Vincent and Erin: Halloween Special

his penis. Twenty minutes later, a much cleaner, but still horny, Vincent emerged from the steaming shower, towel in hand. He dried himself off and flexed a few times, feeling that much sexier knowing that Erin adored his body. Still thinking about what he had missed this morning, he decided to just deal with it. Pulling on a shirt, he picked up

For years I fantasize about having my uncooperative mother’s pussy

it was somethingshe never did with dad. Her other hand applied pressureon that sensitive area between my balls and butthole.Her head began bobbing faster and faster along with thegentle caresses on my testicles. I held my breath and felt the sperm rocket out of mycock and down her throat. My hand held her head down,as she still needed to be

Lexi And Brittany At The Mall

go baby," she whispered to me. "Good little girl." I felt heat accumulating between my thighs but I didn't dare stop sucking on her. I didn't mind walking around with a wet spot on my dress if I got to suck these beautiful tits. I lapped at her nipple, still massaging her titty with my hands. The nipple was so pink and hard. I moved in and

Lydia Ch. 03

looked in the mirror, and saw the rest of me.If the makeup job Lydia had done on me was trampy, this was the sluttiest look I'd ever seen. She'd used dark, nearly red-brown lipstick on me, and whatever she did made my lips look thicker than before. My eyes were lined and shadowed in various mixes of blue, and the mascara she'd applied even had a

Death’s Favorite Soldier Ch. 02

Lucifer planned to conquer Heaven, destroy Yahweh and take the souls of every living human to Hell. He wanted to rule the universe. Thanatos opposed him. He believed in a balance of power. He couldn’t let Lucifer take out Yahweh and His Angels because that would upset the balance of power in the cosmos. I considered that. Sounds true enough.


her face to the door, she'd already soaked through her panties. He took his time peeling them down, slowly revealing her sticky sex and prolonging anticipation. She stepped out only to find him roughly forcing them into her mouth. Her arousal suffocated her senses, making her head spin as he slid her dress up over her hips. Finally, she felt his

A Warm Spring Part 1

usually, at this time of the year, I would go out with Kain and talk all night about random stuff, which was cool...until now...the day he moved out, so I was just doing my homework as if it was a thrusday like any other, until my dad came into my room with the phone."It's for you" He said smiling as I grabbed it as if I was a dead man."Hello?"I

Husband gets put in his place

was almost over. There she was with 5 minutes to spare. I didn’t say anything to her when she got off that afternoon. I knew she would go straight to the shower and try and clean herself. So I had a plan. Wait until she starts running her water then use the trick I had to unlock the bathroom door. So I popped open the bathroom door there she

Pussy Foot

he moaned loudly with a look of discomfort on his face and stopped moving. He reached down and started playing with my pussy . He said "I wanna fuck your pussy some more!" It was throbbing from the anal orgasm I’d just had. I begged him saying, "no, my pussy is so sore." He washed, changed condoms and slipped the head of his cock inside my

The late night metro

time his tongue touched her anus. So he carefully lifter her by the bum and inserted his tongue into her ass. The taste was magical. He wanted to put his cock into her. And maybe even a dildo in her pussy with his cock in her ass. When they got home. That always seemed to turn her on. He slowly got up, unzipped his trousers and looked at his

‘Little’ Sister Pt. 03

to this I set a picture of me wearing it all. That was as close as I wanted to come to any of it. Funny how that works. Images can be powerful, but change is more powerful. Elspeth helped by pulling the corset tight. Sheila found the clamp reassuring. I could not say the same, but it did something for me. My suit intentionally mimicked the colors

Just Another Day at the Office after WWIII - Part 4

were their heaviest and had the most padding. Both cheeks were visibly driven upwards and continued wobbling for a second or two before returning to their normal position, but ... no longer white. The heavy strap left a clear impression of bright red, raised skin that indicated a strap had made hard contact very recently. Again Rebecca yelled


she was making the sounds of sucking the sweet juices off her fingers, she says, "Sir, i wished i was there to lick your cum off your fingers ""Oh, yes."After a few minutes, Sir said his cock was still hard. Amy told him that she wanted to be on the floor in front of him and suck him off. She told him she wanted to lick off the cum that was all

Dress Code, part 2

any pressure downward with his hands. His expression somehow was clear. It asked, “May I?” Anne felt warmth at the unspoken question. She managed to murmur, “Yes,” around his cock, and she was able to explore it a bit more calmly in the pause. She swirled her tongue around the head, fluttering it as she did. As she probed the opening in her head

Wet Dreams

the cool feeling wouldn’t last, and walked into my bedroom naked, and slipped under the sheet. I had opened the window, hoping for a breeze. I could hear the dogs barking at the night creatures. I soon grew warm again, so threw the sheet off. That was better. I could feel the ceiling fan blow air on my hot body. I lie on my back and spread my

Forced To Be A Stripper-A Mind Control Story

from the center. She blushed, her chest burned red as she saw his hand stroking his cock faster. "Very good Vanessa. Now lie back down, hands over your head and stretch. Arch your back so that your tits stick out." She lay down, her arms automatically shooting over her head, her firm breasts pulled up, her nipples over an inch long and


her room. She was gone before I woke. I knew I was on a precarious edge. If things were pushed too far, I could cause serious damage to my marriage. If not enough, she would not learn from it and our marriage would still be damaged. The next night I was surprised when she didn’t come home timely. She texted me saying she was going to stop for


at school Holz. Aha! Do you like your new nickname? Because that's all you are to me, a couple of holes to use and abuse." John chuckled and reached round to spank her pert little ass just as she moved to place his entire dick into her mouth, using her tongue to slowly moisten he daddy's thick member. John continued to grunt, using his large

How I Became a Lesbian Slave

and I want you to thank me after each spank. After all, it’s for your own good.” While her hand was on my ass, she was slowly caressing me.“Now, we start over at one.” She said and another stinging slap hit me.“AHH One mistress, thank you.” I blurted, then another quick slap and another “Ahh two mistress, thank you.” and another and another and

Michael and Ellen, the next time

up for a position as a District Manager. No, she didn’t know that, but why should she? She stopped in. “Is Michael in?” she asked. “Nooooo, he’s at a different location. He’s a District Manager now,” the clerk said. “He is?” she said. “When did that happen?” The two of them went back and forth about it all. Ellen told the clerk who she was. The


you promised to help me get a car when I graduated from high school. I graduated last week as you know, since as my ‘godfather’ you attended my graduation. I also turned 18 last week, so my parents are letting me drive now. But, I have no car and they are very busy with theirs.I want to start college this fall and need to work this summer to

Weathering Out the Storm

My eyes shuttered to a close as I continued to finger myself, my other hand tweaking and tormenting my nipples. The car jerking to a halt startled me. Suddenly his hands were covering my breasts, as he pushed my hand aside. His thumbs stroked my aching nipples. He kissed me hard, surprisingly me with the intensity. When we broke apart, breathing

Summer At Pond Cove - Chapter 08

grabbed her.“Now, obviously,” Mistress Gloria said loud enough to be heard over the ruckus, “we are not going to put our newlyweds on a haystack for the night or bang on pots and pans to make it impossible for them to get it on.”I suddenly understood what she was talking about. I had seen it in a couple of old western movies where the townsfolk

Angel's Story Ch. 03

his defiant tone and look."Lance, Drew.""Yes, Mistress Marna.""Place the ring in his mouth," smiled Mistress Marna.Drew went to the cabinet and brought out the ring gag. Lance was already standing beside Gary when he got there. Gary refused to open his mouth so Lance just pinched his nose until he did so. Once the ring was in place and Gary's

The Guessing Game - Part III

by undressing now. But really, she just wanted to give her own hands easy access. Parting her legs slightly where she stood, she placed a single finger atop her clit and applied a gentle pressure. Oh, how easy it would be to relieve her own tension here and now. Swirling her finger around in slow circles, a plan started to form in her mind. The

My Confession

groans “No”, and I slap her hard on the ass, telling her to “Shut the fuck up”.I slide my hand between her legs and feel the pussy I was thinking about all night. It is shaved smooth and already a little wet. I must have interrupted a good dream. I jump on the bed and straddle her legs. Push up her tank top to her shoulders and run the knife

And I Had Always Loved Her (Parts 3-5)

Squatting over me, she spread my ass cheeks apart and her piss trickled down into my asshole. It felt odd - but great. Standing behind me, she brought her tongue down to my ass and shoved it down, tasting her own piss mixed with my ass. Hungrier than ever, she was insatiable, and even spit down my asshole. As her saliva joined her piss, she

A Timely Introduction...Chapter 2

at him, honey. He’s ready for more.” She glanced into the mirror, her face registering that she had finally seen his hard cock. The tip glistened invitingly, as pre-cum began to spill from it. She looked at me. “Are you sure? You don’t mind?” Instead of answering, I drew her hand to my own hardening member. At 50 it was not often that I went two

Succubus Kiss - Part 1

erect in an instant. Jason completely forgot about the situation and became overcome with an intense desire to sexually ravish this woman. Jason began returning the kiss with an equal amount of force and wrapped his arms around her. Their tongs swirled around in each other’s mouths, as it seemed they could not share enough saliva. Without

On Forgetting Ch. 06

crashing into her. ‘Hey, buddy, watch it,’ he warned, steadying himself with the help of Langdon’s free hand on his shoulder. Langdon turned from Connor back to the crowd and caught the flash of a black ski mask just as a gloved hand planted on her upper arm and shoved. She felt her whole body pitch backward into the street. Her shoes lost

a spring girl

young girls were looking at her nice pussy. then a guy came up to the girl. He was rubbing his huge erect dick while staring at the girls pussy. The girl smiled and opened her pussy with her fingers. “shoot your load right in here” the girl said. So the guy ejaculatef his semen right in the pussy of the girl. Then the girl walked away with her

The Man That Turned Me Into a Slut

Bill was wearing a nice dress shirt but no tie when he picked me up. We drove out to the nearby lake where his cabin was located. At his cabin, we sat on the couch, sipped wine, and watched the sun set over the lake. As the sun set, we began making out. Things progressed and Bill asked if he could remove my bra. I was surprised by his

Aiding My Injured Cousin

who seemed to be in a great mood. Could it be because she was happy to see me, or was it because she got a good report from her doctor? Diane was on crutches & was still had a cast on her right leg.“Well hey, hi Dale!” Diane said to me in excitement. Then I answered right back, “Hi Diane, hi Corey.”“When do you get here cousin?” asked Corey.

Magical Hearts: Chapter 15

the sky. Even before the first jar hits, their screams heard. They begin to turn and run, anyway but south. The drow are doing all they can to control their ranks, but they too look nervously towards the sky and the noise. When the first jar hits and explodes there is a rippling as the rest began hitting the ground and exploding, the way we

Mia - Chapter 8: First Date

she asked. “I’ll pass this time. Feeling pretty tired you know?” Mia said. Hilde gave Mia a look to register that she noticed Mia was still there before turning her attention back. “Jesse what do think? Maybe after your shift finishes?” He shook his head aware that Mia was glaring at the new girl. “Sorry, got to get up early tomorrow to work

The Blackmailer and his Slave

blackmailer. I had not told you my name, but you know it. That tells me that you wrote the letter." "Hold it, hold it," I protested. "Your name is on the manila envelope you threw on the table. That's where I got it from." "No way, you couldn't have. Not with the envelope lying face down. I was careful to lay it down that way," she explained.

Snowed In part 2

mean to scare you off, I was just wondering where my clothes got to” she almost laughed scared her off? He should be horrified waking up in a strange house with a strange woman all over you. She went to the door. There’s food in the kitchen and your clothes, what’s left of them is drying, please leave when the storm stops. He was silent, had she

Bait and Switch Retype - Ch 25-26

Leslie smiling.I’m growing hard. I don’t mean just a bit harder, but rather, my cock is straining in its skin, trying to reach for the ceiling.Cancelling the light, I look to the other woman accusingly.She bursts out laughing, not even trying to hide her admiring stare.“Since contact with your sister increases your ability, and since you’re not

Sylvia’s Mother Ch. 26

try that,’ Karen said. ‘I think Brenda’s right.’ ‘I’m not so sure,’ Jason said. ‘The first time I was involved in a debate, I got stage fright so bad I could barely talk.’ ‘I saw you debate once, though,’ Brenda said, ‘at that assembly the debate club put on. It sure didn’t look as if you had stage fright to me.’ ‘I guess I managed to get over

Lisa and Lucy (part 1)

She let off a long, sexy grunt as a put my finger in her vagina and put it in her mouth. She then proceeded to take off my t-shirt and bra as we continued kissing. She then pushed me onto the basin, where she went down on her knees and started licking my vagina. She made me feel so good it was like she was an expert at it. After she licked me

Kissing and Telling

his hand and he rests it at my waist when I reach up to his neck. His skin is soft and warm and he smells better than any human being has a right to- a spicy-minty combination so unfamiliar I can’t pick out any particular element and it doesn’t actually matter because I can just keep breathing in and out while kissing him and it’s still there.

Solarium in Winter (1 of 3)

are you doing?” “I have no idea.” Leaning forward, she stretched her hands over his shoulders and around the warm skin of his neck, sliding her fingers onto his nape and skimming his short hair. Closing his eyes, he touched his forehead to hers. Took a deep breath and reopened them. He shook his head before taking her face in his palms.

Forever And Always

of her parent’s house and turned to look at her “Thanks for breakfast” she said as she smiled sweetly at him “and for last night”“No problem” Josh said as he leaned closer to her, looking at her gorgeously luscious lips. Man did he want to kiss her. She lean closer too gently pressing her lips against his and slightly pulling away. He cupped her

Back Country Tales: The Beginning

eachother. She broke the kiss and pulled my shirt over my head. Never in danger of becoming fat, my body was very fit. The shit I did around the farm kept my upper body extremely cut. My tan was dark and earned after years in the fields. I never really thought of it till she pulled my shirt off and drew me down to kiss her again. Her soft small

Valley Wives Ch. 02

breasts and the bottom is stretched tight over her ass and mound. The sun is high and it’s hot. She needs to cool off a bit after running around all morning. She slides into the pool and walks out until the water is up to her neck. She knows the pool guy will be there soon and she will stay in the water until he arrives. Indeed, she doesn’t have

Foot Job and Flashing with Kelly

doesn’t last very long once he got inside of her. He grabs her hips and drops a second load of cum. He pulls out, gives her a little swat on the ass, zips up and leaves. Kelly closes the door, crawls up, slips my cock inside and shoves her tits in my face. I’m sucking her tits as she talks about what just happened.She was getting off from the

Trouble at Dinner

suffer. Sharon waited a few moments to savour the sight before raising the cane again. Wendy heard the next whoosh and tensed her bottom but still her flesh enveloped the cane as it struck home. Sharon felt the wetness between her legs in a way she never felt when disciplining Daniel. That was exactly that. Discipline. This was almost having

The Greatest Party of My Life

off to college for my freshman year, my parents told me they were going to go away for a weekend for their "second honeymoon" in Bermuda. Right when they told me they would be gone, I started planning a party in my head. I called my friends up and told them the situation, and they we're ready to party that night. My rents we going away the

She Tries To Forget Ch. 22

Patrol policy. It might look weird to outsiders for officers to be handcuffing a dead man, but more than one officer had been injured by suspects they thought were disabled, even dead. While his son clamped handcuffs on Mark Lewis’s lifeless wrists, Martin turned and started toward the house. When Martin walked into the breezeway, Ann ran into

Daddy loves you part 2

Oh! Fuck! Fuck!” Lexi came harder than she did the first time. The sensation being too great she pushed my head away, laying there breathing. “Mmm Daddy.” She moaned and then crawled to me. “I can’t believe you just woke me up eating me out. God, you are so sexy.” Her face began to turn red. I kissed her and whispered “I think you are the sexy

Make Love To Me With Your Voice

he said, grinning at me impishly. I obeyed, allowing myself to fully enjoy the fruit of our labours; the steak was perfectly medium rare and juicy, the salad was fresh and crisp, and the potatoes were creamy and hot. As we ate, he told me about his day at work. He was a Supervisor at a paper distribution firm, and he often had interesting stories

Island Girls Part 2 A Walk, Raspberries, and a Kiss

lips over the rim of her ear, making her shiver, and I whispered, “Are you okay, honey?” “Yes, oh yessss. Vickie…” I slid back to her mouth, and we came back together again, tongues fencing madly. Stephie was seething like a pressure cooker, and I felt an almost desperate need to take her right there. I could have slid my hand under her shorts

Because of the Night Ch. 14

‘I was downstairs in the dungeons.’ Sir Glen sighed and then headed towards the sitting room, Laurie and Leif in tow. ‘Always a pleasure to see you Lady Daire.’ Greeted Sir Glen. ‘I trust you’ve been made comfortable?’ Sir Glen sat across from Lady Daire, Laurie settling at his feet. ‘I wish I could spend a more pleasurable call Sir Glen, but

Soothing Mysti (All Parts)

is no longer wearing any panties. I feel just the tips of Mystis fingers trace along my length. So I trace mine up and down her bare slit, feeling her gush instantly on my finger. I curl my finger up and push it inside her, then back out again. Running my finger back up and tease her clit. She moans softly in my ear and starts shaking a little. I

A Journey to Sir

me to please you. I will gladly wear them for your enjoyment.""Good slut. I'll take them off in a bit though.""Thank you Sir."We drive for another 20 or so minutes and then Sir takes an exit, pulls over and removes my clamps. As the blood flows back the pain increases to a nearly unbearable level. I take several deep breaths. Sir tucks my tits

Remembering Tracey Part Two

open Tracey’s door. Please don’t get all gushy on me, because I wasn’t doing it to be a gentleman. I was doing it so I could get a great shot at her legs in that short skirt as she slides out of my truck.The view of course, was outstanding. Her skirt magically slid up her thighs as she scooted across the seat. If only I could have slid my hand

In The Name of Art Pt. 02

her bedroom."Erm, make yourself even more comfortable that you, erm, are already I guess."The wickedness of her filthy designs for him intensified that familiar warmth of arousal through her body. Her hands had to wander over his naked body, he stiffened easily to her touch as her body began to ache for him again. It was clear what was on Harry's

Control Ch. 04

office without my permission, so the only people who will see you are the one's that I want to see you.... Now sit down.As Emily tried to sit on the pillow she found that the only way to fit was to sit on one hip with her legs pulled to the side and her back very straight propping her self up with one arm, it wasn't very comfortable but it made

Fantasy In The Office Part 2

Ashleigh’s tongue urgently parted my lips and I met hers with a slow stroke. It was the hottest kiss I had ever had. She tugged on my hair a little as she kissed me which caused me to moan and made her moan. It was so hot and sensual and soft and romantic. I didn’t want it to end. I could feel my panties getting absolutely soaked. I needed

Solomon's Daughters: Dililah's Chapter

silence and parked in the bank parking lot and they trudged inside and stood in line for one of the tellers. "How can I help you," the pretty blonde teller asked when they walked up to the window. "I would like to deposit this and also to see if the bank cards I ordered are in. The lady said I could pick them up here since I didn't want them

Diavolo Ch. 07

falling on his face, and hobbled over into the kitchen. ‘Mikayla, I told you a million times, I cannot tell you where I am.’ Gabriel came up behind her, trapping her against the counter. She stiffened when he brought his mouth to her neck and nibbled. A moan escaped her and he heard when Mikayla stopped her insulting rant. ‘I’m in pain, baby,’

Bi-Hooker, Bye Crook Ch. 03

being an unholy sin. Sue was due round this morning in fact and Helen assumed the gate buzzer indicated her arrival. She was surprised by a strangers soft, clipped tones on the intercom. ‘Good morning Mrs Hounslow, my name is Kristoff Petersen. I need to speak with you urgently about a private matter. May I come in?’ The name and voice didn’t

Fitting in with the Upper Crust Ch. 06

her wild.Monique and Sandy had multiple orgasms before Buddy came again. He dumped his seed in the sweet pussy just as Sandy came on Monique's face again. That sent Monique over the edge and she had one more mind blowing orgasm that rocked her body. The three of them collapsed alongside one another in the bed and cuddled together. They rested for

Forever of the Wood (Part Two of Two)

to her. He came hard, filling her mouth full. She swallowed, the initial sensation of the thick cream slipping down her throat quickly overshadowed by the warm glow that spread through her as it settled in her belly. Steve’s movements turned almost convulsive, and she knew that he couldn’t handle much more. Somewhat reluctantly, she let him slip

Masturbation Show

your tiny little bikinis...splashing didn't know I was watching you...watching through the window and jerking-off to you..." I'm breathing heavy now, puffing and panting as my orgasm gains momentum. Looking back and forth at the two girls, they are so excited and agitated they can't sit still. "Your nipples are really hard, aren't

Sam and Nila ... Part I

and kneading the other. Nila was moaning and wrestling with me. In few minutes, I roll down to her lower abdomen, started to lick her naval and rub her pussy over her panty. She removed my hand started to squeeze my throbbing dick and eventually was sucking my dick. I showed her how to do it. At last she was able to suck it nice and steady.She

And Tracey Makes Three

studied. Emma, though, being so gorgeous, got away with it.When they played back one of their sessions on TV, they rarely got through it all in one sitting; they'd tear off each other's clothes long before the end.Emma was born for the camera. Her jet-black hair and seemingly permanent tan gave her a Mediterranean look. Alex figured that she had

The Love of a Family part 4

had green eyes and she had the cutest freckles on her face. She was a tall slender little girl and she was so sexy I told her that I was a friend of her moms and that I was going to help clean her up since their power had went out. I took her out of the back yard and took her over to my house and when I opened the door my naked beautiful daughter


is in place to your satisfaction, you gently trace the back of my head, down my neck and across my shoulders, effortlessly slipping the robe from my body.Goosebumps jump to my skin as your hands so softly trace the outlines of my body. Just a feather graze which leaves a tingling trail in its wake as you take your time feeling and probing and

Abandoned Wife Chapter 4(a)

a steady attack of kisses, starting from the very top of the bra where my nipples were slightly exposed, up to the top of my head, moving his mouth along my captured arms to kiss my hands and fingers and then back again. My body was squirming under his advances, not so much a mental reaction as physical. How could anybody stay still under these

Making Bank

on. When there was finally a knock at the door she nearly jumped out of her skin. Walking over to the door in the much too short black dress she had picked up for this night she suddenly felt very silly. She had arrived at the hotel in her normal clothes and switched into the dress in the room, the plunging neckline of the dress had meant a bra

Lisa at Petrs house, again

starting to sweat a little, his thrusting got quicker and then he pulled out of me. Spun me round on the sofa. Sat on top of me. His bum cheeks flattening my tits. Wanking his cock over my face. “ Do you want my cum ? slut” Yes!! “Eat my spunk? You fucking tramp” Oh fuck YES!!! Give it to me. I sucked his cock through my lips tickling his piss

A Demanding Stepsister

Jack was licking her pussy good. He was beginning to get into the rhythm before he stuck his tongue between the soft outer lips of her cunt, as they separated and he could feel the tightness of her inner walls."Mmm!" is all he could hear, the muffled beautiful sounds of Christine seemingly enjoying what he was doing. He slid his tongue in and out

A Gorean kajira

to make sure they are dead, dying, or unconscious at least. I hear the footsteps of more men and the sound of a ringing bell outside the house, indicating some kind of alert system. I growl in frustration that they have announced my escape, but nonetheless, I will not give up. I grab one of the swords the man had, checking its sharpness, weight,

Angela my first

and things turned me on easily.She caught me staring and scolded me. She was a good Catholic girl and didn’t want any temptations. My cock immediately softened.A little later, she asked me a question “Did you like looking at me today?”Without much thought I responded, “Of course, you are very pretty and I am extremely attracted to you.”“You

A spanking for a naughty girl

obvious to everyone in the room by the sight of her erect nipples. Sammy was the wet dream for every school boy for miles around. It was not just her slim figure or perfectly proportionate tits and ass, it was her attitude. She knew she was a naughty girl and she wore it proudly, like a badge of honor. Sammy knew she was beautiful. Not to say

Donna Tastes Incest

“I should call my parents.” “Okay. Tell them you’re staying with a friend.” “Are you sure it’s okay?” “Positive. I live with my mom and she’s super-cool. What’s mine is yours and all that.” “My folks are okay too,” Donna murmured, fishing her phone from her purse. “I’ll just call them and …” “Tell them you’re staying with Belinda tonight. Donna

A Long Week Ch. 07

open the garage door and have it placed inside. You can unpack your things into the left side closet in the bedroom.' Susan was a bit surprised by the seeming random need for Jonathon to keep people out of his home. She could understand someone wanting to have their privacy but the way he made it sound, Jonathon had never let anyone into his home

Pregnant and Horny: My first Time With Betty

changed. Suddenly all I could think about was sex. Suddenly I was horny all the time. Then, I gave birth last fall but my new need for sex remains. I’m just as needy now as I was during those nine months of insatiable horniness. My hormones ran wild during those nine months. Since then my pussy is like a .357 magnum with a hair trigger, it

Amanda Adams becomes My Queen Ch. 04

stand in front of the mirror again. I'd like to catch more than one angle of you in these shots."I do. You do. "Do little poses! Show me sexy... Stick out your butt... Look at me over your shoulder..."After you make me do 16 poses, you leave me to stand there looking at myself as you look at your pictures admiringly."These turned out nice, but

Vacation to Tobago Island

way but the more he thought about it, the more his almost painfully blood filled cock took over and made him willing to take the chance. “OK, we can go to my room and we can do something. Put on your dress. What is your name?” Her reply was Monique. “You cannot take me thru the lobby. It is not allowed. Tell me your room number and I will

Emergency Accomodations

and that bothered him, he wanted to hear how great he was as loudly and wildly as I could but he wasn’t really that good, I kept waiting for him to ask what would make me happy but he was too self centered. He thought five minutes was the best fuck a girl could ever get. I finally got tired of getting faking it so he would get off me and went

Daddy and Jenna - 4

"I can feel you shooting--OH, MY!" Her next orgasm was stronger than the first, and he could feel her cunt muscles contract as she soaked Jenna's bed with her cum. When Courtney finally released her tight grip, Doug pulled his shrinking cock from her cunt. Her insides were so wet that they provided no resistance. When he rolled off her, they

Cheerleader Leah

and puffy but she couldnt detect any real damage. She stayed in the shower for what seemed like a long time but no matter how much she washed, she couldnt seem to completely wash away Ralphs thick musky scent. She got her clothing from the dryer, dressed and went out to her car. It was almost midnight, the party might still be going on but

Blackmailing Vengeance (Re-edited)

a couple months after I turned eighteen, that left me sharing her possessions with her second husband, Alan, the douche, as I used to call him. He had his own company and I couldnt understand why he was accepting his share of my moms inheritance. He was obliging me to share the house my mother built with him, even knowing that I didnt need his

V&T, a Lesbian Love Story Ch. 06

herself to be dressed. Together they walked outside for a set number of blocks, then returned home. Violet had installed an air-conditioner into their room despite her own discomfort. Trin emotionally was withdrawn. She did not do much, mostly nodding and spoke few words. Violet and James waited on her hand and foot which she resented. Woofer lay

Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, Missy Meets The Dean, Part B

raised high like a little girl being punished by her mom, was intense. Having to count out her own spanks overcame her with shame. At least when she was spanked at home, that never occurred. Bob Perkins started the slaps again, still nice and slow, once again allowing each spank to be fully appreciated by Missy’s tender buns before the next one

Office Visit

her. “It’s all right, Alice, go ahead and finish and I’ll start getting your information ready.”She stood there, clutching her jeans to her naked legs, trying to hide from him. He sat on the stool in front of her and smiled at her as he shuffled papers on her chart. “Now, Alice, be a good girl and put on the gown.” His abrupt tone shocked her

The French Student Ch.1

you. Emile said. Maya hesitated as if she wasnt sure if it was polite to insist he eat something. She was already nervous before she met him, and now that Emile was staring at her with two steely blue eyes, she was downright awkward. Oh yeah, thats fine. Whatever. Maya finally sputtered. Whatever you need, just tell me… Or uh – us. Just tell us.

Linda and Me

own hand?” she peered up at me. “Uh, yeah, but I’m not sure how we could go about it with you, you know? Maybe find some woman that would be willing to lie back and maybe you could sit on her lap and . . .” “It doesn’t have to be a woman, Eddie,” she looked at me with a mixture of doubt and hope, “it could just as easily be a man and I think I

Adult Bookstore Attorney Ch. 03

around to the passenger side. When I sat down she instructed me to lift the tiny skirt so my bare ass would be on the hot leather. She then told me to rub my pussy while she drove, although she made it clear I was not to climax. Damn her.Fortunately our drive was not long. I say fortunately because by the time we got there I was struggling not to

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 2: The Priestess's Inspiration

pale thighs, her left tattooed with her vine. A master of dancing, painting, and sex. What a wonderful radiant my mother sent me to inspire. To protect. I would see her safe from any threats, guarding her so her could art flourish. It was why I trained in the martial arts.The one art the radiants of Rithi did not practice. For it did not lead to

A Bit Rough

our encounters as much as she could. Sure she orgasmed, always during foreplay and often from penetration, but I didn't realise how much better it could be.One night we had been out at a friends and I had drunk several too many Stellas, I was a little wobbly and extremely horny. On the way home Jess whispered in my ear and ask me to use her like

My Long Affair Pt. 03

of town so we could drive through the Burger King. On the way and in the drive-thru, I took out his cock and sucked it to make sure it stayed hard. David had his hand on my pantiless crotch, dipping his fingers into my drenched pussy. The boy at the service window liked the show. We drove to a corner of the parking lot and ate quickly, then I

Mountain Angel

eyes and kissed me tenderly. I was also fully spent, merry from the fact that I had conquered both the mountain andit's Angel on this hot and bright day.With a huge grin on both our faces we lay cuddling for a while, before deciding to getdressed and head home before dark fell upon us.When we were almost home, we kissed once again and agreed to

my friend jenny

could reach. With her thumb, she pressed on her clit, bobbing it around and sometimes scratching at it gently with her thumbnail. She loved how it made her shiver when she did that. With her left had, she caressed her stomach and face. It made her feel tender and sweet. She moved her right hand back to her mouth, Time for another taste. She could

Walking in on Daddy

name and looks down to watch his cock slide in and out of a hot wet mouth. I swallow him deep into my throat and look up at him. Our eyes lock in a trance for a few seconds before he recognizes my face in the dimly lit room. His jaw drops, as I swallow his cock down my throat again. "Jenna ahh!" I hear him say, just a moment before shooting a

Sibling Seduction Ch. 17

breaking the kiss and sliding down her body, his hands pushing her skirt up. The brown triangle of her bush became exposed and he was quick to wrap his lips around her swollen pussy. “Ohhhhh…” she sighed as her brother ran his tongue up and down her horny slit. Amy’s pussy tasted really strong, she was incredibly wet and so had a lot of juice

A Pilot and his Princess part 2

Sally climbed on top of me, and sat on my hard 7 inches, and kissed me. "Don't ever worry about me not being there." She kissed me. "I'll follow you to the end of the world." She said as she rocked back and forth."I love you Sally." I groaned as I started pumping my hips up and down. I then flipped us over and took over."Oh yes!" She said. "Just

Molly and Jess

I don’t think she ever did. Yet, she still wasn’t afraid to cross boundaries sometimes. One time, I was in the bathhouse, taking this gigantic crap…like I had way too may sausages that morning or something. Anyway, the bathhouse is really nice, with separate stalls and curtains that act as doors. Well, I finally got done taking my gigantic crap,

Christina's Paybacks Ch. 04

over, she saw Carrie lubing up her strap-on cock. She nodded toward Carrie and motioned her to come up to the head of the bed. Once she was there, she took Doc's head and turned it toward Carrie and her glistening cock. As if he needed a reminder, Christina couldn't resist the continued tease."Look at what Carrie has for our fuck toy. She's going

Sirens of the Glans - Helen gets the cream

think 'poor little Freddie' was up to it today." "That's a relief. The first picture of you... I'm doing it now. Who's that by, oh don't tell me, erm, early 80s." "The Lotus Eaters. 2pm is fine for your intriguing fat cat woman, I've put it in the diary. Right, well I better get ready for our first patient of the day," she says as she goes into

Vacation by the Sea (Part 1)

The moonlight coming in through the sliding glass doors, which were open, was shining a blue light over her body. Her dark tan skin being lightened up by the moon light. I lay there staring at her amazing body as she stretches and opens her eyes. "Hello beautiful." I say to her as she looks at me and smiles. "What time is it?" She whispers to me.


I wanted to do the same. I was really getting into it now as I sped up and leaned over to press my tits on his mouth. After several more minutes he grabbed me and slid me off and told me to turn around he wanted to fuck me doggy style. I was excited. I got on my knees and hands and tilted my ass upwards for him to stare. He rubbed my pussy for a

Prey For Me Ch. 01

taken Joshua six months to rebuild the engine and recondition this one. He had some difficulty finding parts. He felt it was his best job yet and he was very proud of his work. Most satisfying of all was that this Harley was very much like the first one he owned almost fifty years ago. Tuesday morning, another group of ten locusts passed Joshua’s

Isabelle and mr. Bête ch. 11

‘But when it comes to the girl in my life, I’d rather lose everything than see her get into trouble for something I’m sure she hasn’t done.’ Martin watched him leave, puzzled and worried because he knew Jean-Marie wouldn’t risk his business for anything. *** ‘Where is she!?’ Isabelle winced at hearing Jean-Marie’s voice outside Frank’s office .

my Daughter In Law part 2

to her right breast. " still thinking about your wedding night Hannah" I asked her as I gently squeezed her breast. I could feel her nipple hardening beneath the fabric as I squeezed. " was your husband as big as this that night?"She shook her head as I took my other hand and massaged her other breast. I stood there before her, squeezing her firm

Walk in the Country

my fingertips to guide softly over your back teasing you gently, watching as your head falls forwards slightly as you become more relaxed, then when I am done I pull you gently back to me so your back is resting against me, my hands on your stomach as I softly kiss your neck, my lips touching your soft skin as my mouth follows the hair line on

Hot and Snug

hold of your breasts and start to suck one of your plump nipples into my mouth - I pull on it firmly, but not too hard, my tongue caressing under it, my lips squeezing and pulling it longer - you moan loudly at the pressure and the suction I am applying to it. I roll your other nipple between my fingers and thumb and pull your plumpness onto me,

Meeting Robert

of his bum. “It‘s growing,” I told him, as I smiled. Soon, there was enough solid flesh for me to start to pull on his growing member. It started to lengthen significantly and harden as I caressed it. “You‘re going to have some explaining to do if someone walks in on us. You know that don’t you,” I told him. Robert nodded and pulsed his cock

Taming Of Damon

of the girls in the class wondered how big his cock was. Zahara had a few guys she medded around with, when they failed to do the job she turned to women to get her sexual fix.  She saw something in Damon that she had liked and her plan was ready to go into full swing. After class, she went up to Damon and whispered in his ear. "Nice lecture, I

Forbidden Fruit and Consequences III - Nathan

he drew. He felt the air he dragged into his lungs thickening, finding it more and more difficult to breathe past the lump that clutched his throat with an iron grip. Yet a spark of desperate hope and naïveté allowed him to remain calm and keep control over his impending outburst. He had so far no unambiguous proof of the infidelity of his wife,

How You Became My Slave. Part 2

of the head of my cock. There is something so empowering holding Master’s private parts in your hands, pleasing him so much. You become aware of the wetness running down your thighs and the increasing ache between your legs. “Now, take my head into your mouth,” I instruct. You position my cock down so you are looking directly down on it. You

What do you mean gay?

in.Louis' P.O.V:(Okay so it's been at least a week since Louis and Harry first fooled around, shall we see how Louis and Liam's escapades fair when a girl is involved!)"Ugh Liam!" I shouted as he thrust deep into me his ball slamming my ass making me moan hard. He reacherd round and started to wank my cock exerly the flick of his wrist leaving me

The Pussy Train

my face and grinds her pussy away at my active mouth and tongue.‘This is okay punishment,’ I think.She’s gyrating her hips and my face is soon covered with her ample pussy juice. Then something new is introduced. I feel a vibration around my cock. It feels good so I don’t care; I keep munching on the juicy pussy planted on my face. She’s

18th I Visit London

on a variety of subjects all relating to women’s issues of the day. There was a bulletin board where one could advertise for a ‘roommate’, or a place to stay if one should move to London, as well as putting out a monthly news letter. After our meal we spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting before Darleen and I had to leave to head back to

Lovers Game

haven’t told me that you love me yet.” Michael said with a slight smile. “I haven’t kissed you yet, have I?” I said with my lips moving ever so close to Michael’s. “What if I told you I wanted to do something else too?” “What would that be?” “After I kiss you I want to just lie here in your arms kissing you and letting my fingers caress your

Boy Did My Daughter Surprise Me Chapter 15

laughing trying to lighten the tension in the room. They just smiled at each other and laughed as the nodded their heads. Do you really think we look better than the girls on the internet? asked Amber. Yeah I do, I think the both of you are very sexy and will make beautiful women one day. I answered. Amber sat with a huge smile across her face

Cheating Secretary

Ariana finished singing God Is A Woman, my orgasm began to subside. I fell against his chest, and we lay, listening to Ariana’s next song playing. My pussy was so stretched out and slick with cum juices; I could barely feel DeAngelo’s continuous thrusting.Under the soft, blue aquarium light, I nearly drifted off to sleep, but DeAngelo’s flexing

Soaked Capture

but feeling very relaxed. She passed by this club where a few other young woman in various dress were outside milling about smoking. One of the young women was gazing at her hips and her ass swinging as she passed, thinking of what it was like.A few moments later, as Melissa is on another block, she passes a red door. Suddenly, the door opens and

Caught my mom, so I thought

of my dick taking place of the dildo as I stroked. I was about to explode when I heard my mom say "Tom, come here". She knew I was home, How? With my dick dripping of spit and semen I walked over to her embarrassed."Yes mom?" Tom said. As she was slowly fucking those fat dildos she asked me," I was watching you in the window". "Do you like what

Double Penetration

had my most intense orgasm of the night. My whole body shook as the huge wave of intense pleasure overcame me. I thought I was going to pass out from the sensation.There was silence for a moment or two. I think we were all too exhausted to talk."Well" Mark said finally "I better get going. I'll talk to you tomorrow Matt." and he left the room

How He Learned His Lesson - Pt.2

the game continued. “Let's make this a little more interesting. James, lean forwards and put your arms behind your back.” Chelsea instructed him. “We'll see who wins this time. I have a feeling that the only thing that could save you, is if someone else gets the Jack. Second win for Sara, with a possibility of a large side pot. He can really fill

Bending the Straight barman

I had made friends of both sexes. No, my trouble was financial, I just couldn’t survive on my student grant. In the summer before going to Uni I had worked in a bar, and was hoping to get evening bar work to help my finances. Unfortunately, bar work was at a premium and there were no openings anywhere. In desperation, I answered an advert for a

The Pendatnt Chapter 3

next to Amanda and invited them all to help themselves. Dan felt the pendant moving more and more. It must be the presence of these three beautiful females he thought. They finished eating and watched TV and again Louise and Amanda had their hands inside Dans top caressing him and touching the pendant. Now the pendant was in full view and Sarah

The Best Teacher 2

came out and got in the car (Driver's seat,it was her car afterall).She gave me handed me the plastic bag she came out with,i looked inside,and counted 9 packs, equalls 27 condoms, i knew it would be a long night, but not that long.She started the engine and started driving to what i thought was supposed to be her apartment, but after about 10

Jamie’s Story Ch. 04

offer to make it. She pushed away, and crawled out of bed, I watch her cute little ass as she retreated toward the door. When she got there, she stopped and turned, giving me a lovely three-quarter view of her body. ‘Get up, sleepyhead!’ She admonished. Then she quickly moved downstairs to the kitchen. I got up, threw on a pair of shorts, and a

Sex on the Beach – A True Story

unleashed tits jiggling with the uneven strides in the deep sand. (I’m a 36B which is quite fulsome for a girl a fraction over five feet) and I knew I was getting horny. My guy had found his own entertainment in some giggling girls splashing around in the shallows, all topless and all swaying about in exaggerated moves. Oddly, it made me feel

Ladies Book Club Chapter 3

to be every Thursday night. A co-worker discovered what happened at the ‘Ladies Book Club’. About the fantasy, we agreed that we would discuss any extramarital situations before anything happened. Well, with out any agreements, this is what happened.”Joan said, “OK, I’m beginning to get the picture, but I’m not going to make any judgements.

Her Ass Is More Than Adequate

it, massage it and rub her cheeks. He pulled her cheeks apart slightly and revealed her sweet tight aperture. Then he ran a finger over her sensitive little bud and watched it quiver when he touched it. Dennis then lowered his head and planted soft tender kisses all over her buttocks. Suzette cooed aloud when she felt his lips on her

Dirty Talk

– if I can only work us along the face of the wave we could get past the rocks and into the safety of the sand.” “Yes. Take us home,” I breathed, my eyes shut now, imagining myself on top of the wave, crushed helplessly between his body and the surfboard with this thick cock pushing further into me, opening me up and threatening to fill me with

My new found lover

committee – of which I have now been officially made chairperson .and I look forward to the weekly events like Bingo and a monthly fish and chip quiz night and the like.We also have our own amateur dramatic society, and it is always great fun. Nothing is taken too seriously and always we forget our lines, which makes it all the more funny and

The Curious Tale of Kitty Meowenstein

A midnight shroud had settled, smothering the land in a gloom where only dim glimmers and deep dark shadows existed. Storm clouds loomed menacingly in the nighttime sky, threatening a downpour that no living soul would wish to be caught in. The streetlights of civilisation seemed to provide people with a false sense of security once the sun set

A bored housewifes amusing tale

marriage. They had great sex, but did struggle connecting emotionally. This frustrated Tracy very much. Her husband was an introvert and she was more social. Then one day she went looking for something a little different. She had no intentions of cheating, but just wanted to see what was out there. She discovered that there were affair sites. She

Total Woman Zodiac 01

as Zack led Ariel to the street. Despite his just-ended use of Ariel, Zack craved the remaining evaluation assessment. His groin retained its lingering warmth and Zack fueled it further. He regaled Ariel with details on how he intended to consume their nighttime hours after she finished her coffee and cake service duties. Zack left little to


allowed to cum yet. He then told me to open my mouth. I did and he climbed on my chest and shoved his cock straight down my throat. I started to gag, then I was able to control my reflex as he moved in and out. He moved slowly saying, “Yes baby girl, take daddy all the way down that little throat. Yes, daddy likes it when you swallow his big

Hunting Trip 1

your old man.” Big john would continue talking as his laughed at Jake’s dad. “We all passed our best traits onto you Jake including me, your father, pops, and bear. Aw hell you might be one of the best all around hunters I know, just give my max a chance alright?” There was old man sanders but everyone called him “pops” or “hey, old man” it was

My Trip To Canada

I still couldn’t quite believe that it was really happening. Just a hand full of hours ago I had been in England, now here I was in Canada getting ready to see Heather. We had met on Lush a few years ago and had spent many free hours chatting about whatever was going on in our lives at the time, and a more than a few hours fooling around.Over the

More Than Just A Game Part 2

to do to him. I pulled up my last two cards and there it was, 21 over his 19. ‘I guess I win…. bitch.’ I say. ‘Fuck you, I’m no bitch.’ He said. ‘Your right… your MY bitch.’ I say and laugh. He rolled his eyes…. ‘Alright what the hell do you want me to do first?’ he said. ‘Well first I wanna do this…’ I lean over and start kissing him… a

Keliana has car trouble

his pants. She undid his belt as he pinched at her nipples. He lowered his head and began to suck on them. Swirling his tongue around her delicious nipple. She fumbled with his pants, but got them undone and they dropped to his ankles. He quickly stepped out of them. Keliana then pulled down his boxers, bending down as she did so. He stepped out

The Newtons

phoned Head Office to apologise for being the victim in an accident and that I was now back at work and would be putting out a new agenda for the seminars that had to be cancelled. They were pleased that I was back and wished me luck. It was a good firm to work for as I got to set my own schedules and did the contacting of various branches to say

She Was 22

you're gonna make me cum in your mouth!" He squirmed in his seat, gripping the steering wheel with all his might in an effort to control himself.Suddenly she gagged and slid off him coughing, sucking her dripping saliva back into her mouth. As she raised herself back up she carefully wiped her lips with one precious finger.The car slowed on the

Little slut nicci - con't

"This is gonna be such a great summer ~ now suck my cock like a good slut," he said as he pulled my head into his lap forcing me to suck his cock into my mouth. I could only moan around his cock as Daddy wrapped his hand in my hair, and guided my head up, and down his now throbbing shaft. The thought of every trucker we passed being able to see

Missing Ray

of our bodies with its force.               He stayed in me, his cock softening a bit and kissed me.     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                         I know I might never see Ray again.   However, until then, I have my imagination and my memories.   Lots of love and luck, sweet Ray.   I miss you and can’t wait until you come home.

Fresh Dorm Angel: The Beginning

feel what she had done to me.As her hand finally moved inside my thigh, I felt her finger glide over the now sticky residue that lingered there."Oh, I know what that is," Vee said as her finger traced through the long stream that had somewhat dried. Her finger sent tingles through my whole body. "I bet I will get a big surprise if I run my hand

Two young tops for me

took both cocks fully.They worked together, fucking & fisting, either with a fist and cock in me or their fist and the others cock. Either way was great, as my hole was expanded fully between them. At one time I was lying on Rod’s cock, when Dave fisted me from behind with him, I kept them busy. Not slowing at all, several times, I got them to dp

College Freshman 1

I pulled her shorts off and threw them on the ground. I could smell her sweet pussy from the position she was in. As she started bobbing her head up and down on my cock I grabbed her hips and brought her pussy right to face. I licked all around her pussy until she took my cock out of her mouth and said just put lick it already babe. I went

This Christmas

it.’ Janice watched Maddie come into the room so she could see better. ‘Poor Elaine, she’s not a sideshow, she’s just going to feed Gemma.’ ‘It’s fine Janice, right where’s the baby? There’s the baby, come on time for your feed, monster.’ Janice grinned and handed Gemma over, Elaine put her to her nipple and Gemma clamped on and began to suckle.

Mom and I Were Business Partners

I walked up behind her, took the drink from her hand and set it down on the desk. I put my left arm around her waist and my right over her shoulder and caressed her left breast. She sucked in air and reached back with both hands and pulled my hips into her ass. I kissed her on the neck and she leaned back against me. “I thought you’d never get

He Suprises His Honey Ch. 04

asked."The hottest thing either us have ever done, and you know it, Baby.""Dave, I'm already so sore. My ass feels like its swollen closed, and I think Andy bruised my throat," she complained."It's so fucking hot, though, baby. You should just see yourself when they fuck you. Especially Paul. If I didn't know better, I'd be jealous. You were so

Tent and Pegs - Chapter One

truck bed. “Want to eat something before we set up camp?” he asks while hoisting himself up. I look around as I flex all my muscles and shake out the jitters. We’re not too high up. The area where we are is a large plateau jutting out from the side of one hill. The earthy conical that rises above the plateau is not big, mostly a scrub covered

Going for a walk

not fair,” I heard from the female voice. “I’ve seen my share of cocks, Larry, yours can’t be that special.” “I don’t care, Jenny, I not going to pull it out and fuck some guy in the ass in front of you.” “Come on, Sis, in the house,” Jake’s voice sounding more stern this time. I heard the door shut behind her and now new that Larry was going to

Part 6, Puppy love

almost up to his face. He quickly put mom down as he noticed his wife was turning. I noticed mom's breasts looked wet where the nipples are, and she quickly crossed her arms covering her chest. They finally left, and I ran straight to my room tired of that day. I switched to my sleeping clothes, which were small tight boxers and a tank top. I lay

The Author Pt. 06

You dropped in like someone doing this for years.’ ‘When did you hit sub drop?’ Jennifer asked. Monica’s face fell. ‘The same weekend. I hit sub space Friday night, and stayed there too long, I’d wanted it so badly by then. My Dom was a novice too, and made the mistake of leaving me there too long. Another Dom stopped the scene, he had more

L028: Lizzy’s story: My Daddy’s story

a wide flat back hairbrush.  I shuddered thinking about what was going to be ahead for me.She put a condom on my starting to harden prick, and then I laid over her lap for the second time.  For some reason, as she squeezed my cock between her thighs it just felt like I was in the right place.The spanking was pretty much a repeat of the day

Edges Ch. 01

smiled at her and she pulled her hand from her pussy and offered it to him. He crawled onto the bed, kissing and licking her legs on his way up. He raised his head and looked in her eyes as he brought her hand to his lips and slowly licked it clean of her juices.Roni felt herself grow wet and tight at the touch of his tongue, her breathing

Sex Writer Symposium: 05

bar – clueless.’ Jax chuckles, runs straight fingers across his throat, and shakes his head. ‘CNN reports something like, ‘Pirates off the coast of Yemen have seized a second Italian cargo liner in a single month, all on board are suspected dead,’ yadda, yadda, yadda and I almost laugh out loud and think, so that’s where they dropped me. Yemen.

Winter At Beech Mountain Chapter 9

you.. I sorta like it.. two nights in a row.. Yeah– Its nice to have someone to cuddle and wake up with.. I had stood there and brushed my teeth, combed my auburn hair in place, and felt reasonably awake.She finished and stood , flushing the push button toilet. Debra came up behind me and circled my waist with her arms. How bout I make you some

The Forbidden Fruit: A Tale of Discovery (Part 3)

pick up your vehicle, but may I interest you in our complimentary limousine service? You are our VIP guest with your extended stay in our Presidential Suite. The driver will take you wherever you need to be.”I looked at Sarah. “Yes sir, my lady and I would enjoy that.”“Yes sir. If you could provide me with your destination, I’ll dispatch our

Reclaiming Nadia

to inform Isaack that we were home, before he pushed me, stumbling into his little closet room, and shut the door behind us.I collapsed face down onto the bed, and started laughing. Jace nudged my leg with his, silently demanding I make him some room, as he also dropped on his back, onto the mattress. I scooted over, and turned my head, so we

Bridal Gift

she drilled her fingers in and out of the bride’s pussy, Gina turned her attention to the Maid of Honour who stood beside her. Gina lifted the hem of Dana’s gown and disappeared underneath it, easily finding Dana's dripping wet thong and inhaling her sexy scent. She licked Dana’s wetness through the fabric, making her other friend shiver in


hold of her big breasts with one hand he squeezed and tweaked her nipple. Her other breast he had in his mouth.Daniel now licked and sucked and gently bit her nipple.Crystal was now going wild and her loud moans now filled the room.She had always loved her breasts being played with.Daniel continued to play with her breasts for several more

She Gets Carried Away

his fingers just reaching the fleshy top of my legs almost where they meet my cunt lips. He also spread my legs a little, and that always feels so sexy, it makes me almost melt completely. When that part of me is touched my ass automatically sticks out and, because he was standing close behind me as it moved out, it came into contact with his

Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 11

she asks you for help.” “Whining little bitch,” Danielle whispers to you, which makes you laugh. “I’m better than that slut, Michael,” Kim says as she moves her hand to your thigh and starts to rub it. You politely move her hand away from you and help her, as the teacher ordered you to do. Half an hour later the teacher announces that there

My Friend James 2

up in the middle of the afternoon. I smiled at James sleeping face. I ran my fingers on his face, feeling the smoothness of his cute face. Then, James opened his eyes and smiled at me. We looked at each others eyes for a while. "wanna do round 2?" James said teasing."hell yeah!" I replied. Then, James jumped out of bed and said 'make me!' I

My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Ch. 03

* * * * * Everyone was ready to go when we got to PetSmart. I noticed Nick checking out my cleavage, which tonight was ample. Jeremy had never seen me dressed this way and I was delighting in all the attention. ‘Ready?’ I asked no one in particular. Beccie was checking me out too and I felt a surge of power shoot through me. I was beautiful.

Sweet Revenge trilogy. Chapter 2

she tries to struggle, but I hold firm, my erection poking at her back. Soon she goes limp. I remove the cloth and lay her down in a small bush on the edge of the walk, and hurry back to my car. I put the chlorophorm on the passenger seat and drive to where I left her. When I get to her I grab the rope, hiding in the bush and I secure her wrists

The Best Therapy ch. 03

sluttier than what she used to wear at Mary’s but they looked casual. Apart from the heels it was one of the outfits she wore as every day clothes.Brad took notice of the change of clothes. The new clothes weren’t as pretty as the previous ones but they showed a lot more skin. He took it as a sign that Nana didn’t mind what had happened and maybe

Just For One Night

the wet breast, it's tip pink from his hard sucking. He put his mouth on her left breast and did the same. When Vince was done with Melanie's breasts, he went to the bed and pulled out a cord of nylon rope from underneath his pillow. "Turn around sweetie," he demanded gently, uncoiling the black rope. Melanie turned obediently and put her hands

My Cabin of Solace

my body was being tugged. When I felt a cool breeze, I remembered the other woman and realized she had unfastened my pants and had pulled them down over my hips. I knew my cock was in full erection, but I did not care. I was lost in the moment.Then everything seemed to happen all at once. My nipples were burning as they were being stroked and

Lexi's Summer Camp Tease, Part 2

note out of her hands:'To Lexi. From Trey.'I sighed and remembered how hot he looked earlier today.'Today was cool, I'm glad you picked me out of all the other guys this summer. I know it means a lot to you, and it means a lot to me too. I really like you Alexia. - Trey.'I looked up at Kayla as I crumpled it up and waved it in her face. "Want

Lila's surprise

Lila really screamed! She lunged forward, trying to escape this painful invasion. Unfortunately for her she did so just as her brother thrusted forward, lodging his dick fully into her throat. "Oh fuck!" Adam ghasped at this new tighter sensation, and held tight to her hair, ramming into her throat with abandon. Meanwhile Derek was sliding inch

Remember When Ch. 2

neck and chest. You slowly start to rub my pussy. You comment on how wet I am. I just smile knowing that you are the cause of that. The desire that I have for you is overwhelming. You can read my mind. You know I want you to make love to me, you say not yet. I am in a playful mood. You see this and lightly spank me. I moan in pleasure. Your

MILFs And Me

news. Erika was pregnant. Her due date was in the middle of September. I was back at school, regretfully unable to join the happy couple's celebration. It might have been a little awkward.Anyway, it was after her son was born that I learned that Erika had wanted a baby. She had been hoping to conceive for months before the announcement. Dad said

Paying for her ride.

me take off the rest of my clothes and I took her by the hand and led her to the front of the car. I picked her up and placed her gently on the bonnet of my car. She squealed as the heat of the engine hit her bum. I smiled.I spread her legs, putting her heals on the bumper of the car so she wouldn’t fall off. I leant forward, kissing and licking

Sometimes the Good Guy Wins Ch. 07

with a ten-mile an hour wind from the northwest. I cracked windows, opened vents, closed drapes and pulled off my clothes. Sammi had gone to bed at two in the morning. The alarm was set for nine. There is a small fan in the sleeper. It’s quiet and barely moves the air, but it does move the air. I turned it on and put myself in bed. Megan didn’t

Stress Test

Derrick was smirking quite hard.“For this next part, I’m going to need something special. Be right back, boys and girls. I’ll only be gone a minute.” With that, Derrick strode out of shot. Casey stared ahead sightlessly. Her body remained utterly still, trapped in her punishing hogtie. Mentally, she was desperately surfing the waves of pain that

Natalie Submits

was already looking impressive. He was well groomed too, with a patch of trimmed pubic hair above his cock showing his masculinity whilst his nicely sized balls were completely bare of any hair. “Like what you see do you?” he growled at me obviously seeing the way my eyes had lit up. “Show me how much want this cock slut.” On my knees I slowly

The MONSTER #4 – Our Party – The Orgy!

as she licked its head. After just a few strokes he was cumming. Sharon tried to take it all but I could see it coming out of her mouth and dripping down her chin. Roger was holding her head and keeping her from pulling away. Bonnie pulled off of Shawn, pulled her dress off and removed her bra. She had Shawn lay on his back and she mounted him.

Fucking a MILF!

work clothes. "I'm here" she said with a wry smile."Ya, me too." I replied."So hop in." I told her.She looked around nervously and said, "You know I'm married right?" "Ya, so what you must be interested or you wouldn't be here." I replied quickly.Miriam smiled again with a look of disbelief and then she said, "I can't leave my car here, someone

Making Love to You

my way back up to your clit and mound. I start licking you clit lightly up an down and you respond by picking up the pace an did drill my tongue deep into your love holes and you start moving faster. I can feel you getting close so I take my two well oiled fingers and slid them deep into your lovely rose bud and that pushes you over the edge as

The Evening Out

deep and long, sliding his tongue into her mouth, stroking the roof of her mouth and sliding against her tongue. She moaned into his mouth and moved her tongue against his and held his hands against her face. He pulled away from her and panted against her mouth. He took her hands in his and pulled her forward so she could step into her shoes.

Dilemma & Surprise

‘fun’ ideas was that as I walked in of an evening I would be told that I should whistle or make more noise as I arrived, that way her ‘friend’ would have more time to escape without getting caught. Only now it appeared that maybe, just maybe, the technology had done the catching for me. In the meantime, as I watched, Mike leant over and kissed

Murder on the Mainline: another Mike Claymore Mystery Chapter 15

the washroom. Mike joins the three guards at the other table and they watch the door. Roger sends one of them into the washroom to keep an eye on him.Mike says, "When I detailed for him the damage he did to her, he got sick. Guess it serves him right. I think he'll leave now without any further problems. We'll still have to keep an eye out

How I Feel About Dad

complete me, and give me what I truly desired again. Jack has been supportive and understanding of my needs for Daddy and allowed me to fulfill my sexual needs in every way. Most women don’t realize how wonderful it is having numerous men love on you at the same time, to have multiple hands roam and caress you, to have two penises stuffed

Debra Marie Gets Blacked 02

plans for Tracey to come to her place as soon as he could, she rushed home to shower and get ready, for what she hoped would be a repeat of the exquisite feelings he gave her when he had introduced her to his large black cock. Debra had just barely finished getting ready when she heard the knock on her door. Pulse racing, Debra opened the door

Man of the House

He's so different from other men. It's almost like he's a member of another species of man. He's smarter, stronger and more ruthless than other men. He's a strong man in the riskiest and manliest of professions, police work. He's a real man in a world of wimps. I just had to have him. I went after him with everything I've got. And he made me his.

A Warm Balmy Night Ch. 02

in fear tonight. He gently played with her, squeezing her clit and pushing one finger gently around and inside her folds before sliding it inside her. He kissed her and she began to push up at him just a little, gaining in confidence. Riddick knew she wouldn’t soften up much more and lined his cock up and pushed hard inside her. Clara closed her

Alan Ch. 13

to Alan Marshall’s house, and that turd wouldn’t fuck his pretty little Kate. In a way he would be protecting her! He slipped his hand into his pocket and felt the keys, but for some reason he was unable to grasp them. Meanwhile he was still incapable of ceasing his forward progress behind Kate. He kept jabbing his hand into his pocket and

Library Colonel

in her late forties, bleach blonde and a few pounds overweight, but physically imposing. She had great legs, a big, round ass, very large tits, and a nice face with big, blue eyes and blood red lips. She had been wearing a dress jacket when she came to work, but had hung it on the back of her chair. Her blouse had a frilly, plunging neckline and

The Awakening of Love Ch. 16

‘Your body knows what to do, but you need to help. You need to push sweetie, and push now,’ Ashira coached. Before Sunshine knew what was happening, the baby slid out into Ashira’s waiting arms, loud wails of protest flooded the tiny room. Ashira looked up at her friend with a smile. ‘Sunny, he looks just like his daddy,’ Ashira whispered, her

The plumbers tool

4′ slim build always superbly dressed in high heels and stockings with knee length pencil skirt and white blouses and today she was slightly annoyed as she left for work Steve her husband had promised that he had arranged cover while they had the plumbers in and now from out of nowhere had a meeting. So yet again she had to change her plans to

Giving You Pleasure

reach for me as I step between them. Your hands move around me as you pull me closer. I take your face into my hands stroking softly over your cheeks. Lowering my head I meet you half way for a much wanted kiss. I close my eyes and trail my lips along the hard bone of your jaw. Your skin feels hot and bristly under my mouth. Your smell makes my

Developing a Taste For It (Chapter 2)

from his glass-walled office as she got off the elevator and walked purposely toward her husband’s office. He chuckled as he watched all of the men, old execs and interns alike turn to stare after her as she passed. She had on his favorite dress, stark black with the hemline at mid-thigh. The contrasting white of the mock turtleneck made her

A Perfect Life Ch. 05

who kept him firmly underfoot, a place he did long to be as long as it was under her foot, served to entrance him all the more.But this was all threatened to be rendered meaningless by the action his Mistress was planning. He understood that stretching his limits and expanding his boundaries was part of the dynamic that fueled their relationship,

Wife Training, Chapter 2

I began applying the baby oil. As I did, I explained to Roberta why I use baby oil. "I use baby oil whenever I plan on doling out a serious spanking, using something more than my hand. It protects the skin from splitting and bleeding and it also has a wonderful heat retention property - it makes the burn last a lot longer so I don't have to work

Preludes Ch. 11: Rumor Has It

all that lovely, but sitting with her skirt onto a public toilet seemed to cross a further line. She wasn’t going to walk around the rest of the day like that. She’d feel itchy and gross. She shook her head indicating her displeasure with the idea. ‘Ew. No. I’m not going to get my skirt, like, all up on the toilet. Gross.’ Blake felt the

Dear Diary Ch. 04

and he wrapped his arm around my hips, with his fingers now carefully cleaned with a washcloth softly rubbing against my clitty. He made me cum like that. Hearing his moans and groans, his heavy breathing and feeling his expert fingers on my bud was a blissful pleasure. He made me cum again and then again. Some thirty minutes later, my legs

Mom Blackmailed and not that unhappy

anyone to know, not even Bill”. She was taken back for the moment. “Why the secrecy”? “Well to be perfectly honest Jamal and I are ok sharing pussy between us but only between us”. She hesitated “really”? “Yup the only cock going in that pussy after today is mine or Jamal’s that being said I guess you could say those are ours pussies”.She

Time for School Ch. 18

feeling a little mischievous eavesdropping on people. ‘But da~d,’ a little girl whined, ‘I wanna go in the water!’ ‘Not until I put your sunscreen on,’ her father replied. I kept on going, slowly passing over a small group of elderly people as they headed along the sand toward the water. ‘I got fed up with that shit!’ one of the old men said.

Aphrodite's Curse Ch. 014

again shivered in cold and fear as he stepped in the boat. Charon appeared to smirk as he looked Demetrius up and down as if to mock his nudity, but saying nothing he turned and began to pilot the boat to the other side of the river. The trip was short and once landed Charon silently pointed to the volcano indicating that the entrance to the

Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 01

still tightly gripping my blouse with her other hand. The flimsy material of my blouse was torn to shreds as I tumbled backwards finally falling to the floor with a thud. My firm 38C titties bounced freely in full view, as I wasn't wearing a bra. Franticly I used my arms in a merger effort to cover myself."Get on your feet before I have to whip

Greta's Birthday Present

job. "You don't get to cum!""Yes Mistress."After another orgasm, they reach her large breasts."Make my nipples hard!""Yes Mistress."Greta pushed Paula away and than smothered Keith face in her large tits.After a minute she pushed the winded Keith onto Paula. Climbing on top. "Now I want to fuck and be fucked!""Which first Mistress?" Keith

Finding a New Life Ch. 02-03

said, seeing the gun pointed in her face. ‘You took my company away from me!’ Justin screamed. ‘You took it away from yourself by stealing from it!’ Lily countered. Justin growled and backhanded Lily with the butt of the gun sending Lily’s head back against the car with a loud thud. Lily held her head as she tried to remain standing. ‘I told you

Sexual Healing – Final Chapter

thick veins into relief against his smooth skin as he beckoned to her. He was sitting naked, cuddled with two of the sexiest women she had ever imagined, and he was waving for her to come close to him and be with him. Oh, look, Emily stage-whispered. Rampant heterosexuality rears its head. Thats all its going to rear for the rest of this night,

Are You Ready For More?

I want to taste you, to feel you, waiting for my body to tell you without words. You are very observant and notice my hand begin to shake slightly in anticipation, and then it happens, I gently lick my lips with the tip of my tongue and draw in a deep breath. You smile a devilish smile and bend towards my lips, unable to resist any longer tasting

The half way point

to these girls, trying to go out and possibly hook up tonight. About an hour or so went by and I wasn't able to meet up with any of the girls. By this time my mother was in a deep deep sleep, I could tell by the way she was breathing. So I switched my search to porn so I could jerk off and fall asleep. I was sitting on the bed with my back

The Wedding Proposal, chapter VII

to refuse, although I lacked any convincing arguments. Even though I was a bit down about my row with Tony, I tried to go on as usual. The following Monday, after a night of constantly interrupted sleep, I got up and saw the large bag of clothes. Suddenly I felt a jolt of satisfaction. My days of denial were over. Wearing a complete girlish

Summer camping trip pt. 1

Sean!!! On sunday I called Sean and said " Yo Sean, my friends and I need a ride to my parents Cabin on Monday morning, you in?" He said " What's in it for me?" I said " Weed and beer." Sean goes " Ok what time do we meet and where?" I said " 7 am at my house." It wasn't long before we were packed and stocked. It's gonna be awesome.

School Life (Part 1)

my pleasure buttons, and then she took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked on it like a popsicle. My dick jolted and became harder than ever before, and she moved her head back and forth ever so slowly while jerking off my shaft with her hand. Her other hand roamed her body, caressing her beautiful round breasts and pulling at the nipples


his dick between her cheeks. The tip, sloppy wet with her saliva and his pre-cum, pressed against Liz's tight hole, and she shivered. She wanted this, Liz told herself. Her bastard ex-boyfriend may have taken her virgin ass, but it was hers to give away to anyone she damn well pleased. Kevin would fuck her ass, she thought, and she'd enjoy it.

The Making of an Ass Man

his cock, coated with the thick white froth of their combined juices as it lay on his stomach, twitching gently with the aftershocks of his ejaculation and slowly oozing a last gobbet of his creamy seed onto his abdomen. Jeannie had never taken a cock in her mouth, before, but she'd heard several of her girlfriends talking in glowing terms of the

The Girl By The Lake

want to abandon me? Why, you too? Jane was walking slowly, almost enjoying the feeling of the dry pine needles under her feet. She was completely naked, as was Pauline, lying by the lake. Both naked: the last thing remaining of that same morning spent making love on the shore, the last thing that was still somewhat linking them. She remembered

Silver, Blue and Gold Ch 05

not mine. Two years is a fair amount of history to have with a person. And I will find out,’ he assured his friend. ‘You and I have both seen too many cases like this. I’ll definitely get a paternity test done.’ ‘Well, that’s something, anyway.’ ‘How’s Molly?’ Jake asked quietly. He had called the next day, as he’d promised, but Molly hadn’t

Family Ties - Chapter 1

high on crystal methamphetamine, tried to mug the man but ended up thrusting a switch blade into his kidney instead of taking the wallet. The police never found out why he did it, as he was fatally wounded later that same night when he tried to resist arrest and attacked a cop with the still-bloody knife and the officer opened fire, but the lead

The Art Class

Can you do that?” The group murmured a response which was not positive but more like a "we’ll have a bash at it" sort of reply. Isobel arranged Teri so that her right breast, the one furthest from us, was exposed, the left covered in the thin material of her dress. Teri’s right arm was extended to point, her left hanging almost vertically down as

The Weekend Part 1 (Chapter 3)

My wrist was tied to the bed. It was so dark – where was I? My brain desperately tried to figure it out. I shook my arms and legs but nothing. I heard Tre’s chuckle. “What the hell was happening?” I thought. My eyes flared, scanning the room. That’s when I saw him. The full feeling was him sliding his cock in out of me, slowly but with such

Her Fucking Uncle

soured her day. “Oh, welcome home, pumpkin.” her father said. “Uncle Jeremy just got here and we're having coffee in a minute. Would you like some?”“No.” she said coldly and strode up the stairs to her room, glaring at her uncle as she passed him.He was a scrawny, yucky man. He dressed in dirty slacks and didn't bother to groom his hair properly.

The Taking of Elizabeth: Chapter 5

and every time she proved to be obedient to him, Kurt only wanted to please her more. When she pushed her rear end closer to him, he kneeled down in the shower so that his face was level. He lifted a hand and inserted two fingers into her slit, wiggling them around inside and earning another moan from the girl. Kurt smirked, leaning in and

Surprise Dinner Party

with a grace and enthusiasm that made you want to follow, it was natural for her. You always knew, when were with her, that you had her complete attention and was, for those minutes, the center of her world. She and I had been close since high school, the rest of the girls were friends just as long, but Mona and I were always closer. It was her

Lifes Strange Turns Part 2

it up real nice, just like a professional landscaper might have done. Sandy had been baking chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for the Open House, and offered me some. Well, just one. Thank you so much for mowing, I owe you!, she sez.. No problemo, Seniorita I quipped, and we laughed. Id never run a riding mower before, so it was educational and

Little T and her Daddy J Ch. 08

from stretching around him. T's fingers fluttered across her clit and she was squatting lewdly, her head thrown back leaning against the doorframe. She moaned and said, "Ohhhhhh Daddy! Are you gonna fill her mouth with your cum? Watching Sara suck your big cock is gonna make me cum! Can I cum Daddy? Pleaaaaaase can I??" It was all he could do to

Best Anniversary Gift Ever

You never give me shit when I just want some time with my friends. I know how much you hate all the noise they make when we watch the football games and all the cigar smoke too. You never try to hide this naked body that lies before me. I've also never had to ask you for permission on anything, face it, sweetie, you are the perfect wife," he

Goodnight, Jolie

too."Feet cold, again?" Joe asked."Always!" she said.He rubbed her feet between his hands, but they remained cold as stone."Here, put them under my leg," Joe said. He lifted one of his legs and let Jolie slip her feet under his thigh. He put his leg back down, her feet now kept warm between his legs. He had done this, too, since she was a kid,

Runaway Transgirl, Part 1: How I Ran Away

but then I remembered how I was dressed. "I... I, um, I'm sixteen." "Young lady like yourself shouldn't be alone. Where're your parents?" I didn't know what to say. "Um..." I said the first thing that came to my mind. "Dead! They're dead..." I lied. "Shame. How long?" I hesitated. "Um, a month." "Shit. Well, I'm sorry, girlie. You need a

Restraining the Personals girl

on the other breast. Melany started to wiggle, but her movements were limited by the restraints. I continued my voyage down her belly, slowly, moving my tongue up and down her landing strip, till I “landed” onto her pussy itself. As I started licking her up and down, teasing her clitoris, I knew that she was very close to cumming already. So I

My story (Part 1) ‘My Early Encounter’

fuck me again. He laughed and said yes that is the attitude of a real whore. We kept talking a little more then we wrapped up that day, I returned home with the piece of cloth at my asshole, as he told me that I have some bl**d inside me and this normal as I was opened. I was so tired that I went home and slept on my bed with my cloth on……

Fuckin Soldiers – Part 1: Recruits Gone Wild

two young lesbians produce moan after moan of total bliss. As wave after wave of arousal washes over her, the horny brunette begins to force her hips up and down, effectively increasing the speed, which in turn increases the blissful feeling that fills both young lovers. Their moans once again start to fill the air as they both feel an orgasm

my little runaway

that. ‘ I probably would have done the same after I went to bthe bathroom’ at that point I realized how bad I had to go. ‘ do you mind turning around so I can go’ she said ok and turned around and I went. I wiped and pored water in the bowl and flushed it down to the drain. I turned and realized I had a huge boner’ nice’ she said and statrted

What Makes a Man Ch. 01

ass is."With that she reached around him, bending at the waist and putting an intense downward pressure on his ass. The dildo slipped out ever so slightly, less than an inch."Oh know you don't," she said, pounding her hips back up next to his cheeks and yanking his head violently backwards. His eyes flashed with the pain as his mouth


the side of my face you lightly run your tongue along my lips and when I open my mouth to suck you into me, you nip my bottom lip. Slipping my legs over yours, you lift me back to the bed. Getting up, you go to your dresser and open it. I can’t see what you pull out but don’t really care because I’m admiring the sight of your bare ass. My mind is

The Education of Diana (ch. 03)

beside hers on the concrete sidewalk. A hand took hers, and she knew it was Tony. "Hiya, DiDi. What's up little girl? Heading for the beach? Me too. I'm not surfing today. I just wanted to hang out. Yeah, I think I'll just hang out. You don't mind, do you? I guess there may be other guys around. That's cool. So, anyway, you wanna meet some

Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 4 - The Train Show

Gary.""Thanks, ummm, Dad. April, where are your dishes kept?" She asked"John, can you show her where the dishes are?" April asked her sonJohn showed Kelsy where all the dishes were kept and pretty soon, they had the table set up for dinner. His mom took the chicken out of the oven. Once all the food was on the table, they sat down to enjoy his

Sophie and her Mother

when boys and girls were mixed for the first time, eighteen year olds full of shyness and bravado. No one would have described Sophie as the most beautiful girl in the class. To be honest, she was more pretty than beautiful. I remembered the heady combination of Sophie’s posture, manners, voice and the choice of language she used. I think her

Awakening Her Desires II

across his sweat soaked chest, licking at his nipples, biting and sucking. She revelled in the flavour him. His essence of salt and sex and utter maleness assailing her taste buds, dizzying her. Filling her mouth and nostrils as she knew he would soon be filling her sex. She felt the slickness between her legs increase sharply at the thought.

Star Wars and Booze

her beautiful round ass. I took a her tightly by the hips and drove into her. "Fuck yes!" she screamed. Her head flew back and she clutched onto the sheets tightly. I began to fuck her madly now. She pressed into me and held me inside as deeply as she could. "Fuck me! God! Oh shit!!" I leaned forward and pinned her down. I took her wrists and

Pyre (12)

in a private matter, sir. May I tell him who called?”“Tell him he already knows who called,” I said to her. I tried to think of how cryptic I could be and still get across what I needed him to know. “Tell him…tell him the cathedral was me and that it’s over now. Tell him to call me when he can.”“May I be more specific in the message, sir?

Back to the Beginning

which were frankly superb, far better than anything Ephraim was capable of. It was hard growing up in the shadow of Ephraim Carter, who had shone like a lighthouse beam all his life. Even before the day he’d been ‘discovered’ by a modelling agency on a day trip to London, he had been in the spotlight, the bright one, the popular one, the good

I'm A Good Girl

need, when fingers slid inside me. He stroked in all the right places working my favorite spots inside me whilst still teasing my clit. My hips bucked under his hand, I felt like I was about to internally combust. The pressure urged on by his rock hard cock rubbing against me. I wanted him inside me so badly I almost wanted to cry. My muscles

Wanting to be taken

wider, he removed his hand off her pussy gripping his monster and shoved the head into her soaked pussy. She whimpered as he plunged his cock deep inside her. There was no method to his fucking, he was young and had no clue on how to sex an older woman, or maybe he just didn’t care. It didn’t matter to her; she was on the verge of climaxing from

Mother Fucker

as he lie back, my hand still wrapped around that nice, hard cock. "I want to kiss it for you. Have you ever had it kissed or sucked before?"Jim shook his head no as I let him play with my wet pussy. I wanted to suck that lovely young cock as I took it and lowered my lips to the big cockhead. He was as almost as big as the black cock I had just

How Far Do We Go? - Ch 5

accepted construction schedule and change order parameters. It was possible that admin never gave him the copy, or that he threw it out after he screwed up. However, there would be a gap in change order numbering. It was his responsibility to monitor that. If one was missing, he was supposed to inquire immediately so situations like this didn’t

Professor Tom Ch. 09

him laugh. ‘When are you going to understand I’m no longer your professor?’ She smiled and said, ‘What do you mean?! You’ll always be my dearest professor….’ She began peppering him with questions about his latest class of paralegal students as they walked into the restaurant. ‘They are a varied bunch….lots of international students in this


her deep and hard; sucking it to an the imaginary beat of her pleasure. She opens her legs and slide the vibrator deeply into her. I watch her body react to the sudden deep pleasure. She pulls it out again and slides the wet vibrator over her swollen pussy. The vibrator is a magical staff of pleasure I can see that she loves the generous size and

Classroom Barbie

found it boring? ‘I’ll see you later Mrs. Williams.’ He said as he left her class. Tomorrow he’d see if the video’s instructions had been followed. John slid into his familiar desk the next day and waited for Mrs. Williams to show up. She entered the class about five minutes late. ‘Sorry,’ she said to the class before flashing them a smile.

Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 05

like that. Seriously. I can’t think of anything worse. For real. Right now, my lady is at school. And I’m at home, cooking dinner. I’m a big and tall Black man built like a football player wearing a damn apron and cooking dinner for his woman. And yes, I am one hundred percent man. If you call me a sissy or whipped, I can kick your ass. You feel

The Dream Continues Ch. 05

on the bed near my arm, before she lowered her self onto my sleeping soul. My response was to slowly massage all around her bewitching hole, to add saliva to my fingers, and to continue to prepare. I added jelly to both, and slowly insert the middle finger of my right hand. I had a feeling of complete love, of total tenderness, and wonder, as I

Eleanor Under the Himalayas

room. Vaguely illuminated in the yellow half-light, she saw the only adornment of the room hanging on a wall. It was a golden mask of Buddha with his eyes closed and a faint smile on his lips. Eleanor sat down on the cold bed, listening to the whistling of the wind, unable to rid her body of the chill. Her ribs and her back ached from the cold,

How I Spent My Summer Vacation – The Thrilling Conclusion

possibly have anything to do with this perverted old bitch’s filthy instructions flitted through my mind, but it was gone before it took root. My brain was crippled with lust and I continued to pump my cock, my eyes glued to her gorgeous pussy.As I watched, she slowly pulled a glistening finger from inside of her and slipped it into her mouth. I

The Cobbler & the Brownies

was a very hard minded and rather greedy man who most certainly did not believe in any such thing as Luck – good, bad, or otherwise. The poorer the villagers became, the harder the Reeve tried to make them work. His taxes and demands on the villagers continued to increase and he cared not a fig that each day they were a little poorer and more

One Night

it had taken another month until she had said: “All right”. My eyes had widened and I had immediately become tense. “Not right now,” she had swiftly added. “Now that you know it’s going to happen, you have to get used to the idea.”I knew she had been right. I would have been far too nervous right then. Then, eventually, when we had been talking

Nerd scores!

cunt and I was rewarded with a "ooooooh" from Michelle. And with my thumb I started rubbing her clit in circular motions. Michelle was moaning like crazy, digging her nails into me and saying stuff like, "oh fuck yeah baby that feels so good"! She finally stopped me and said, "As good as you were making me feel I can't wait any longer I need that

Sibling Love - Chapter Two

of him.“Honey, since when did you do athletics?” asked Dan as he packed out with laughter“Oh, the girls just suggested that I try out for the team - they think I'll do well..” she replied, then slowly looked towards Dan.“When will you know if you made the team?” Dan added She shrugged her shoulders and just stared at him. “Oh well, dinner’s

Peking 1900 Ch. 05

from behind the bar and had him follow her upstairs. Showing him the room the girl turned to leave. ‘If you need any thing, my name is Colleen and I will be glad to help.’ ‘Yes, there is one thing, Colleen.’ Jack moved towards her. ‘I’m here to see Lord Dufield. Can you tell me the way to Wallingham Manor?’ The girl gave him the directions

My journey to the wild side part four

to leave the bathroom in just a towel! I was praying that my husband had gone downstairs as I slowly unlocked and opened the bathroom door. My heart was pounding and to my horror, he was sitting on the bed.“Hi babe,” Graham said as he stood up.“Hi,” I smiled, nervously holding the bath towel tightly around my body.He went to kiss me and I turned

Sex with my neighbour

because seeing her completely naked was affecting me. My cock began to harden and I was slow in undressing because I was uncertain how she would react if she saw my slightly swollen prick. However, I became as naked as she was and we lay side by side on our towels. "I can see your prick has grown a little. Don`t be embarassed. It happens the

Stumpy and Olive

the next level. I suggest we start slow, by telling each other one true fact about ourselves. My nickname really is Stumpy, at least to my family. Your turn. Stumpy. … She thought about it a lot before really responding. Stumpy, In reality I’m actually six feet tall. Olive … She agonized over telling him that, but better to tell him now,


well.  It was late May when I approached Mel once again, “Mell!. . It’s about time we talked and you tell me what the hell’s going on.  I want know now . . right now!”Mel responded with a stunned silence as she considered.  Then, obviously shaken by my blunt words, she replied, “How long have you known?”   Known what?  I wondered!  To continue

Photo Surprise

showed Kayla lying on her back facing the camera upside-down. Her pert breasts pointing up exceptionally firm. Her father’s cock moved sending a twinge of pleasure into Chelsea. “You must really like this photo. Do you like boobs, daddy?” “Yes, honey. I like boobs. And, Kayla has a nice set.” Chelsea was emboldened now. She leaped up, pulling the

Camping Out

He pulled me on top of him. Then in a low voice, "Ride me bitch!"He was scary! He had a big cock and it was already hard as a rock! I felt so small as I straddled him! I felt like I better do exactly as he wished! I positioned myself and took his cock slowly inside! God he was so big! But it slid in without much effort! I still had his friends

New Friends at the Beach

along with me, my cock still pulsing and embedded inside her. We shifted over to our sides and I remained inside Alexia, my semi-erect shaft gently sliding in and out of her, holding her close against me as our breathing recovered, quietly enjoying each other. I had completely lost track of time, and immediately began to wonder what was going on

The Massage

I immediately took her foot and put her toe in my mouth. I sucked on it eagerly. "Now rub my dirty foot against your cock.” I did so, and i humped her foot, the demeaning act very erotic. “Good boy. Now beg me again, tell me what you want me to do and watch.”“Oh god,” I moaned. A sticky strand of pre-cum dripped from my cock and reached the

The Only Welcome Hurt

as we lie together once more, legs entwined, hearts racing. I seek your hand with mine, stroking your fingers as you lovingly plant a kiss upon my head snuggled into your chest. ‘It’s been a while… Since it was good.’ Murmuring my agreement, I reach up to kiss you before drifting into a fitful, yet dreamless sleep.. The early morning sunlight

The Associate

only wanted her to suck cock.I tried to concentrate on work, but I kept thinking about looking into Karen's dark eyes while my cock was embedded in her throat.At 11:30, I gave in and called her."Will you join me for lunch, Karen?" I asked."I am going for Tex-Mex with a couple of the guys, but you should come too.""Why don't you ride with me? Just

blackmail in the swimming pool

around the room and he eventually got the upper hand on me, and I was having trouble with him. Even though he was 4 years younger than me he was so much stronger than I am, and he managed to get a toy handcuff attached to my left hand and his bed post!!! He then struggled with me and tied up my right arm to his desk using one of his t-shirts, and

An Amazing Night

asshole, but never let his dreams come to reality.After about 5 minutes he started to feel his self beginning to come. The porno got really wild as one guy started to fuck the other in the ass, another thing Chris often dreamed about. He felt his self begin to shoot, and then there were white globs of semen spurting all over the place. He kept

All But a Demon, the first Sin

a really nice way of shutting me up…” I said. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight. I put my arms around her and ran my hands down her back to her waist.She gave me a quick peck on the lips and ran off to class. After school, I was confronted by a friend of hers. The only name I’ve ever heard her called by is Fang. “Look, prep,

The Massage Chair

grew hard in a few seconds, and he was suddenly sporting his first boner. His dick throbbed as he observed his mothers grinding motions. All of a sudden her back arched so quickly I thought it was a seizure, but then she let out two loud cries and fell back into the chair. Almost melting into the chair she relaxed and just sat there. Tommy was

A Fuck Times Four

minutes Northwest of Minneapolis and worst of all I had no spare. I pulled over the the side of the road and got out of my car and walked around and saw my right front tire was the one that was flat. Even if I did have a spare I had no idea how to change a tire. I was on my way to visit my aunt and uncle and I still had another hour or so on the

Wife Peggy

the couch as Peg watched then she did a slow strip tease for us afterwards to much cheering and many nasty remarks . The guys drew straws to see who went first then it was on the air mattress as the guys took turns with me cleaning up the mess each guy got off inside of her. We stayed nude and throughout the first half Peg got as much attention

Fluffy the Attorney

you just have know idea what to do if anything or say anything then it happens.SLAP "CUM BITCH CUM FOR MASTER!!!" that single blow a very hard blow pushes you over the edge with such a demanding command you push as hard as you can so you can bring out the largest orgasm possible and it shows."Wow Tom did you get that? Was that pee or cum that

The Royal Genies - Chapter 08 - END

float around 90%, but on the other hand, the viewing figures, as well as the number of comments are MUCH lower than A Boy and his Genie. Perhaps because my first story was such a hit, I'm now cursed to forever compare everything I write to that. Oh well. It's at this point I should mention that if you like a story (Not just one of mine, but


and sputtered in the corner. I didn't notice -- I was looking backward to Sandi's apartment. I could feel the curve of her body against my sweater, her perfume, holding her a foot away and looking into those hazel eyes ringed in delicate mascara. I hadn't had sex - with a woman, anyway - in over six months. I longed for the warmth, the smells,

Wonderful Conference Day 1

stick it in my mouth”. I have had some other soccer mom types fuck my brains out before but she was like a high priced porn star, I would have paid big to live this session I was having for free. I stood in front of her and I rubbed my cock a little getting it hard and stuck it in her waiting mouth. Her tongue was long and stiff as she was still

Elizabeth 07: Before the Storm

someone else over there as well. No, it’s the reason why he’s coming back here.’ She looked wistfully down at Frank, and back up at us. ‘To join up.’ ‘Oh, no,’ Elizabeth said. ‘What is it about men, just having to be heroes!’ ‘Don’t I know it!’ Irene did her best not to look angry, but she did not quite succeed. ‘Gregory has been on a tear about

Sounds from the attic: The fourth chapter

eaten me out more in the months we've been fucking, than Joe ever has. You have taken way more cum than him too. He has sexually satisfied me, maybe five times through out our marriage. That first time we had sex with Shawna and Billy, you gave me so many orgasms, I lost count. You have him crushed, because you are my sexual goddess, and I have


the approaching men, they’re on the steps, boots clanking, upward, closer. Ok. Ok shh. Breathe. You know how to get out of a ziptie lock. You’ve done it before. Remember how you trained. Clenched fists, thumbs in, make room, then wrists turned inwards and work the hands out. Face straining with effort. Just get the thumbs out, pull, pull. It

Tripping’ At The Biltmore

everything fast and jerky. The other drivers are looking at me. I kept thinking, ‘They know I’m mad. That’s me, the mad cabbie, sorry I’m a crazy guy, I wish I were sane, can’t help it!’ Suddenly the front door on the passenger side of my cab opened and Maxwell, one of the meanest, toughest looking roadmen Yellow Cab had, got into my cab.

Land of Empowered Man-Haters

there are none. In Britain, the government funds special educational programs to help male students do better in their educational endeavors. In America, there is no such thing because American women don’t give a damn about their men. American mothers don’t care about their husbands or their sons. Why? Simply because they are male! Yet American

Audrey's Boy

said, and she couldn't resist the genuine puppy eyes he was giving her. "Fine." She smiled and unclasped the bra. It was one of those way too expensive ones with five clasps. Having big boobs was no fun more often than it was, but she very much did enjoy the way Sam's eyes went wide as soon as she let the bra fall on his lap. "Those are

Hitori Ch. 1

uncomfortably into her chest and belly, but he continued on, ignoring her muffled pleas. He removed his fingers from her and Hitori took a breath in relief. Still, she knew what was to come and tensed as he pressed his ancient manhood against her fair young lips. The old bugger sighed as he pressed against her, stretching her lips painfully from

Barb's Weight Loss Program Ch. 01

I was lucky enough to have met a girl who like most of the same things, but I never knew she liked it as much as she did until last weekend. It all started with her birthday a few years ago. I knew I wanted to bring spanking into our relationship and I thought the easiest way would be to spank her on her birthday and see how she reacted. Much to


with the same intensity I had seen only once before. His hand rose to the nape of my neck as if on its own accord while the other hand lingered at the small of my back. The heat from his hands seeped into my bare skin warming me to the core and removing every last bit of remaining fear. He slowly leaned in, his breath warm on my face. He smelled

The Woody Agency for Modeling Ch. 03

to be interviewed again for something else they have in mind. You must have made quite an impression on Art especially, he couldn’t stop talking about you, or more specifically your ass.” Janna smiled as Gerald talked. She knew he had enjoyed the ass fucking he has given her. “What kind of a job is it, Gerald?” “I’m afraid it is more that you

Lovers Switch

what kind of porn he had been watching. It turns me on to hear what he enjoys and sometimes I will even watch the same kind of porn he does just for the inspiration. He was laying there with the door open and loaded Adventure Communist. I passed through the bedroom to use the ensuite. While I was in there I heard the door close and the

A New Planet, A New Kind Of Life Part 2

their body. From now on they would ovulate more quickly and release three eggs in a day!The aliens started getting used to the girls’ bodies, one of the side effects of the worm was that the size of their breasts started increasing also these girls started growing plenty of hair in their pussies, legs, breasts, ass and they also got a beautiful

Put to the Test Ch. 01

one night two days before the end of the project and I was due to leave Brazil. I called Maria and asked if she would havedinner with me. She said yes. We had dinner at a quiet place we had found earlier in the month and particularly liked. Maria found it amusing to see my reaction to Brazilian cuisine. After dinner we walked and talked about

Revenge of a Nerd

could take no more. The trio then migrated outside and took a late night swim to cool off and for some serious making out before drying off, wrapping up in towels and returning to the living room to cuddle up on the sofa together.So, now nestled between the two women, Jeremy swept them off their feet by showing a much softer and far more romantic

Nephew Seduces His Aunt

I agreed and she stripped down to her bare ass and ruffled through her bags looking for her bikini. I tried not to look at how perfectly thick her body was. But, my dick was thinking for me and I watched her bend over and grab her bikini bottoms. She turned and saw me gazing at her shaved pussy. She was always open sexually so she said, "Do I

Cheating on my fiance at my bachelorette party

before I married my husband, I cheated on him. There, I’ve said it. Only a few people knew, and he never knew. So, here is that story….I was fairly introverted at the time and usually had been faithful to the guy I was dating at the time. I didn’t expect anything wild to happen the night of my party. A few girl friends, and one very gay guy

My wife on the porch part fourteen

my beautiful wife this morning,” He asked, “God I love how that sounds, and by the way sweetheart, I fucking love you!” He hugged her around the waist and moved his hands to her tits. “Your wife is wonderful,” she replied, “I love how that sounds also, and did I tell you how happy I am that I am your wife? Did I also tell you just how fucking

Ghostly Visitor

there in the beginning, but over time it dwindles down to just those few diehards who really care and love you that remain. It had been a month since her partner of decades had passed on. She knew the time was near, but that was of no consolation when it happened. The two of them were amazing together. Everything they touched turned to gold, so

Cyber Love

his hand on my breast. He gripped it as he took his tongue out and put his wet lips on my neck. His tongued swiped against my skin and then started to bite a little. I started to moan a little and put my hand on his shirt. Gripping it as he made me moan. His tongue made sensations all over my body. I couldn't stand the tease anymore. "Take me to

An Average Friday Night

time and immediately pushed her panties to the side so that I had access her dripping wet slit. I rubbed her whole cunt up and down a few times before gently entering her with two fingers. She gasped again and said "Fuck me Charlie, I need you to fuck me right now" and slowly scraped her fingers down my back.Needless to say I was happy to oblige.


more strenuous she turned to Derek. Her final words a plea for forgiveness. Reaching over, he gently used the palm of his hand to close her eyes before bending down and placing a lasting kiss upon her forehead. As he moved to leave the room he turned back, with a single tear streaming down his cheek he whispered to her lifeless corpse ‘I’m

The Succubae Seduction 2: The Twins, Chapter 11

only a few seconds to recede, but it was longer than his fist had hurt from punching the wall.“That’s not it at all,” Gloria seethed at him. “I care for you more than I’ve cared about a mortal in millennia. You’re strong, optimistic, caring, and so much more than any one woman deserves. Though your current attitude could use some adjusting. I


James..." I gave him a wink and said, "Anytime hot-stuff...See you tomorrow..sir""Wait, time.. I'm in charge! And you're gonna wish you had never done this!""Till next time..."And with that I left leaving him both happy and wary..Me? I was just wondering when next-time would be... TO BE CONTINUED...If you enjoyed

Discovering Clara Pt. 01

spread across his face, and he answered, ‘Pierce.’ ‘Wow, nice name! Your parents were very creative,’ I laughed, finally releasing his hand. Okay, that was an abnormally long handshake… ‘It’s genetic,’ he winked, offering a slight smirk. I covered my mouth as nervous laughter spilled over my lips. What the hell? Did I just giggle? This is getting


one of the cousins came in said to Cindy ” show me your tits” Cindy looked at him and told him no your to young, the boy looked said ” in my country boys rule you girls obey us” Cindy told him to get stuffed, the other boys came in and all jumped on Cindy and dragged her on to the floor and held her down, Cindy tried to fight back but could not