. The hot water sluicing over his body felt good, it even emphasized the result of Tara's wanking, sucking and that bite. Before water hit his face he ran his tongue over his lips, and enjoyed once again the taste of the girl's

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 05

tossed them aside before she jumped onto the desk. She lifted her miniskirt up and flashed her sweet pink pussy. “Now fuck me on this desk,” she ordered. “And don't stop until you make me scream.” With a smile, I pushed my cock inside Alison's pussy and began to fuck her. Alison moaned softly as I rubbed my cock against the walls of her moist

Impatient Me

entire length in your throat. I buck my hips in need but you push a hand against my hips, keeping me in place. I whine my need into your cunt, but continue my assault with my tongue, lavishing licks against your sensitive clit. Finally you relent and take all of me into the warm wetness of your talented mouth. I nearly lose it right there, all

Today Was Like Every Other Day - Part 1

said.“What do you think I should wear on this date of ours?” asking with a slight smile.“Oh my god! Can I really help you get dressed for our date? Are we really going to go out somewhere nice? You don’t know how long I have waited for this!” she said with so much excitement I thought she would burst. She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me

Late Night

and your balls are smacking my chin. You grin as you watch your cock disappear into my mouth and reappear once more. You place your bound hands on the back of my head and thrust yourself harshly into my mouth. I gag slightly, something I've never done before. You enjoy the sound, and you thrust even harder. My throat is starting to get sore from

Starting boarding school

attached to suchen cups to my tittys it was a milking machine! It started to worjk and it really hurt I started screaming but I stopped when noticed oliva take of her panties and strap on a 12 inch dick to her waist. Oliva came towards we and started pumping the tip into my mouth until it was all in and I was gagging beyond belief she stopped and

My First Time Dogging

of the car, Gary pulled his pants down and I pulled my dress up and squated down and started sucking his dick. Within minutes four guys were standing there with their dicks out. Gary backed off to watch and I had to go to work. I got on my hands and kness and started to suck one guy’s dick. Several hands were stuck in and around my pussy as well

The Empty Chair

arranged a publicity thing for tonight—“ “Great time to tell me,” Allan jerked his wheelchair away from the mirror and glared up at his manager. “There’s this little girl, her mother played for the Symphony of something. Her father does janitor work, I think. Anyway, it’s her birthday – the girl, and you are her hero. God only knows why.” “Enough

My Remarkable Trip

looked forward to the fielding trip. We had all met that morning to the entrance of the park, and without wasting anytime we started our towards our place we would call home for the next few days. we had walked for three hours and finally came upon the lake, it was the most beautiful sight that I had ever seen, and before I had realized what had

Sexcraft Chronicles: Book 1: Caroline's Quest - Chapter 1 - Rescue

Minotaur bucked his hips, and her normally luscious blond hair (from her bewitched form) was matted and tangled. She looked like a wreck as her now naked body twisted and turned on the dirty forest floor.Caroline had been previously wearing a tunic and full-length cloak with a hood well pulled over her face. But the Minotaur had made short work

Shipwrecked on Mermaid Isle Part 1

cry of the captain as he rallied his men to succeed in the grandest of battles against a most unrelenting foe; a turbulent ocean.It was a battle that looked lost as the gargantuan tidals tormented them from all sides. The captain’s knuckles were white as he vainly steered the stricken vessel to nowhere safe.Crack! Crash!BOOM!The doom-laden sounds

Home Alone

your "toy". I imagined myself with my hands bound at the wrists with a pink satin sash, a blindfold covering my eyes so that I would be intent on listening to your voice and anticipating whatever events you planned for your pleasure, my mouth was also bound by the red ball lodged between my teeth to prevent any unacceptable protests on my part.

Marina Pregnant After Three Dates

completely exposed from the cover of it's foreskin shroud, and a string of fresh pre-cum trailing from the purple head to my now-damp belly button. While kissing and licking me everywhere but there, she leans into break that trail with her tongue and will " accidentally" brush her tongue over the tip of the head, just once. I'd be lucky enough to

My mom in her friends house

house there this old guy opened the foor and asked us to come in he then took us to a room and there was 4 old man on the chair and my mom then clossed the doar and then she stood in front of the men and i just stood in the corner there the old man then asked my mom to face the wall and put her hands up then after that the old man then looked at

Escapades of Eva Ch. 23

all of me in your naughty little cunt." His cock began to jerk and he let loose his cum into her. "Cum bitch," he grunted, and Eva immediately came with him. As they both came again and again she felt herself shudder with release. Eva could feel their hot juices flowing together down the crack of her ass. Just them they both had one last spasm.


was waiting outside patiently. A smirk spread across his lips when he spotted me, heading down to my car. He opened the driver's side door. I was confused at this gesture, but he motioned for me to get out. "I'm driving tonight." He declared. I walked around and got in the passenger seat. "So where are you taking me?" I questioned. He smiled as

Vacation 4sum

took my arm, guided me to the bed, I laid on the foot of the bed, two chairs were put there for my feet so my ass would hang off the bed Julie got in top of me in a sixty- nine position my husband got behind her and entered her ass as I sucked on her clit and licked her cunt, Sam entered my ass again, we all got a good rhythm going and lasted

Living Arrangements Ch. 01

her and punish her and do with her exactly what he wanted. But she hadn't ever told anyone. How did he know? She crossed her legs, trying to hide her excitement but revealing it instead. She initialed the line and handed it back, shyly.She looked up at him, expecting him to write his next command. But instead he was just looking at her,

Choice Matters (Part 1 of 2)

and the boisterous chatter and laughter shook the walls. Lena had holed herself up in the small den. She sat in the easy chair, a pillow wrapped behind her head over her ears as she stared with a knitted-brow at her open text-book. It made absolutely no sense to her. She couldn't think straight, the shrill shrieks of girls and the bellowing

Modern Maturity

with memories. “Yes,” Carlotta looked at Jan very seriously and added, “just maybe some would. Maybe some lucky wives might just have husbands that would.” Both women surveyed each other for several minutes. Nothing more was said along the lines but both women were definitely digesting the recent dialogue between them. They both seemed

punishing My slaves

of his ass for beating.  Like I would give that little bitch the satisfaction.  Instead, I look at the living room floor. ‘You made a mess little boi, now lick up the cum you spilled on my carpet.’  I swat him across the upper back again for emphasis.  ‘Now bitch.’  It amuses me to watch him eat his cum from the carpet fibres.  you can almost


girl.’ I bent to Frank and pulled off his new boots. ‘Frank, you can have the boots back when you pay for her dress.’ I tossed them in the back of the truck. I got in the truck and drove home. When I got there a police car was already there. The police officer was sitting in our kitchen having coffee with Mom and Dad. He took one look at Nancy’s

The Party After the Party

relax, thinking that you were just trying to get comfortable. I didn’t pay any more attention to you, until you placed a hand on my leg, gently rubbing it. I relaxed a bit, thinking I had been dreaming when you slid your hand down my boxers and began to rub my penis, slowly at first, circling my head with the tips of your fingers. I let out a

The Girls Next Door (part 2)

on licking her soft folds. I pressed back the soft flesh and pressed my lips to her clitty and began to hum. This drove her wild with pleasure and she came again panting hard. I held her close for a few minutes as her hand explored my body until it found my erect cock. She told me she had tried to suck her boyfriend’s but he came real quick, and

My Son's Girlfriend - The Final Part

of my cock as she aimed the next blast into her own mouth greedily swallowing it down while further shots of spunk were aimed at Sue's face and breasts. As my orgasm subsided Danni gave my softening cock a good suck before turning to Sue and licking the spunk off her breasts, Danni was such a greedy girl but I loved watching her. Danni’s hand

Inside Her Head Ch. 03

on your leash, on my hands and knees? I so desperately want to be walked, Sir...please?"You let go of my neck and wrists at the same time, one hand reaching for the leash while the other rises up and cups my breast hard. I keep my arms together behind me, arching my back and pushing my chest into you while you squeeze me, moving your fingers down

The Spanking Stories #3: Shhh!

She came to the attention of the school librarian when discovered re-arranging the books on a shelf because they were out of order, and she quickly became the librarian’s indispensable assistant. She had proved so efficient and useful that by the time she graduated a small scholarship had been created for her so she could go on to get her degree

Master and Pet

out of the way and gently massaged the girl’s wet pussy. She was tight, one finger and then two but she moaned and backed off when he tried to plunge into her.“young, tight and dripping wet,” he snickered. He spread her asscheeks and massaged her asshole with the tip of his thumb in circular motions before plunging it into her. She moved back and

Auburn Mistress Ch. 03

I began panicking."Now slave remember yesterday you sucked my strapon I think that today you should do the same" he voice made me relax once again and I heard footsteps in front of me. I imaged that long plastic cock inches from my lips, slowly I tried to look seductive and part my lips, I probably looked stupid but Mistress deserved me trying to

A Very Handy Handyman

touch my cock since I left here, I just wanted it all for you." That was so sweet, I wrapped my legs up around his back and fucked him until he cummed his overnight load deep inside me. "Mmm. what a nice way to start a job. You gonna be my naked helper, today?" he asked me. "Only if you're naked, too," and we got up to see what was next on the

Oh, No! Oh, Yes! - Part 2

her left ass cheek. She gave a huge smile and said she slept great. Feeling her soft ass instantly got me going. I wish we were alone, but I knew my wife was coming back any second. I removed my hand from her ass and went back to my paper still standing right next to her. I then heard my wife walk right by the kitchen, down the hallway into the

A Birthday Present

A lazy summer day. The kids were in camp. Linda made the cake I love, she added extra frosting. Around 6 pm, the doorbell rang, she opened and a handsome, 35ish, strong bodied guy came in carrying some stuff. Linda smiling said, “This is Alex, the masseur I hired for you. Just relax and enjoy, leave everything behind and you will feel like you

Damian Ch. 02

what you need? You are just a whore; a whore I use to relieve myself. "Marie's disobedience had annoyed Damian, she needed to be punished. Gone was the tenderness and softness.He took her by the wrist and dragged her across the floor towards the bed, the bed in which Slut was lying looking with great interest at what was happening. Marie begged,

Tinder Date Pt. 1

staring into my eyes, she bit her bottom lip. I pondered if I should say anything, or let the current flow of body movements continue? As it was, I didn’t get to decide.She stood and crept towards me. She slid herself to my shoulder and ran her hand smoothly along my chest with fingernails clawing at my shirt. I slunk my arm behind her, gently

Becoming the office slut. stage 4

pussy arriving in my inbox. Lisa had taken it from behind so that the thin strips of dark blue lace in the crotch-less panties framed my open pussy. You could see I was a little turned on, my lips were slightly swollen and a hint of moisture was visible. I felt a stir in my groin, I was learning to love being treated like this. The second email

A Dark Hobby

that if you’re a villain, you’ve got no rules and no values. That is such bullshit. Because I’m a prosecutor, many people see me as a villain. As the supposed villain in question, I am far from what they think of me. By day, I am a lawyer. I work for the Suffolk County Prosecutor’s Office in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I am quite good at

Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 12

Don't worry about describing what happened in your own words or anything; I want to know how you feel and what you've realized today.''Yes sir.' She moved away, wincing when she used her right hand to push herself up, still cradling both breasts for support, and found her journal and pen. She went back to the side of the cave opening that looked

Memorial Day Picnic

my pretty?" I repeat, just a touch harder; hard enough for the slap of the 16 leather falls to be heard as well as felt. I hear you moan and you take a few ragged breaths. I lay the flogger on your back, the falls trailing down to touch your sex and I reach up, take a handful of your hair and pull your head back as I lean close to your ear. I

Sue's photography session

of his cock in her cunt, her juices making sucking noises as he fucked her as well as her moans and shouts as she joined in with him.It was hard to tell whether he was fucking her or whether she was fucking him. He rode her and rammed into her. She pulled him in and bucked her hips to meet his cock as it drove into her. Then he put her legs down

Vanished Ch. 05

He stood beside me and ran his hands over and through my hair murmuring, ‘Suzie, you will be OK. Just do as he tells you. Be still, girl.’ I turned towards him and with my eyes I pleaded for him not to let them hurt me, ‘It is not too late to let me go, I won’t tell anyone, honest. Please don’t let them hurt me, please.’ I whispered to him. He


I touch the tip of my cock to her clit and she moans. "Imagine how wet this would feel, naked." I slowly rub my cock back and forth across her swollen clit and she moans. "Imagine how you could feel the veins and ripples of my cock, naked." I drag my cock across her engorged pussy lips, and she thrusts her pussy up against me. "Imagine the heat

Bawdy Tales Pt. 03 – The Whore’s Story

I not withdrawn. ‘Not yet my dear man,’ I murmured, ‘that was just a foretaste of the pleasures in store for you. But I have a much better place for that magnificent weapon that now rears up ready for battle. Lie back on your cot, and I will take you on a journey such as you have never dreamed of.’ As I spoke, I pushed him back onto his bed, and

Mountain Mystique

breasts, as his tongue flits quickly over her nipples. His hands slip down to her waist, lifting her body. She quickly responds holding on to his shoulders for support. She is waiting, waiting for that blissful moment which frees her from her held back anxieties: That moment of release where both may feel as one. He releases her, his hands search

A Guy From Work and I Enjoy Greekfest with Kelly

pulled the towel up into her cunt to mop up all of her cum. The towel was soaked. It was also the first time Tom really noticed Kelly’s tattoo.He told her he thought it was beautiful. Then he grabbed her thighs and started to roll her over and then gave her ass a little swat. Kelly hiked up onto all fours. Tom lined up his cock and stuffed it

A Family of Men in America

telling people. I’m not in denial. I accept myself for who and what I am. It’s hard for me to reconcile my sexual identity with my faith and cultural identity. Being bisexual and a Haitian man who’s also a Roman Catholic don’t seem to go together. That’s why I’m celibate. I don’t need any relationship-related drama to mess up my life. Right now,

Crystal the French Maid Ch. 05

roaring noise. Through all this you can sense all of us gathered around you in a circle cheering Paul's actions. You can hear the excitement and lust in our voices as we watch your public humiliation. You have asked for this stranger to piss all over you and agreed to drink it. His aim is good and the hot liquid pours into your open, waiting me

Winter Solstice

wet, she practically gushed when he entered her even slightly. He moved his cock inside in increments while fucking several times at each stage before going in deeper. Once he was fully inserted to his balls, he was able to fully insert and pull out without pain, provided that he did so, slowly. Fucking this beautiful woman in an animalistic way


it would be so easy to do. "Oh, sweetie, your little mouth feels so good on me, and you are so wet, I could play with you for hours like this."She moans, half choking, he sees her stomach muscles tense and relax, tense and relax. So much power in that little body. "Give me some more, offer yourself to me, I love to spank your little pussy while

Pretty Girl Pet - Part Four

take me. I can’t tell if she is scared or happy. Before I can decide I see a single tear rolls down her cheek. “Yes…..” She whispers softly, she embraces me tightly, kissing me with need. I kiss her back, and feel the knot of emotion in my throat. We hold each other close and kiss. Once we've calm down and can collect ourselves we talk about when

The Interracial Sexual Surrogate Chapter four

her trembling hands passed by the upper region of her pubic mound then stopped short, hesitant… almost afraid to go any farther?… The burning feeling was of a strange numbness that seemed to be at the very root of her sexual nerve endings! It was kind of like that tingling feeling when the circulation in your arm or leg has been restricted and


far away, to some bar or club where the rich and kinky congregated.But things had changed. The men didn’t dazzle her in the way they had when she’d been younger. After all, now she knew them too well. She read them too easily. And yet, the hunger didn’t wane. She’d find herself home again, watching some awful porn scene and unable to stop the raw

The Devil's Pact Chapter 25: Eight-and-a-Half Weeks

She wore a conservative blouse that she was unbuttoning, revealing a nice pair of breasts in a wispy, black bar that Mark unclasped in the front, spilling out her round melons and hard nipples. Mark bent her over a loan officer's desk. The loan officer was a balding black guy who just kept right on talking on his phone as Mark hiked up the bank

The Underworld

to pull away from him. With one of his firm arms around her waist, it was impossible. ‘Now, are you ready to be a good girl?’ He cooed at her mockingly, earning another frightened nod. ‘Good.’ He let go of her and quickly pulled the ties loose. ‘Now, a good girl would come down and dine with me. Are you going to continue to be good?’ He spun her

Cheating and Hot Chocolate

was staring at me, intently. I stared right back. All I could think, was now what? I had wanted this, I had done this, and I now had to figure out how to go back to the way things were. I knew that I couldnt though. So, is this one time thing?, he asked me. Dylan, Im not sure, I want it to be but we cant let him find out. It will ruin both of

The Man Who Stared At Me In The Gym

passed away a year ago.I was thirty. I’d never been married, though I came very close to believing that I would be. But I’d lived enough life to know these moments don’t come by often—the moments when you look at another person and absolutely nothing stands in between the both of you. You can see who they are, and you know them, with the clarity

Dinner with the in-laws

run through her. He takes his hands and massages her large breasts as they kiss, their tongues muffling each others moans and gasps. Finally, her body shakes in another orgasm, and he follows quickly behind, his cum squirting out onto her thighs. She falls against his chest as he pulls out of her and he holds her tightly. "This is why we don't

Failure to Comply

glistens in the light and my hands slide over them with complete freedom. This massage is necessary to improve the blood-supply so that full sensations will be achieved later. I shall then, Mary, slide a large vibrator or dildo in and out of your stretched cunt whilst the tip of my finger rotates in and around your relaxed and slippery anus. Your

A Doctors Visit

here I was with my cock in my urologists mouth being fucked with her throat. I was very excited and just about ready to cum but I kept trying to slow down. Trying to think of things that had nothing to do with laying here getting a blow-job from my doctor and fantasizing about it being my aunt Ruth. I didn’t think I could but a thought of my wife

Ms. Sandstrom’s Assistant, Part 1: Waiting Room

button and saying “I’ll send him right in!”I felt wrecked. I was slouched low in a chair with my pants around my ankles. My cock was glistening with her saliva, twitching and desperate for release.Liz was buttoning her blouse back up when she noticed that I hadn’t moved.“Come on, hurry up! Get dressed, you have to get in there right now!”In a

Bare Asses and Boyfriends

can't believe you cried!" He pushed the theater door open and let me out. I shivered as I felt his hot breath sweeping across my cold skin as I squeezed past him. "I have been following this story since I was a kid. I was bound to cry. I can hardly believe it's over..." I dabbed at my eyes, which I could feel becoming moist again. He softened up

Lai Ch. 06: Barb

most recent relationship.’ He paused. ‘You know, it was not my choice to return to Hong Kong earlier this year. It was my father’s choice and possibly my mother’s. Obviously, I was eventually going to have to come back. But the timing was almost certainly chosen because they disapproved of my girlfriend out there and they wanted to break us up.

My new life as a slut part 2

have finished Jane invites you to have shower with her. In the shower you slowly was each other clean. After showering and getting ready Jane asks you to have one last coffee. “So are you going to tell your husband about this?” ask Jane. “No no I think I will wait. It will be a surprise for him on Saturday” you laugh. “You do understand Saturday

The Cult’s Mascot

as I said, we will not do anything without your consent. I will give you this night to think about everything, but you will have to reach a decision by tomorrow night.’ She left me while the chains to my clit and nipples were still attached. Alone in the dark, I thought about my reaction to the tongue lock. I wondered about what had made me freak

The Price of Being Late

under her skirt did nothing to stop the full caress as his hand pressed hard against her mound. Taking her hand from the wall, Chrissy attempted a weak slap at the hand, but with her other arm still held in an iron grip she couldn’t get any leverage. All she succeeded in doing was scraping her crushed 36D tits against the rough textured wall. Her

Teasing the photographer

I need. It’s driving me wild, but if I move down to your breasts I’ll loose that taunting contact completely, and I can’t stand for it to stop. Instead, I snake my hand down between your legs, and you part them slightly to accept me. You sigh into my mouth as start to stroke up and down, just as you did. My finger moves deeper into your wetness,

The Long Absence: Angie's Story

struggling to walk back to her bedroom. Slowly sitting on the bed, she brought a finger to her lips, whispering "wow."Sleep didn't come easy for her yet again. Angie's mind was spinning. She called Sandee and left a voicemail. She knew she was at work so she requested a call back when she got off. Angie wanted to meet her for lunch or dinner. She

The secret war on Internet Sex Story writers.

took that as his clue she had adjusted properly and he began to rock in time with her grinding. With each “in” stroke he pushed as deeply as he could. With each “pull out”, he left just the head in before plunging back into her. He started to massage her clit with the thumb of his right hand as he played with her nipples with his left. She

Behind Closed Doors

but that she would also feel his strength. Using his other hand, He flicked open the buttons on her blouse, growling in pleasure as her bare skin was revealed to Him. He'd always considered her beautiful and tonight was no exception to that. He kept His eyes locked onto hers as He continued undressing her, until she stood naked before Him. It was

Neighbour pleasure

woman and I do have sexual desires.If I am not getting with my husband then what can I do?By that I lost everything and started fondling her breasts with her dress on. I placed my first kiss of my life to Neha,a special kind of feeling that I am experiencing in practical.She was wearing cream colour saree . I took her to her room(I already

A Cruise with My Granddaughter, Part II

legs together and drew up her knees to the side as she answered by saying, “I was just looking at the pictures in the magazine and I just wondered if we were going, that’s all.” “Well, if we don’t get up and get ready, we won’t see anything, now will we?” I said as I walked over to her a slapped her on the butt gently. “Ouch, Gramps, that wasn’t

Innocent, Naive Yet Nasty, Kinky Story About My Next Door Neighbor [01]

make any effort to cover her legs but she seemed to spread her legs slightly wider that I could see even more.I was thinking fast and I decided to risk it by jokingly said, "You always wear all this sexy lingerie, I'm sure your husband will be excited by it! Mine was so boring!""But so sad that he seemed to be more interested in his work or at

In Dreams Ch. 01

but very short episodes… recordings, if you like, usually only of the highlights of the more significant occasions. Still more of our memories are but mere snapshots that our brain (in it’s wisdom) somehow reassembles into what we believe are proper memories. I’m only explaining this to you now, so that you might understand, that the following

Bostonfictionwriter’s Big Bash Ch. 01

Doris’s transsexual brother from Baby Ruth Cynthia married to my father from Bitch Witch Hitch Stitch Vicky from Can I Watch? Preston Rogers from Cancer Cure Bo Derek, Linda Carter, Farah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, Candace Bergman, Loni Anderson, and Shelley Long from Celebrity Ball and from Midnight Celebrities. Patricia and Dave from Coveting My

My First Sub, Part Two!

a shit did and duplicate it, it feels so hot, making her feel this pleasure, and a quick stroke of my fingers on my own lips elicit another minor orgasm, but I refocus my attention on her. I lick, I suck, I kiss and use my hands to caress her ass, stroke her hips, and softly rub her thighs, and she's loving every bit of it, but I pull up, suck

Confidence Within

punctuation. There was another half a glass or so in the bottle, I knew. And it called to me. Refilled, I pushed back into the couch, snorting a laugh at my lack of courage. Yet another missed opportunity. This latest girl looked dreadful , not the least bit attractive by any conventional measure. But there was something about her that drove me

Calliope's New Life Ch. 03

to Calliope to be a range of gym equipment; a pommel horse, rings hanging from the ceiling at differing lengths on thick chains and several knotted ropes that ran from floor to ceiling. What seemed like a ballet bar ran halfway along one wall of the large room the other half of the wall being taken up by an oversized window and a large wooden

The Massage

did not allowing much freedom to roam.One day many weeks later when I was finished with this delightful chore, I excused myself and headed for the shower. A thought struck me. I always assumed she either headed home or lingered, waiting for mom to come home so she could visit, but I was never sure. So I performed an experiment. I left the master

Life is a game 1

gets an instant boner when he sees his cousin walked in.Grace  is a 5’6 red head with 36C tits, she has freckles on her face, and cannot tan with out burning.  She was wearing a G-string that barely covered her slit, and showed off her fantastic ass. Her tits looked as if they were about to rip the shirt off of her chest.As soon as Aunt Jackie

Cyrus’ New Zealand Adventure Ch. 11

as she scurried off, her petite ass swaying and her thick bun bouncing as she jogged inside. Cyrus met the rest of the group at the bar, and though he engaged in some conversation with them, his mind was on Maria. He couldn’t get the image of her petite body out of his mind, and only imagined what it would be like to have her naked body

Ancient Wisdom

went into immediate action. He started by introducing her to his whole family, which was very extended. Right away they made her feel so warm and wanted. In the last few weeks leading up to the birth the women taught her many of the old ways, especially regarding pain control which she feared the most and after a through examination by one of the

A Wooden Heart

Dressed in a black top hat, long frock coat with tails, a red waistcoat and white trousers, he looked a commanding figure. His moustache was the finishing touch (which he hadn’t been wearing when Peter saw him last).   “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,” he began. “Welcome to the Circus! Tonight we have an amazing range of entertainment for

Brady and I (pt 2)

right hand free. I put the middle finger of my free hand in his mouth and made sure it was nice and wet before I took it out. When I took my finger out, I immediately moved it to his ass and started circling its circumference. He had his eyes closed but when I began doing this his eyes popped open and he said: Oh fuck! I like that! Dont stop!

Slavers of Aghara-Penthay

sky.I take out my holo-communicator and try to patch through to Gara, but there is no connection. Not surprising. She never carries it with her when she’s on a mission. Worrying anyway, I continue towards the station.The shuttle departs from a commercial zone, located a short walk from the university gates. There are more drone-males serving here

Secretary Solo

that she kept in her bed stand. The last time she had had a rendezvous with a dick attached to a human being was six months ago and it was an experience that she would rather forget.Her partner that night had spent the majority of the time that he was in her telling her how good she felt. The problem was, she couldn't really feel him. The

Neighborly Secrets Ch. 02

her. When she was full, he set the camera to the side and forcefully fucked her with the dildo while his mouth worked her clit, forcing several orgasms from her. When she was sobbing and shaking from exhaustion, he stopped and stepped away for a moment to disrobe.Finally, he knelt between her thighs, kissing the inside of each gently, loving the

The Bimbo's Choker

mouth. Her hand drifted down to the end of his shaft and she began playing with his balls. She moaned out as she continued blowing him. “Mmmmm. Do you like it when your horny slut of a girlfriend sucks your cock?”“Ohhhhhh, yeah!” Nathan sighed out, leaning his head back and closing his eyes in pleasure. He enjoyed the feeling of her lips on his

The Adventure of Ken and Kassi

Originally I didnt want to. The husband was a total hunk, a bit taller than me, a bit of chub in the cheeks, dark hair and sexy stubble on his chin. The wife was also a hunk (can a wife be a hunk?), long highlighted hair, curves, and legs for days. They had two kids, Jenny and James. Kassi, hurry up! my mom shouted. With a smile I zipped up my

Making Myself Pretty for Master

makes me feel so safe. Knowing youre in charge. I want to do everything for you. I want to be on my knees and I want to taste your cock and I want you to bind me completely so I cant move. But the need to be fucked is so much greater than that just this one time. Ive never wanted you to just take me without any other extra touching before but my

A Good Start… Part 2

a bit and not go with the old ‘dinner and a movie’ approach.For the fifth time in as many minutes, I checked my watch.6:28 PM.We had agreed that I would pick her up at 7 PM, and I had just left to do so.When I arrived at her place, I shut off the engine, and checked my watch again.6:57 PM.“You’ve got this,” I told myself. I got out of the car and

Auntie Mabel Ch. 29

she was ready for her water, and he took it up to her. She was sitting up in bed in her dressing gown, he knew that she was naked under it as she slept naked. His hand shook with suppressed lust, as he placed the glass on her bedside cabinet and chastely kissing her goodnight left the room. Jane was embarrassed with herself, since she had become

Sex with a stanger

had got in a small accident and would be a little late. this was the chance i was looking for. i showered and packed at my own pace. I looked in my drawer and like i had suspected Benny had taken the $600 dollars i had hidden but the remainder of the cocain i had put into a 50 dollar bill for this purpose so i had some money even if i wasnt much.

SPACE FLIGHT (Human Flight and Search for the Colonies)

with anyone in between fertile times.Each female in the original coterie’s will be modeled on females that the male was attracted to, and preferably involved sexually with in his original configuration here on Earth. There will be some genetic engineering to accentuate some characteristics and reduce others. We think that they will still be

An Experiment in Submission

most of the skin there completely naked. This stylized miniskirt was just long enough to be decent. I ran my eyes over my image in the bathroom mirror and felt the unavoidable tug of arousal zing through my blood. The collar I had purchased earlier sat on the bathroom counter, and I picked it up now to fix it in place. I raised my chin a bit and

I am 69

was so unhappy and distressed, no one would tell me what had happened or what was going on. I was kept in the dark about the whole situation that was about to erupt. The following day I woke up early and saw my aunt sitting on the foot of my bed, watching me sleep. ''What's wrong Liz?'' I asked sleepily. ''He wants you! He wants to...'' My

Part 03: Devon – Fallen Touch

around my waist and I carried her to the window sill, gently placing her on the cold surface. As we continued to kiss, I felt her hands reach my jeans. She began to unbutton then when the bell rang, startling us both. I swore under my breath and rested my head on Tamara’s shoulder, breathing deeply to calm myself. I heard her giggle and I laughed


down to masturbate.You gently wipe my tears away, “It’s all right, my Dear. Just relax. I’ll give your pussy the attention you deserve very soon.” Your hand cups one of my breasts then slides down my arm to my hand. You move my hand to your cock, hard as a rock. “Stroke me, slowly now.” I obey, wrapping my fingers around your shaft, sliding up

Into The Spirit

up in such a state. It was one of those dreams again.Cheryl raised her head and looked at the clock. 6:14 in the morning. She let her head fall back into the soft pillow and considered her options. It was too early to get up, but a little too late to try and fall back asleep again. She closed her eyes and tried to be still, to calm her racing

Your Boyfriend Called

is very nice.” She looked up at me and added. “I could get used to this type of treatment.”“I’ll bet you could,” I quipped. “Remember I am just following his directions.”“My boyfriend’s directions.”“That’s right.” She held her head back as I poured hot water onto her head, and began shampooing her hair. I massaged her scalp as I worked the

Two Worlds Collide (Part 3)

their surprise, Hanna's mom, Molly, was home early. "Mom! What are you doing home so early?" Hanna asked."I didn't feel too well today, and also I wanted to have a talk with you." Said Molly, in a serious tone of voice."Is everything okay?" Hanna asked, worried."I have to go home and check on my dad, but I'll be back in a while." Amber said,

Nina is Spanked by a Client

Mrs. Hopkins ordered, “Jacket off my girl, come on, then your skirt. I don’t want to crumple up your lovely suit.” Nina slipped her jacket off her shoulders and Mrs. Hopkins looked almost enviously at Nina’s long nicely shaped bare arms. Nina saw the glance but her only thoughts were about the spanking to come, not the fact she might look


of it as I shoved it toward her mouth. Her hand snuck down inside her panties, while the other began to fondle my balls. She sucked hard on the head of my cock, her lips moving back and forth across the sensitive edge of my cock head, then pulling back to lick circles around it with her tongue, then back on my head, sucking as she flicked the

A Gyno Fantasy

thick hard cock into her tight asshole. She bit her lip to stop from crying out but didn’t object. Good little slut, he said, drilling his cock deeper into her asshole, forcing her tight virgin hole to take his whole length. He reached behind him and grabbed the metal speculum used for gyno exams. He stopped for a moment, enjoying the sight of

Kicking the Habit Ch. 03

not talking about some pussy prick pick pocket, or cat burglar. This guy could steal your house and you’d never know it until it started raining. He was good. Too good. Not as clumsy as a magician, or as dull handed as a sculptor. When I arrested him, the bastard stole my gun, ammo, and the key to my handcuffs. He didn’t shoot me. He didn’t even


about you&hellip,.. being the first guy to have sex with&hellip,.oh Ron&hellip,. Im so excited &hellip,my heart might explode&hellip,Ive wanted this with you so bad&hellip,) My hardon slipped right in but very tight. She liked it rough and pulled on my butt cheeks and her legs wrapped around me like a vise. She was finally getting with the right

Making A Hot Wife - 2

drinks in his hand. He put Shelby’s wine glass on the table beside them and handed Zack his drink. Touching his glass to Zack’s, Clay said, “Cheers. I’m glad Shelby is making you feel at home. Has she suggested that you fuck her yet?”Zack didn’t have to look down to know that the woman on her knees was sucking his cock again. “Yes. She suggested

Sophie makes amends

in her room. She gasped, looking back at her was a different person. Looking back at her was a working girl, and that was what she was tonight and she had to dress to please. She hadn’t done anything like this before and she was scared. She was scared as to whether or not she could do what was wanted and terrified of being caught. But it was

A Master Stakes His Claim

She slowly spread the swollen lips and peered directly into your vaginal opening. You could feel her breath on the wetness of your vagina. She was now gently blowing a stream of air across your sexual opening tingling the senses and setting your mind reeling. You had to feel the tongue of this blonde woman on your sex or you were going to

Family of Three Ch. 04

over toward it, continuing to make as much noise as I could. Answering yelps; she was in the house.In the kitchen. I made my way over to her and leaned up against her in relief. Then I checked the freezer; she had already pulled it out. Nothing to do now but wait; I sat down in a chair and laid my head on the table.She moaned and sagged; I yelped

Picnic on a rainy day

it made me quiver with anticipation of him licking my pussy. He could see that my pussy was clean shaven, engorged and my pussy lips were slightly open. He could see my juice glistening on the outside of my pussy. He took one big lick from the bottom of my pussy to the tip of my clit and latched onto my clit and began to suckle it, like a baby

Ms. Woolson, Nikki and I Part II

does a girl have to love someone to ask him to fuck her even if it’s all just lusty sex? Regardless, Robert felt differently about Nikki. He still had feelings for Ms. Woolson but there was something nibbling at that fact. He had that image of her branded into his mind just like Ms. Woolson. Now he had two girls to worry about. Robert sighed and

The Neighbors Chapter fifteen This is the second to last chapter in the story .

I gently held her and rolled her on her side in the bed I did not want to hurt the baby .Daddy that was so awesome I loved it this outta hold me about six months until I come back with the bay to visit I love you .I love you too Susan I think some day the right man may come along yes I know he will my prince will come someday Thank you .I say

The Birthday Blowjob

when Ben your best friend comes around the corner. He is looking around nervously with a mischievous grin. It’s still an hour before anyone else would turn up but he looks like he’s avoiding someone. “What’s up Ben?” you ask him curiously. His grin grows wider when he see’s you. “You’re birthday surprise,” he announces cheerfully before another

The Summer House

breath back as I scratched her back and bottom with my fingers. I started kissing her thighs and ass with small little kisses, my hands spreading her cheeks apart again I moved my tongue to her butthole and started licking and circling, burying my face deep between her cheeks. Dee started to moan again and I spread her cheeks apart even further

Rough Ride

He then grabs her by her hair and pulls her down. The hard floor meets her knees in an unforgiving thud making her wince as he forces her onto her knees. With his hand tight in her hair, he uses his other hand to reach down to free his already thick hard throbbing cock. Her eyes grew greedy as her mouth watered for it, her tongue swiping her

The Schoolboy And The Farmers Wife. Part 4 (Final)

Sally’s new marriage confirmed that Susie and Jack would be well and truly looked after and treated as their own.Our children were at my marriage as were their mother and new husband. My wife Robyn would never know they were fathered by me. When I looked into their mothers eyes we knew it was not over; yes, I knew then I would be unfaithful but

If You Love Me Then Lick Me

quite sure how. Then as we paused to stand and enjoy the water washing over our feet and the moonlight reflecting off the expanse of ocean in front of us I threw caution to the wind. I kissed you. When I pulled back, you looked a little surprised. It may have been you just weren’t expecting it, but I suspected it was something else. “I’m sorry…

A Boy and his Genie - Chapter 11

man is holding!”“Hold it you two!” One of the guards shouted. “You’re coming with us!”“Oh? And how exactly do you plan on making us?” Alexis asked confidently.“Because if you don’t, we’ll run our swords through you!”“Now how on Earth do you plan on doing that when they’re floating in the river?” Alexis asked. She then flicked her wrist, causing

Getting caught can be fun Pt. 3

plans, she laughed and shook her head and told me she would be waiting for the two of us with open arms. Asiya looked at the time and told us she would need to get back home to help her mom prepare dinner, she got up kissed me, walked over to Meena kissed her too and left. I told Meena I better get going too, she asked me to stay for a while

Feeding an Addiction Part 3: Ch 6

were equal to the task. By hand, by mouth, my smiling little minx had soon got me ready for action. I was pleased to see something of her normal spark return to Grace, but my guilt weighed heavily on my shoulders. I knew she wanted me to make love to her as a free man, but as I lay between her welcoming thighs, I was more making love out of duty.

Descend to Heaven

waves. I felt it almost as a physical force, as if our bodies were seized by some magnetic energy that was trying to pull us together, and we had to fight to resist it.Ana put her mittened hand on the back of my neck and leaned her forehead against mine in a gesture both innocent yet intimate, and filled with aching sadness."Orrin, you don't want

As Twilight Tide Draws Nigh

have oats, with honey and apricots. Toast, three slices. Coffee and warm milk.” The girl smiled and nodded confidently as she wrote the order down in a small notebook. “Would you like something to spread on tour toast?” “Yes, do we have any butter?” “I think I can find a little for you but I must apologise Herr Doctor, we don’t have apricots.

Marriage Proposal

A little before our third year she got what she wanted, big fake boobs, 34c's that still didn't touch without a bra and still perky as before but now stretched her skin tight keeping her little nipples firm and attempting to show through any covering. Elizabeth got her wish and after she had gotten used to them she wondered when I was going to

Marooned on gronk

moaning, still bound at the wrist and held together by the tit tubes. Neither was fully conscious the constant internal wriggling sending them into a half crazed world of their own.The inquisitor had left them long ago and now only two sweat covered guards watched over them. The vat was beginning to ripple with exhausted worms, one by one the

How My Wife Went From Wife to Slut to Whore Part 1

age 61. There are few stories I have about what happened early in our marriage that probably led to my current lifestyle. This is all very true and I suppose this is where it all started. In the early 80s, my wife and I lived in Shreveport for 5 years, I had transferred from the Dallas area. We had one experience where another man came into our

Ellie – Part Three

be away from everything, and in particular the stress of the divorce, and how much she was enjoying herself and her job on Long Island. Then I received a letter about the final divorce hearing, which required Ellie’s presence, and that she’d like to meet after the hearing and celebrate. “Maybe dinner and a few drinks?” she wrote. “When and

Part 3 Shy Young Liz Cumming Of Age

really felt different to the smaller cocks she had previously taken. In the morning Liz got up and showered, but as she re-entered the bedroom, Jeff needed to fuck her again. He wanted one last go on this young big titted slut, so he ensured she got another couple of loads of his semen buried inside her before she left the flat that morning.Liz

Late Night Doctor

paper at work. I told him I’d apply some lube if he needed it. No playing, just helping my love. It was a little red and I applied lube a couple of times a day for him. It seemed to be working. Late Saturday night we decided to go to bed. He went to the bathroom and I ran and put on a strapon and got into bed before he was done. When he got in

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 34: The Horny Bitch

I considered opening with a cheesy pickup line, but soon decided against it as I realized a young woman like her must hear a hundred of those each and every day. So I did the only thing I could think of, I lied. Saying I was in the market for a dog, I asked her if she would recommended a Dalmatian for a first time pet owner. She started telling

A Valentines Feast

could notice I suggested she send away her attendants. She did so without question. I smiled, knowing it was going to be so villainously easy. This rape of her royal receptor. This sacking of her sack of sin. She followed me like a obedient puppy, from her chambers to the King’s where he waited. A simple lie of a headache and a desire to remain

Charlotte And Her Parents

have you gotten a D in Biology?" he enquired "I don't know father. I tried really hard to do well, but...." Charlotte said, looking down in shame. "Oh honey, come here,sit between us" Jenny consoled her Charlotte sat down in between her parents, and her her father told her to sit on his lap. He patted her back and told her it'll be okay. Jenny

Driver Ch. 04

love the pain, it takes me to a dark true place deep inside me. Please give me more- do not be gentle with me, take control and drive me deeper." Her eyes were wet as she spoke. I could feel her tiny sobs.I eased my cock inside her and moved gently for a time, before I became more vigorous. Our sweaty skin slapped together. I pulled out of her

Getting Married tomorrow. Chapter 2

woman that was talking to a man, it may have been her husband, for all we knew. It was really crowded in the bar, and she just kept talking to the guy while Ivan pulled her skirt up and proudly showed me what he was doing. He tried to get me to stick my hand down there as well, I was mortified and headed for the bar, waiting for the explosion,

Cobie Smulders finds her lost love

He removed his own shoes too and again sat beside her. Cobie was getting even more turned on, she didnt know why. He removed his shirt and dropped it on the floor on their footwear while resuming kissing. Then she held his face in her hands while she broke the kiss and ran her tongue on his chest, staring at him naughtily. That was just for a few

Lead Me Not Into Sexual Temptation

not so he thought I would not be home until later.”Looking at her sisters flushed face Faith laughed and said, “You forgot because you had just fucked the photographer, didn’t you? You were trying to get home before Mace and your brain was so fucked you forgot yoga. Thank goodness he fucked you silly or you would not have caught the bastard. I

The Wages of Cyn: An Introduction

fast. While the bathtub filled with fragrant bubbles, she stripped off her clothes. Critically, she examined her reflection in the massive mirror that graced one wall of the enormous bathroom. Even after ten years in her field, she was still a stunning woman. Her breasts were still perky, still tipped with delicate-looking pink nipples. Her slim

Meeting with the older man

office and called from the front to let me know he had arrived.   I grabbed my coat and purse, heading out to the main door curse the walk wasn’t long enough I basically left my office and just a few feet away I could see him standing there with his back to me.   I had no time to take a few good deep breaths, my heart was pounding I was sure it

Spring Break

like he was all the way into my stomach, but I could feel our bodies together,and his balls hanging down heavy against my ass cheeks. I let him know I was ready for more by starting to contract my pussy muslces, he got a smile on his face and lifted off me & started to move in and out of me. Jen, not to be left out gave me a quick kiss, and then

Interlude 20-77

the center of his chest, she pushes him back onto the bed. Slowly, while holding a lock on his eyes, she unbuttons his shirt. Finished with the last bottom button, she pushes the garment off his shoulders. She bends down and slides off his shoes and socks. The top button on his pants is next, followed by a slow, deliberate pulling down of the

A Lesson Learned

I screamed at him. "You've cum from watching my lover fuck me. I'll say that again, you limp dick bastard, it's my lover who's inside me… my lover who's shagging me, and it's my lover who'll be sharing my bed from now on." Steven increased his pace, thrusting harder and grunting every time I bucked to meet him. I clung to him, raking his back

Why do fools…Jack 2 (Chapter 5)

my legs.” She grabbed his hand and shoved it between her luscious thighs, causing him to cup her pussy, her leggings were already soaked. She had left her knickers for Jacie, going commando just for the hell of it. Jack was close now, he gasped as he felt Laura’s pussy juices, and his cock throbbed, pumping out more pre-cum. He instinctively

The Best Week of my Life Pt2

D cup. Sophie herself was in the middle in the photo, as cute as a button as her long blonde hair stretched like tentacles in the breeze. In a padded white ski coat, she looked a vision of virginal innocence. The third girl, Jessie, looked younger than her friends, a petite vision in rectangular glasses. Her anorak was open at the front to reveal

My Girlfriend and her sister

turned on the tv and started to make out after a couple minutes. Things progressed and mike started to massage seannas pussy through her yoga pants. She was very beautiful and he was very turned on but he couldn’t help but think about emily. Her round teen ass and her beautiful brownish hair. Mike focused again on pleasuring his girlfriend, but

Tales of Mrs. Abbott: Girl Next Door - Part One

a glimpse of the only thing that could save my day, life, soul... Holy shit. YES. Alright, never mind. Today rocks. Mrs. Abbott is showering, fifty feet from my bedroom window and she forgot to shut her flowey, white drapes. She also forgot to close her bathroom door, which incidentally has a mirror on the back of it. Thank you, God. I lock my


on and distracted. The game was unnecessarily close and Leigh pulled out his game at the end and clinched the victory. Followed up by a short victory dance that caused his muscles to flex again. Leigh was smiling brightly and looking more irresistible than ever. I’ve got to get out of here! Thought Zack. This is just too frustrating. With

Young Amy fights her desires.

good, just as she had remembered. Max's thick tongue licked and licked, sliding between Amy's pussy lips, teasing her clitoris, and poking into her vagina. Then Max stopped, and Amy saw him prepared to mount her like he had Friday. But this time, Amy knew what he had in mind, and panicking, she got up quickly, pushing him away. She wasn't going

Doc Ch. 02

to the highway and on into town. That decided, I slung my first aid pack over my shoulder and groaned at the thought of walking several miles with a headache and all the aches and pains of being thrown about in the wreck — I’d thought I was done with all that ground-pounding while beat-up when I left the Marines. I struck off up the dirt road

Power Chapter Eight: The All-Nighter

nothing about sex. He was fearful of girls seeing him undressed. That passed quickly. Mark got a roommate, Jay, and a girlfriend, Janice. He lost his virginity and had a three-way with Janice and Jay. At Anthony, the women have most of the power and Mark is adjusting to that. He learned that upperclassmen could have alcohol, that nudity was


with a loud slap. He was struggling to get off of the bed and assume a defensive position but she was on his shoulders and he failed to remove her in his weakened post orgasmic state. Her flesh stung as she lashed out again striking his face with even more authority than before. Eyes burning now with rage he yelled and screamed for her to stop

Peter and Paul

not lost a drop.Paul had rang Peter once on the train informing him of their ETA, and that he should ring him 7.30 that evening, so that he could meet him at the pub.“Do you have to go out this evening Peter, wouldn’t you prefer to stay in with little Georgie?” Georgina knew he would not be in any fit state when he came home from the pub.“Can’t

Unconventional Plans

head touch the cold rough texture of the wall. My hands, bound behind my back. With my eyes closed I remembered my parents reaction when I told them I had enlisted. They were angry, frustrated, confused. They couldn’t figure out why I would do such a thing, when I knew how they felt about this administration’s war. Why I would do this to them,

Lazy Saturday Morning

had confessed she was willing to have anal sex with me, but told me she had to be "really" in the mood. This morning seemed to be the day. I reached over to the end table on my side of the bed, grabbed a condom and lube, and was ready to begin. I had decided that I was going to make this experience enjoyable, more about her pleasure than mine. If

The After Seeding A second wave (4)

Trey and as of yet Trey still hadn't said a thing. Despite reassurances from Helen John was still a little afraid that Trey wasn't growing fast enough, He told Millie about this and though she didn't want to she agreed to call her sister Elly and Gloria having them both come over today. They needed to feel safe and till the Miacarians were back

Diddly – Chapter 2

see my exposed sex! I started to form a protest, but that died in my throat when hands came to rest on the insides of my thighs and started to rub softly up and down, reversing direction only an inch from my exposed pussy. The earlier flames between my legs roared up again, and I whimpered. The girl behind me didn’t need more than a finger to

Christmas Overtime

pushing my tongue as deep inside her as I could get it, moving it around to taste every part of her it could reach. “Christ Aiko… you’re better than I imagined.” I didn’t say anything because then I’d have to stop what I was doing. I used my fingers to find and caress Karen’s sensitive spots as her moans joined the chorus of girls outside the

America’s Playboy Ch. 06

the boss can get some beautiful broads naked to make them want to have sex with him by hypnotizing them and controlling their minds.’ ‘You have a point there,’ chimed in Vito. ‘How am I supposed to find his black book? How am I supposed to get in his computer? How am I going to get him to tell me about how he gets so many women?’ Suddenly,

Naughty Maid Ch. 4

and thighs as I tried to avoid it! There was no way to close my legs as I felt Him start to smack the inside of my thighs! "No, Master! Ow, ow owwwwwwwwww!" I screamed as I tried, in vain, to get away from the crop striking between my defenseless thighs! "Did I hear 'no'? did I hear 'ow'?, He asked as he continued to use the vicious whip. I

Panties and Punishment

You can also feel that ever-familiar lift in Your pants. Your cock revels at the power of Your strokes- at the the power of the control You can truly have over Your little pet.My arse is glowing a shade of red that had not yet been reached with any other punitive time between the two of us. . .My nipples were so hardened and as I scooted and

Ticket Girls - Raving Horny

she at me, but then we both shrugged and went behind the bar, ducking under the folding part and following him through an archway and into a tiny office covered with old rave posters. Once the door was closed behind us, he pulled a small plastic tube from his pocket that contained two large, slightly rough looking pills. “Oranges,” he told us

Heather's Passion

I want you to meet him. I know that you too need a cock sometimes right?""Yes, I suppose I do.""Well then, on special occasions the two of us can share him. How does that sound?""You mean like a threesome?""Exactly, he has an amazing cock, Melinda. He will fill your pussy to the hilt and fuck your brains out with it. I'm telling you he is great.

Hard Day at Work

it. I love to keep the day full of surprises. Tuesdays are always real slow. I just thought I could help pass the time.Alice was watching the clock as I came in. I could tell from the look on her face I was in for something special today. “You’re late.” she hissed as I punched in. “I’m sorry.” I tried to look humble. “I got caught in

Liverpool Ch. 09

for her good service. My skin felt so slinky and smooth from the oil she had liberally applied afterwards and my new underwear slithered over it so easily; it seemed everything I did these days just turned me on so much that I was walking around feeling constantly horny.That night was like the one before. I was commanded to sit with Sir and keep

Always Faithful - Chapter Eleven

I don’t bed Greg as you put it, but yes, he expects us to have sex.” “Your husband bought that dress for you to wear; them ain’t cheap rags, honey.” “No, not at all, and my husband bought this and five more.” “Wow!” They entered the ladies room. “Are you wearing anything Greg bought for you” “Just jewelry, there wasn’t a good way to show you this

The Lawyer and the Killer Ch. 07

Seamus O’Hara, a twenty year veteran of the squad that handled strange cases had some questions. As he put it, her kidnapping and subsequent tale of rescue, based on what they’d been told, needed a little more clarity. Susan reiterated her tale to the police. After listening Officer O’Hara asked, ‘Ms. Slattery we believe your story, but it

Sodom Eyes ( Part 4 ) — Glass Dance

right in, but it just wouldn’t fit. I gritted my teeth, and tried again. Hal just smiled, reached down and grabbed my ankles. With a quick yank, he pulled my legs out from under me, and down I went, and up the cock went, up into my searing hole.‘OH, MY GOD!’———————-After sucking William’s big black dick, he sat down on the bed beside me. He said,

Found (Chapter Eight.)

the catch though: you cannot tell anyone or things won't end well for your pretty face. I can trust you remember what happened the first time you did something I told you not to?" I nod and I whimper in response as the graphic images quickly come flooding back. Memories of shouting, broken glass and other broken things, including my left wrist

The Problematic Package

she started to shout when she regained consciousness, thus Kondor felt the need to gag her. He had been holding the blade in front of her taunting her about its qualities when a stray dog barked, Kondor had panicked and his arm twitched he saw he had left a cut on her throat. Deciding he needed to finish the job he attacked her with venom

I was a mess

bad to worse but it at least gave me something to take my mind off of what had just happened! A while later in bed exhausted but unable to sleep I hunted down the bloody article again in the hope that it would provide me with an excuse to my behaviour. In a way it did the article went on to talk with a number of interviewees who openly admitted

Girls Cruise……….part 1

and we share many secrets. We’ve remained close ever since. Wendy lives in Myrtle Beach, Karen, Beckley, WV, Kathy, Sandusky, Ohio, and I am here in Maryland. The cruise was out of New York City on the Norwegian Dawn and went from Sunday to Sunday. It is the same ship and destination that Tom and I have done four times ourselves. I love Bermuda.

The Desire for Another Kiss (Reposted)

depending on how you look at it, but for not being truthful and telling him how she felt. He had told her that he loved her and all she could do was to walk out of the room. She couldn’t get the words to come out of her mouth and now she wished that she had.Chuck, on the other hand, felt guilty for expressing his love for the girl and now felt

Using lace pt. 2

her flushed body. Leaning against the cold metal for support she tried to calm her racing nerves. Never in her life would she view a limo the same again. Every inch of her screamed in need and demanded completion. How could he do that to her. He seemed so heartless sometimes. Bringing her to the brink of cumming only to stop and leave her hungry

My Best Friend 22 – Homecoming Pt. 3

kiss along my dick. At first it felt weird having two sets of lips kissing along my dick but that sensation went away quickly and was replacing with a tickling sensation. I had to start thinking all sorts of things so I wouldn’t pop early. Only problem with the girl I love and another girl who is in lust with me was making any type of thought

Prey For Me Ch. 16

Gath was one of the places where they remained. Do you recall who was from Gath? Goliath! Perhaps Goliath, the giant, had a little Nephilim in him?’ ‘I’ll just quote two more verses regarding Og, who also had a little Nephilim in him. Joshua 12:4, ‘And the coast of Og king of Bashan, which was of the remnant of the giants, that dwelt at Ashtaroth

Kept Hard

the mail today. I was very anxious to try it out, but you weren't home. I only had one recourse, and that was to call Servant. Aren't you curious to know what it is... no, don't get up, I'll take you to see."She then moved to the bottom of the cart and pushed me across the room. I felt helpless being wheeled to wherever she desired. Wendy often

Summer Job With His Cougar Neighbor.

lifted her up and then I carried her through the threshold until I plopped her on the bed right on her back. Then once I did that, I got on top of her and we kissed some more. She then put her hands behind her back and undid her skimpy bikini top exposing two natural wonders of the world- her all natural grapefruit 36D tits."Damn sweetheart!

My Best Friend’s Daughter Ch. 04

along the way. I tickled her belly button with my tongue, licking small circles around its edges before moving further downward. As I reached to top of her hair, I saw the angel tattoo I had noticed earlier. It had her husband’s name under it. I kissed it gently. My hands massaged her thighs as my lips kissed their way down the length of the soft

Birthday treat

pleaze, pleez lick me, just suck my pussy. I can’t wait any longer. Pleez, I beg you.”Finally after a bit more of my games, I started sucking her pussy. I parted her lips with my tongue and started probing her. It was my first time at pussy licking, but that seemed to be no problem at all. I felt like a natural at it.“I’m sure your sweet nectar

Freddy's Family Fun2

Teresa could feel herself getting wet again with his talk about sucking her pussy."No pussy, no talk."Crap! Here we go again thought Teresa. "I don't know. How would we do it?""I'll lie on my back. You take off your panties and lower yourself down on my face. I'll take it from there."That sounded all right to Teresa. She'd be on top and in

Morning Love

squeezing and pulling his cock, literally milking it with her muscles. Completely spent, Mark pulled out and flopped over on the bed. Alycia caught his come in her hand and got up and ran to the bathroom to clean up. Moments later she threw him a towel and walked over to her panting husband. He sat up and she kissed him on the cheek and said,

Postcards Ch. 06

gYou have been busy. How much does Don know?’ Barbara preferred silence, but Sean’s will is a thing of iron. ‘Some’, she admitted, ‘but not much. Madame tied me up for him yesterday. Cobra weave with monkey paws in the loose ends. Danté was impressed.’ Sean nodded. ‘You may stay, but understand that this session is being recorded. Do you

Thelma and me (Summer of 65) part 1

“hurt and had gone…hard.” “Just like it is now?” She said as she lent forward and gave it a little squeeze. “Yes,” I giggled as she ran her hand up inside the leg of my shorts, “but it hadn’t done that before…ever.” “Then what happened?” My sister was now stroking my rock hard penis. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when you took your dress

Betsy & the McBrides Ch. 03

former military intelligence specialist Mike Street…’ ‘What, the taxi driver with the beer belly?’ exclaimed Matilda. ‘I find that difficult to believe, especially when comparing him with Kenny who looks like a mean, well-oiled fighting machine.’ ‘He was a strategist, sitting behind a desk, mom. I worked in the field.’ ‘So that makes him good?’

Image of Perfection Ch. 02

replaced it. Arial had set the player for just one song, knowing that he would have Bella just where he wanted her before it was finished. Now the only harmony was that of soft moans, and lips exploring tender skin.Bella's head fell back with a groan of pleasure. She ground her hips against her would-be lovers groin in anticipation of what was

Forced Slave

cold steel around her ankles too. All she wore was a kind of silk tunic which barely covered her to just below the hip. It strained over her breasts and the slightest movement would pull it open at the front or raise the hem to uncover her bush and her cleft. Who would do this to her?She managed to raise herself up onto her knees, then her feet.

Winter At Beech Mountain

plus a nice tip if she likes your work. They're in the dining room, let's go meet them.” We walked to the dining room and they sat just on the inside next to the windows. Stanley made the introductions.They were the Baxter's , from Miami . Both in their mid-fifties. Their daughter, Susan however, was a cute little strawberry blond with a sexy


heavy. He yelledloudly, “I’m cumming baby! I’m cumming and squirting allmy hot thick cum deep inside your great pussy! Fuck me baby!Fuck my cock! Yeah, that’s it, fuck it hard!” I was moaningand hissing with my own orgasm. We continued fucking eachother fast and hard until our orgasms starting gettingless and less intent, until our cum slowed to

The Monster Full Story

and said “I want you to taste yourself. It’s so wonderful!” Donna started to suck on my tongue and I knew that she was ready. I asked her, “What do you want first?” “Fuck me!” was her reply. So I reached down and guided my dick into her. I pulled myself up and tried to use my dick to stroke against her clit. She had her hands on my waist and was

Aphrodite's Curse Ch. 098

his balls. Hearing their Mistress enter, the three looked up and blushed as she winked back her approval at their efforts. Walking over to her husband she ran her pinky finger up his shaft and around his slit before lifting it to her lips to taste. "Mmmmmm, just the tiniest droplet of pre-cum, but otherwise DRY as a bone!!! Good work Girls, GOOD

Suprising night with my wife friend. PT 1

and she likes to be present if any extra curricular activities occur. But in the moment it was too much and I pulled out my hard uncut cock, she had never seen one before and told me to pull the skin back slowly with each stroke so she could see the full head of my throbbing cock with every pull. She started to squirm and moan in the chair as her

Sexual Awakenings - Chapter Two

family, I lost my virginity to my mother a week ago."We both laughed and then she told me, "Looks like we will have to continue the family tradition."I agreed.I walked over to close the door between the rooms and as I approached I heard moaning coming from our mothers' room. I approached quietly and looked in to see my mother and my aunty naked

Meeting Seth

the snow as I once did, your back to me as I walk up behind you, sliding my hands up your back. You start at my touch and turn. "Sam......oh man...." Your eyes seem to glaze over as you take in my attire.I offer you my hand, pulling you towards me, sliding my hands up our chest, undoing your tie and draping it across my neck. Unbuttoning your

Preteen years with brother 2

it inside your mouth and roll your tongue over it”I followed his commands and took his penis inside and ran my tongue over it. It was like something I never tasted before.I continued for a while then came out of the blanket.Me-“Lets do something for money now”Shane-“Sure.”I took his penis in my hands and started jerking. I continued for two

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 15

land which did not belong to him.’ Moreover, the documents provided bear out this scenario.’ Atwood paused for a moment then answered a few questions posed by Alex who indicated his knowledge of the few documents available which allowed the land to pass from one generation to the next. After a general discussion, Atwood continued, ‘In essence

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Girl

bus, which kind of sucked because the manager of the cleaning crew at the university is a mean Mexican lady and she doesn’t cut us any slack. I’m the only Hijab-wearing female on the mostly female cleaning crew, so this broad seems to have a problem with me. Sensing my worry, Adam offered to help without even being asked. Isn’t he awesome? Like

My Exhibitionist Straight Brother

off, so my vision had to adjust to see."Just checking to see if you were awake, buddy boy" Dan said. He was lyingon his back, naked, with his head turned towards me, with a stupid,grinning expression on his face. His other arm was around Jen, who was onhis other side with her head on his shoulder, and making these moaningnoises. One of her legs

I fucked the computer guy

something more comfortable but he was already in my room trying to fix my computer. Who cares though? Really what did I have to worry about anyways, he was just a young twenty-year-old guy who was literally harmless. I bet his life was computers because his appearance definitely wasn’t. By the looks of him, I could tell he knew nothing about

Two White Sluts, One Black Cock

downwards, she said, I love the look of my creamy white thighs resting on your dark body. I love the purple head of your cock on the precipice, just before it plunges in. He ripped off her shirt and bra. And I love watching my strong black hands rubbing your big white tits and tiny pink nipples. Kate moaned in pleasure as he squeezed. The moaning

Fucked by cousin

some on his dick and on my ass and bend over the bed. He got behind me and shoved it in a let a a gasp cause I didn’t expect him to put in that fast. Right from the start he was pumpn me hard and fast I xoulnt belive how good it felt after a little bit he pulled out and told me to lay on my back so he could fuck me like a bitch I put my legs in

The Video Tape Ch. 04

the yacht’s owner at the time. As far as he could make out the guy who owned it wasn’t a known criminal, but he wasn’t exactly kosher either. He was one of those guys that the FBI were sure was up to something. They just couldn’t figure out what. Apparently the IRS, the American income tax people, were also interested in him. A couple of days

Who Is Ch. 03

being treated like shit. I was hurt and felt used and I did not like it. I stood up and pulled my dress down. When I looked on the floor to find my panties and purse I found something much much worse. The condom that I had given him was on the floor still rolled up and in the package. All he did was tear it open so I thought that he put it on.

An under-cover reporter

the posh bint for a guided tour of back streets of Wetherfield, twenty five minutes easy and we ended up less than a hundred yards from where we started.It worked a treat, April got there just before us, fucking open crotch fish net tights, red PVC jacket, yellow polka dot minidress what showed her knickers or would if she wore any, fucking

Xmas Holday Quickie

far enough to pull his cock up between them and was obviously using it to rub on her clit while I went back to longer thrusts, her excitement had her pussy even looser so I wasn’t sure if I could reach an orgasm myself and started pumping into her more desperately, I was so close I could almost taste it but it was eluding me even with the extra

Big Trouble for the Bookman Ch. 03

money was a problem for Large Lou’s daughter. As my mind wandered, Lou’s door opened and I was ushered in. ‘Okay Bookman, you’ve had the run of the place for a few days, what have you found out? I’m gonna pay you good money when this is over, so give me something. I need to know if any of these assholes who work for me are planning something

Young girl only one naked at birthday party

this was even better to celebrate loosely at party.When I arrived, there was also plenty of people, everybody in strange outfit, some of them (but maybe also mine?) not big on special fantasy. But then, five minutes after me arrived birthday girl’s sister and her 14-year old niece. And younger one was really stark naked, even not shoes, as my

Swimming teachers can be more than friends – Part 2

at the Y was much easier though because of the size of the pool. We just had to hold the classes very late. And by we, I mean Fran and I. She was the lead instructor and I was her co-instructor. Just coming up on twenty, the Chapter didn’t yet let me teach them by myself. So, at her request, they paired me with Fran who was in her mid-thirties.

Becoming the office slut. stage 2

next day I came to work with panties on. I’d taken a big step yesterday and it was hot but I wasn’t sure I wanted to go any further. If I carried on this way I would be a plaything for everyone to use. Maybe I should select just a few of the younger guys to service. As I walked across the office my hair was up and I’d worn my glasses, something I

The cursed boy

down around her ankles to make it look like she was going to the bathroom which also allowed the cum to ooze into the toilet. I picked up my pants and put them on and slowly went out the bathroom feeling better and proud of myself.I went through the rest of the day normally and got off my bus. The walk to my house was 1/2 mile and woods were

Roll in the Leaves

slid her hand under his boxers to rub his rock-hard cock. He slid out of the boxers and through them aside, supporting most of his weight as he leaned over her naked body. She guided him by the hips so she could take his cock in her mouth. He slid it in her open, waiting, wet mouth and groaned. “Oh, Rach,” he said. She smiled because she loved

She stood at my doorstep drenched

evening. I thought I heard a knock on the front door so I waited a bit, but nothing, so I continued to watch TV. Then I heard it again, so I turned on the foyer light and looked out the peep hole. Sure enough, it was a woman at my door, drenched from the rain storm. I opened the door because she looked alone and she was. She asked me if she could

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 14: Lingerie Shopping

friend ripped my blouse open, revealing my bra-free boobs. The buttons barely had time to hit the floor before she dove in. But against all odds, she did not head for my chest. Instead, the thrust her tongue into my mouth, resuming the shortly interrupted make out session. I kissed her back, wondering what was the point of ripping a perfectly

Babysitting Jennifer

for some kind of porn. In the nightstand by the bed I found some magazines and used those to masturbate. The following week I got to babysit again, and soon Jen was wearing her favorite pajamas again with the short shorts. Strangely Jen wanted to go to bed earlier than normal, but I obliged by getting her into bed. As she was slipping under the

Perfect Wife

relaxed a little. Soon he was sliding himself in and out, all the way out then back in. Each time as my anus opened for him or closed as he withdrew I felt a wave of pleasure that I would never have expected. Every time Ive cum today my mind has drifted and wondered and now I understood why. I didnt have to concentrate to bring on an orgasm. With

Kim Again

any," she said. Joanna held Kim's head steady and relaxed her urinary sphincter. The flow did not begin at once, as Joanna was too excited, but that didn't bother her because she figured it just added to Kim's humiliation to have to wait for it. Finally she felt the warm flow begin. Kim's whole body jerked back when she felt the hot, salty piss

My Dream

but it feels so good...your hand slaps my other tit jolting me back to reality...that I am your whore and I am where I want to be, where I deserve to be. Your hand reached down between my legs and you shoved your fingers deep inside my pussy. You took them out just as just wanted to see how wet my cunt was for you. I hoped your were

Breakfast with Linda

and pulled me in closer. We started fucking for real. Soon, we were moaning and grunting in concert, lost in a myriad of wonderful sensations. I wanted to please Linda as much as possible, so I moved my hips slightly, changing the angle of each thrust. She responded, by using her pelvic floor muscles to massage my cock. All too soon, it seemed,


to get fucked! I stripped off their clothes, slapped their asses, and sat them upon the sturdy kitchen table. One after another, I spread thick, hairy bushes apart and pushed my cock into vaginal holes. With hard thrusts I ripped virginal hymens to shreds. Virginal cunts were filled with semen and sperm. Shrieks of pain were replaced with

My First Time

a big one, she said, can I touch it? Sure, I replied. Melody put her hand around it and began rubbing it up and down my shaft. Her hand was soft and warm and felt wonderful stroking me. Suddenly she asked, has anyone ever sucked on it? No I said. Let me show you how it feels, she offered. Melody kneeled down in front of me, lifted my throbbing

My husband loves to show me off to his friends and even to strangers and I like doing it

he wanted to show me. Now there’s no need for me to come around his desk buthe asked so I did, and he was right I had a wrong letterin one word so I said I would retype it. Then he saidfor me to wait and he would check the other 16 pages incase I needed to fix another ones as well. As I stood beside him his hand next to me went down tohis leg and

Synchronicity Ch. 01

in the shower and closed the door. Carrie sat down and began to pee. I’ll flush for both of us when I’m finished. Do you have a bath cloth that I can use to wash your back?’ Ken walked to the linen closed pulled down a large towel for Carrie and rummaged around until he found a wash cloth for his back. ‘I don’t use wash cloths very often,’ he

Angels and Guardians Pt. 05

back. I don’t remember a time they were ever here for the holiday.’ ‘Then why fuss with that big bird?’ ”Cause, Jill and Jasmine still usually come over for dinner. They spend the day with their family, then spend the night here with me.’ ‘I see,’ Ashley said. Joe grinned at her as he gutted the turkey. ‘No, not like that…well, maybe that, too.

Good Morning

every inch slide in. His hands, now at my hips, guiding my body with his thrusts. He slammed into me, over and over and I could feel a tingle building. He must have known because he pulled out, thoroughly covered with my nectar. With no warning, he pushed it against my tight rear hole, pushing on the outside until I finally relaxed and gave way.

Getting What You Want

in summer school and I, a grade 12 graduate, got the house to myself most days. Even though some of my preparations were unnecessary, I did them anyway. I showered and shaved so I would feel smooth against her skin, even though she would never want me that way. I put on an alluring scented lotion to attract her closer to me, even though she kept

Final Placement

last fucked?” Her eyes popped out and a genuinely shocked face replaced the smirk. Shit. I apologised profusely, spluttering and blushing to try and make amends. She sighed. “Too fucking long ago, you?” Her face had blushed to match the burning blood rush to my own cheeks. I swallowed deeply and replied the same before pausing. “How...?” I

My First

I was turned on by his assertiveness and quickly began to unbutton my pants. I started to pull them down when he growled, “Not quick enough.” and he took a hold of my pants and began to pull them off. By the way he was smiling I knew that he was only being aggressive because he knew that I wanted this just as bad but he was terrible at waiting.

Train Rides and Golf Clubs

go through. But, since it only takes about ten minutes to get there from Brighton, it is as easy for me to take a temp job there as over in Kemptown (which is a fifteen minute walk). And with a bit of luck, I can sit on the train. I had got a job to cover for the administrative assistant at a golf club in Hassocks. That kind of job can be

Editing Reailty Book 3, Chapter 03: Naughty Fertile Edits

and tight. Red hair fell short about her cute and mischievous face. Any changes I made would appear here.I navigated through the menu, opening the Physical Menu and then the Skin Sub-Menu. Skin • Melanin Level • Blemishes • Body HairI studied the options and hit the Blemish Sub-Menu. Blemishes • Scars • Moles • WrinklesI didn't normally get

The garage sale

said there were some tools?" "Yes, there are, locked up in the cabinet over there. Wait here and I'll go get the key." She stepped inside the house, then pulled the door shut behind her. She thought to herself, "Okay, Gayle, if you want him now's the time to do it." She pulled her shorts down and stepped out of them, then pulled her panties

Free Universal Carnal Knowledge Pt. 46

the right attributes. Every few days one of my girls rings to say she would like to send someone along, and my tally is now nearly two hundred. I feel it is best and safest to recruit girls already in the business, since the tricky process of handling family and friends is automatically taken care of (either they know what she is doing, or she

Johns Dream Come True: Lauren

them with an adorable daughter. She had her mothers rich brown hair and sweet innocent eyes that seemed to always be looking for more than a girl her age should be. However, she had her fathers gift for making others enjoy themselves and be happy. And this is the story of that very daughter. His daughters name was Lauren yet, her friends called

Saturday night lights

it, because right before I came, she slid a finger up my ass. God, I didnt think I could cum that much!  Mom loved every drop. She wasnt like the local college girls, who pulled away so they wouldnt have to swallow.                           Drained of my cum, I figured I would go soft. Mom was not gonna let that happen. Standing, she slowly

Amarillo by Morning

and holding his scrotum in one hand began to softly massage the balls within, while pushing her throat down onto his rapidly hardening penis. She drug her lips the length of his shaft as she bobbed back, and licked the head. Then he drug her lips on the length of the shaft as she bobbed back down.Back, forth, back, forth. Then, slowly, Gabe

A Dreaded Homecoming

him get away with that. ‘This will be only one of the family’s charter aircraft. They also run a flying school and Elam or his brother will by driving this airplane.’ ‘You mean piloting this airplane.’ ‘Oh do I?’ Bass grinned and said, ‘I smell a rat. His parents are millionaires aren’t they?’ ‘I really have no idea darling. Oooh look, there’s


looked a picture. Page (13)David said it must be a normal party for him wanting you dressed like that do have a good time. A car arrived for at seven and the driver came in for her and handed David an envelope then he took her to the car. She came back at three thirty in the

Extracurricular Activities Ch. 05

inflicted."Well I'm not a client of hers," he retorted defiantly."Oh you think you're special, don't you? Look, Cat and I go way back. We went to high school together, we got into BDSM together, we've even had sex with each other, but that was before she went to California for college. Something happened out there and she came back a very

Wife Dogging

put his dick awa walked off, not even saying thank you! I almost him to bring him back to, at least, say thanks bu honesty, I was too dumb-struck to do anything. Susan then took the last guy in her mouth. She all for quite a while but the guy just couldnt cu end he slid his rampant member from her mout stood sideways on to her, stroking his cock

Elle: Candy Sex

this all not flattery and deceit?Tell me you are not misleading me, I beg;Convince me that you are not lyingThere are only five precious wordsThat can verify that There are only five lettersThat can prove this to you:THIS IS THE VERITABLE TRUTH!T—R—U—T—H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you believe me now, honey?Yes, I do, my love!Goodnight

Neighbors to lovers

These characters are mine, any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.I’ve always been a loner. Keeping the world at arms length was kind of my forte, the only time interacted with people was a work or when I was out shopping. I was the queen of the old defense mechanism other people can hurt you or get you in trouble

Something Like That

pulling hard, bathing it with my tongue, then letting it slide out between my teeth."Oh shit, oh shit. . . " she is shaking with little jerks, her eyes squeezed shut, as she reaches down to grab the hair beneath my palm, pulling it up to expose the pearly head of her clit. I pull away and move between her legs. She jumps as she feels my tongue

A Different Kind of Neighbor, Part II

of her cock. I moaned louder as I saw her cum all over my hand and thrust one last time as I exploded deep in Renee’s ass. Her hot tight ass filled with my thick creamy cum as I slowly continue to thrust in and out of her, our shallow breathing filling the room.I collapsed onto Renee as we held each other enjoying the feel of our naked flesh on

New Rules at The Condominium

Jane saw Miss D was still smiling and clearly enjoyed her job. She wondered what it might be like to use the hairbrush and cane on someone then remembered she was going to do just that with Steven. Well, the hairbrush anyway, this time. She smirked to herself. John just nodded to Miss D, unable to speak just yet but was still thinking how sexy

Carrie's Neighbourhood Surprise

day at work, Carrie lumbers up the stairs to the front door. Approaching the door she notices something different, there is a white flash sticking out from the jamb. Reaching out to pull the note from the door frame she unfolds the paper and examines the neat, deliberate lettering."My house, 9pm, shaved, lace..."All afternoon she thumbs through

3 Evil Sisters-Part 2

her screams, I busted my load straight into her ass with a loud grunt as her body twitched and her ass tightened quickly. Her arms suddenly gave out as she face planted onto the bed, her ass still high in the air as I finally took my dick out. We were both breathing like we ran a marathon, but I knew just by the look on her face that she enjoyed

How I Feel in Love with My Daughter, Carissa Chapter 1-3

after we got married we had a daughter, Carissa.Since Cindy traveled an average of 22 weeks a year that left me to raise Carissa. I took her to school, attended her school plays, and got her started in Cheerleading and Track and every other activity she wanted to be a part of. Cindy went when she could but traveling so much she missed a lot of

a new sister in law joins the fun

and inviting.Finally Mags stood up.  The rotation of her pelvis spit my cock out, dumping my seed into the water.  Long milky strands of ejaculate made their way to the surface, sticking to our bodies everywhere they made contact.Mags and Tina both noticed, and seemed temporarily amused.  We picked up the conversation where it had been left off,

Mrs. & Miss Pt. 02

she followed me in. Maybe she just needed aspirin? I finally decided to turn around and speak, but she had disappeared.My phone started ringing, it was Dan, I answered."Lena are you at the store yet?""Yes Dan, I just got here?""Okay, can you grab me some razors and the... ugh" there was a long silence..."What Dan... Dan... Dan what do you need

suzzannes secret

busy running my tongue around her dick when Suzy started gasping and cried"I'm going to come!"As she said that I clamped down with my lips and thrust down with my head swallowing almost the whole thing. I almost gagged until I relaxed as the last two inches went deep into my throat.With that she came, bucking furiously, her hands on the back of

On the way to Sweden

each others clothing off, a complete reversal of our apparent chasteness in the dining room.   My clothes hit the floor first, quickly naked and defenceless. You appraised my body with an up and down scrutiny. I should have been a little self conscious, perhaps even tried to hide my most vulnerable parts, but somehow, it didn’t seem necessary

Rimming the ebony

secretaries and administrators knew more than I did.My attention started to wane and my mind began to wander, and where it wandered to was a classmate called Letitia. She was a mature, that is middle-aged, woman from somewhere in the Caribbean, a dark-skinned, big-bodied woman who always dressed smartly, wrapped up in tight skirts and blouses.

Farm Slut Training Pt 2

first thing he wraps his hand around. It is a hammer. He takes the handle of the hammer and shoves it into my cunt. He fucks me hard and fast with the hammer until Jazmin returns with a cooler. She watches her daddy fuck the bitch with the hammer. This site gets her horny so she climbs on top of the bitch and sits on my face backwards so she can

A Super Life – Chapter 3

me with my panties. It took very little to know this man had raped many women. As much as I wanted to fuck him up I had other prey tonight. “Hi” I said in a flirty voice. “Where is Fingers?” I said adding my power into my question. “In the office.” he replied, his eyes looking glassy. “Do you have a gun?” I asked.“Yes.” he said in that same far

Legs Wide Open

him to call her on Friday morning to confirm he was in London. As Leo left, Jane said to Lucy, ‘Omigod what a character, as strong as anything I write about and I write fiction.’ ‘He certainly is. Why don’t you live with him for a couple of months and get all the background to write a novel based on sustainability living?’ ‘You mean sleep with

Broken Hearts and Last Goodbyes

up her bra so her breasts fell free. They weren't too big, but nice and firm. Her nipples puckered as they were exposed to the air. "Mmm," Nick murmured deep in his throat as he let one rough thumb stroke over the tip of her breast. He bent down and kissed where his thumb had been just moments before, her hard nipple just slipping in between his

A Deadbeat's Diary - One hell of an hour

She was a fat woman, about 275lbs. She had what looked to be 42DD tits. We walked into her living room. the placed smelled of a chain smoker. She had crap for furniture. A couch with no legs, an old futon and very old 13 inch color tv with 2 knobs to turn the channels and rabbit ears on top. She was 100% Welfare white trash in every way.