Seed of Horror: Chapter 2

Jason and the nonexistent landscape around him. Jason bolted up his bed, soaked in a cold sweat and now hearing the beeping of his alarm. It was Thursday, the day after he had found that grisly scene in his neighbor’s house. It did not surprise him that he suffered a nightmare, but he had never experienced one with such vividness. As he reached

A Strangers Cum Part Three

then startled me when she pleaded “lick me quick” and started moving up and down hard.I had never done anything with a woman before but was so turned on I just got down on the floor and licked from Johns Balls to her clit.It was all too much for John and he exploded deep inside her so I wrapped my lips around her prominent clit and sucked it like

Last One at the Party

reached down to her big nipple and grasped it between two fingers. Pulling hard in an attempt to rip one off he started to yank her downward. “Fuck you bitch, don’t enjoy this”, he demanded before Richard pulled his cock out and a few squirts splattered her face. Her eyes still open felt the sting as the cum hit her directly, forcing her to close

Pumped While Wearing His Pumps

on the first floor and empty their cars each night. “Oh sure, whatever works,” I said anxious to get into a motel room and peel off those dirty dusty jeans. Weezie went straight into their room while he and I went around to open the gate on the El Camino. He handed me an armful of boxes that I took to his room. They were pretty light and as I

baby sitting part 1reposted

your fault it’s hard,” he said reasonably. “The least you could do is finish what you started.”“What do you mean?“You know, make me cum.” Nastia stared mutely at her uncle, too shocked to speak.“You do know what I mean, don’t you?” he said.“You’re determined to corrupt me, aren’t you? I’ve never done anything like that.”“You will one day and it’s

My first milf

replied with a muffled "mmmmggh...hmmm" and a nod of her head. With that I just layed back, watched, and waited until I felt my own orgasm buidling deep inside. "mmmmm please dont stop lori..." I said as I watched her blow me. "come on sweety" I heard muffled in her mouth as she took my cock down to my balls yet again. Seeing that beautiful

My Wife’s Sister Came to Visit

mouth. To her credit, she kept right on sucking my soft cock until I pulled it out.“Wow, Sheila! That has been my fantasy for so many years!”She stood up, kissed me and said, “I was the first girl to do that for you?”“Yes,” I said breathlessly.“That makes it SO special for me, Bill.”“For me, too.”I watched her rinse the shampoo from her long hair

Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 4...Mike and Consuela

car. He jumped a little when the garage door started down. His arms full , he turned to see Consuela leaning against the door jam. “You don’t look too bad for having your ass kicked.” “You look great.” “Thanks, come on in,” She said and move back inside. “This house is awesome.” Consuela smiled then laughed. “Here, let me take the bags. You


or wives. We decided to go to Acapulco for a week.Boarding the plane early in the morning on a Monday there was 20 of us–we got pretty rowdy with all the drinks involved. Lucky for us the plane was half full and most of the passengers sat toward the front, while we all sat in the back.There were two flight attendants taking care of our area. As

Boys and girls together (3)

Lacey. She said a slight change in plans. She wants to be raped. She wants to be tied to her bed and blindfolded. Ill do that before we come over here. Then when you make an excuse to leave me with your dad, you go to her room. She will be ready for you. Do you think she would mind, if six guys raped her? I asked. A light went on in Jennies

Do Over

thought as she whispered “The pill” and lifted her hips up to slowly work her pussy over his cock. Pushing it inside her as deep as it could go, clenching tightly around him, she thrusted into him again and again. He growled close to her ear, “Stop or I will cum way too soon.” She giggled and launched her hips up and inward, then with a squeak

A Little Fun In The Rain

under her palms. Gripping his cock tight with her pussy she slowly moved up and down, slowly building up their impending orgasm.Grabbing her hips Jack began to push as hard and deep as he could inside her, his mouth sucking and licking on her nipples. Allie could feel her orgasm building, her inner core becoming hotter. Sliding a hand between

My Fun With The Co-Eds

and working them inside, noticing its wetness. Andrea slid over to me, and leaned against me, as I relaxed my arm and eased my fingers deeper into her pussy. I hugged Andrea with my other arm, resting my hand over her breast lightly. I could feel her hard nipple, as I gently ran my finger over it. I worked my other fingers deeper in Andrea's

Circle of friends

and gossiping , teasing and fucking. "The room's booked until six, wish I could stay until then. There's wifi, I think, if you've got your laptop with you. You can go online and write your next story," Simon joked as finished getting dressed. "It's been fantastic, I promise not to leave it so long before we do it again." He looked back at Karen,

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02

over her shoulder at John. She reached back and gave one cheek a resounding slap. Then she squeezed it until the creamy flesh was bulging out between her fingers. Dave could see John swallow hard as he ogled the blonde’s lewdly offered butt. Marion held that pose for a moment and then she turned back to him. ‘ And I’ve seen how you look at my

Total Woman Academy 26

for a leisure center where alumni and favored guests could interact in a resort type facility. Ned would discuss it with the housemothers and prepare a proposal for the board of directors. But mostly, Ned was contemplating how his life and career had come to this. And the future looked bright. Zena stirred and drew Ned back towards the bed. She

Forbidden Desires Ch.08

against his chest and walked through to his bedroom. He sat against the pillows and pulled a blanket over them."This new guy?"She interrupted. "I'll leave, tomorrow.""Good girl."*It was eight o'clock, he sat in his chair watching over the club. Luanna caught his eye and he beckoned her over."She's coming back isn't she?"She spoke before he had a

My Mom's Secret, Part 2: Living A Lie

his cock for her mouth more than anything else in the world. It seemed like she sucked his cock for an eternity, but in reality only ten minutes had gone by. At that point, Dylan grabbed her underneath the arms and lifted her in the air, up onto his lap. He scooted them both back onto the middle of the bed and without little hesitation, he

Family Whores (Never ending affair): chapter-1

Mom left after a few minutes and I opened my closet to put all the things and my wedding dress in there. I found an envelope in my closet. It was a little bigger and heavier than a normal envelope carrying a letter. I opened it and first took out the letter it had. Leaving everything else in the envelope, I started reading the letter. “Dear

Her Mystical Trans-Formation

at my bucking prick. And I wasn’t the only one. With me lying on my back, my ankles on Lillian’s slim, Spanish shoulders and her fat, powerful shaft plundering my depths while the exotically beautiful Misha’s soft, pink, Asian lips and tongue worked on my spewing black cock, I was also being fed hot mouthfuls of the salty thickness of ropy spunk.

A Sentimental Heart Ch. 01

before turning for the door, to return to the party, determined to forget the dark haired beauty who had sat on his sofa – crying at silly movies. *** Chapter One ‘Hey you’ll never guess what!’ Peter exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen. Miranda turned from the sink where she was peeling potatoes. ‘Well let’s see,’ she responded dryly. ‘The

Michelle and I

also.I got to the salon about 11am. Michelle was there alone in a mini skirt, halter top and heels. Even though she retired from stripping she loved to show off her body. The place had a few customers so I sat down to chat. "High baby, how is your day going?""Fine just thought I would stop by for a quick tan.""Sure, anything for you."We talked a

An Older Women, Fetish Modeling, and Kinky Interracial Sex

and if this was not bad enough her short skirt had ridden up to the point where one could see most all of her thin white panties! What really showed was the outline of her sweet pink little cunt lips that was easily visible through the thin damp fabric. Half way through a bottle of Vodka, Ben and Damion who were setting directly across from her

Fucking My Black Boss… Part 2

and I offered him a seat at the table while I poured him a cup of coffee. But Duane didn’t sit at my table. Instead, he stood behind me, pressing me up against the kitchen counter. “Duane… stop.”He placed his hands on my waist and softly ground his crotch against my ass. I asked him again to stop but he completely ignored me and leaned down with

First Time

to get dressed when a there was a knock on my door. I opened it and it was Trevor. He had locked himself out of his room and asked if he could borrow my tracksuit to put on to go over to the guardroom to get the spare key. I said sure, we all had the same service issue tracksuits but mine was just a little bit small in the pants for him but it

The Workout

to see her partner. He was pumping his legs hard already with sweat beading at his forehead. The shape of his calf and thigh muscles stood out with each drive of his legs. She wondered why they didn’t come to the gym together more often as the sight began to turn her on.Turning back to her machine, she sped up her run, keeping up a fast pace for

FSBO (Fuck, Suck, Blow, Orgasm)

did not show me the bathroom. Is there something that you’re hiding there?” He asked with a chuckle. “Oh no, of course not,” I responded with a smile. I was just saving the best for last.   Hong and I stood in my modest bathroom as he continued to take notes. “As you can see, it needs a lot of work. The shower is extremely small. Barely

trash part 2

any trace of her. He sees blood and hears screams. Julie comes up on him and slices his Achilles tendons, beats his eye with a computer mouse and throws him in the basement. Julie gets a revolver and shoots him in the chest. A boy named Johnny, from across the street, is just as horny as Julie is. Johnny has brown hair, dark blue eyes and is

Heart of the Wood (Part One of Two)

sun-dappled wood prompted him to absently remove his jacket, and the action brought him out of his internal dialogue just long enough to notice something on the breeze. Taking a deep breath, he filled his lungs with the scent of moist earth and honeysuckle. The flowers wouldn’t bloom for months anywhere else, but here they opened their petals

Working Mom 3

He finished. “Oh sweetie it’s okay I’m just finishing up please take a seat on the love seat.” I smiled at him. Ryan took a seat which faced my desk and put the backs of my paralegals to him. “Walter, Amy. This is my son Ryan.” I said pointing toward him. All three smiled and said hello and we went back to our meeting. Walter

Chuck's Chicago Assignment III

Sunday evening. If her kids were fucking each other she wanted to give them as much opportunity to enjoy each other as possible. After breakfast they returned to the hotel and watched a movie on the room TV. They had been, for the most part, silent throughout the movie, just some petting and kissing during the more romantic parts, but both

The Biology Experiment

from but I wanted to stay where I was. Nonetheless I was given no other choice but to take a seat so I meandered towards the seats across the way. The car shook and I dropped my pen. Leaning down to pick it up quickly I instead decided to give this man a little show and kept my ass high enough in the air he would be able to see up my skirt, then

Pam Explains the Last Two Months Part 6

just surprised it happened so quickly. I thought that once you talked to Jack, you were going to fill me in on your decision. Looks like you were able to make that choice while you were with Jack.”I replied, “It all started with me giving him a kiss so he knew that I was ok with his honest sharing of what was in his heart. Then he kissed me back

Three to Get Ready

jumped onto her screen. ‘Think about it, it’ll be fun. Good luck job hunting! Hug!’ She smiled again and signed off. It was nice to think about it, and it was a good feeling knowing they wanted her to come out. But really, wasn’t it time to get her life together? Another job gone, another year passing by. When was she going to have anything

Sold Out

feel really embarrassed, but Marcus seemed very pleased with it all. Marcus spent three days fucking her and teaching her how to fuck. He taught her how to suck cock and had even put on porn movies and instructed her to copy exactly what the girls did on the films. He liked her to wear dark eye make so he could see it run down her face as he

The man of my dreams part 2

his wrist. Then a few more guys rode and intermission came. I saw him out of his gear and with his mom. “Hey Josh, are you going home?” I yelled. “Yea I didn't’t make it to the second round.” He said. “If you need me I am here if you go to the hospital let me know and I will come with you.” “Okay but I am fine.” He said then walked off with his

The Office the Job Review

hair, blue eyes and he can be very stern and in control.I follow your instructions to go bra less and leave off my bra with my 36C breasts that have large aureoles and leave a couple of buttons on my blouse unbuttoned as instructed. I put on some sexy black panties that I stopped and brought with a special panel that is almost transparent. I feel

The Abduction Part Three

I can question what is going on, I realize it is yet someone else’s turn. A hard penis slides across the crack in my ass before finding my gaping hole. Strong arms lift me as easily as a rag doll and my back slides across a hard, solid chest. I can feel the blunt head pressing into my already loosened ass, and despite my openness, I let out a

Joanna or Louise? Ch. 02

she doing always her very sexual interpretations when cleverly eating a gherkin or such, driving me mad with those obvious suggestive movements of her mouth and tongue, the was she mover her mouth to roll her food inside and then the deep swallow, her eyes focussed deep into mine, deep and asking and very suggestive, telling me how much she

Threesome Birthday Surprise

I pushed her knees apart and started licking her pussy. It was sweet and warm. I kept licking it and before I knew it she squirted all over my face. It was the hottest thing ever. I turned around and there was my boyfriend stroking his massive cock watching us. He got on the bed and started licking Emma’s juices off my face and she got on her

The Old Dusty Road - Part 3

all over his cock and his balls, sliding my tongue everywhere I could get to. I was taking the tip of his cock to my lips and opening my mouth, sliding his cock in to lick and suck it. I wanted to take all of Daddy's large cock in my mouth.I began to suck him up and down. My teeth would scrape as they came up his large cock, and I opened my mouth

The Engagement Ch. 11

just inches away from her. How wrong he was. Rosa was listening to his seduction, wondering what had brought it about. ‘Dutch was such a deep sleeper,’ she thought, ‘always horny, true, but after a good round of sex he generally slept like a baby. What could have gotten him aroused?’ Then she answered her question. ‘Of course, its Molly being

Just Another Day at the Hatchery

from getting back behind the people with the net.Quitting time came none to soon to suit me, I was worn out. Mike came around the end of the main building where he had been working and we walked back along the path to our cabin. Mike, “Do you want to have something to eat before we head for town?”“How about finishing the spaghetti, it’s to good

The first time i got fucked....

of his soft lips on my warm neck sent chills down my spine. He reached into the nitestand by his bed and pulled out a lollypop and after unwrapping it handed it to me. he slowly lay me down on the bed and began unbuttoning my blouse. the breeze from a nearby fan felt good on my warm flesh and i arched my back as he unfastened my bra. my 34 c

From Negril, with Love

placed before her on the tearstained tablecloth, the first strains of the Grace Jones song that had been her ska-loving ex-husband’s favorite piped in from above: ‘My Jamaican Guy.’ ‘Eh-EH,’ said the waiter, which caught her off-guard and made her smile and broke the ice between them like Appleton rum poured quickly into a glass under a beaming

The Angel of Warward Prostitutes: Chapter 2- Blue Orchid

barely registered. Joey and Tony kept hammering away, grunting and groaning as Darius struggled to restrain his screams. Every time he made sound they only seemed to increase their tempo. He wasnt about to give them the satisfaction of knowing how much he was hurting. After hed cum, Alecto retracted his cock from Dariuss mouth, allowing Darius to


these events hoping. I hope this journal entry won’t be my last for a while, but maybe this will help me sort out my feeling. So, here it goes. It took a few days to write this, because I needed breaks from the anxiety of thinking back on it. Thursday at work was a day much like any other ordinary day. It was typical of any other workday I

Nivagi – 2009.11.25

other the larger I swelled in her mouth.When Nivagi could truly cum no more it was my turn. She turned around and grabbed a condom, which we got onto my stiff dick with lightning speed. In another moment she’d mounted me, bouncing high and riding me hard. With so much stimulation and foreplay I didn’t stand a chance – I could only hold out a

Bree 3 - A Trip To The Mountains

while we were in our last semester of graduate school. Kate served as Maid of Honor!As our careers took off, my job took me on trips fairly frequently and Bree mentioned she was lonely and got tired of coming home from work to the big empty ranch house and the large ranch our parents have given us upon our wedding. We had a few hundred head of

Little Stoned Whore

tip exposed, and pulled downward, opening the hole of my throbbing piece. She dipped her tongue inside, then sucked on the tip while she pushed her hand back down to the bottom, pulling the head into her mouth and rolling her tongue around it before pressing her tongue to the underside of my cock and sucking in pulses. She closed her mouth

My 'I Love to Eat Pussy' T-Shirt Part 3

for a while.” When she gave me a quick hug, she whispered in my ear to hang around for another beer after bingo. She never even looked down at my shirt when she asked how I was doing and some other trivial bullshit. I have to admit, though, I was seeing her shirt just fine. She was in her mid-forties, married with grown kids. The peaks of her

Family Affairs Ch. 22

make sure your grandmother is OK, too.’ ‘Yes, Denny, your uncle Ezra and I certainly will be glad to make room for you in our home,’ his aunt added. ‘We’ve always thought about you like a son, you know.’ Matt didn’t know what he was going to do, but moving to Seattle wasn’t it. He only had half a year of high school left. All his friends were

Dixie Deveraux - Private Investigator

portion of this silly farce. When I returned to the kitchen JoAnne was still on her phone to Shnookums but she hooked a finger at me, walked me over to an oak credenza and opened the doors at the top. JoAnne never missed a beat. “Yes, Daddeeee… it feels sooooo... good…” Stuck on the inside of both credenza doors were small index cards marked with

The Club - Chapter 4

days. Bob seems to have a constant erection. Last night he made me get naked and masturbate for him. Bob sat in a chair and watched while he stroked his cock. I thought it was kinda hot because he’d never done it before. Then as I was about to have an orgasm, he walked over and shot his load all over my face and chest. It was beyond

In Love with Love

to court torment and, often, fights as a man. Every year on Valentine’s Day, I picked up my freshly tailored tuxedo, bought a box of chocolates, and bought a dozen red roses. Every year on Valentine’s Day, I dressed in my tux, and, carrying my roses and my chocolates, walked to a nearby park to watch the sunset. After the sun was hidden for the

Midnight Moanings

boxers. That's what had woken me up. I stayed as still as possible, not wanting Holly to know I was awake just yet. Her hand slipped under the waistband of my boxers and she grabbed my dick, massaging my balls slowly. I was getting so horny and I struggled to hold back the moans. Holly only ever wakes me up for sex when she's uncontrollably

Cat girl Charity - Transitions (part 2)

the image created by Fox-glove alters to show the real story behind the doomed band of students. “Behold the truth in this matter. Not the set of lies and unwarranted slander told by this one before all of us.” The three Fox brothers said in their usual coordinated, monotone voices, devoid of all emotion.“We have investigated the matter of this

Morning Between Lovers

Jill stretching her body languidly beside him, her eyes still shut, her lids like a curtain behind which only she knew what visions floated. He’d never seen anyone so beautiful in his whole life. She was his Soul Friend, as the Gaels said. There in the pale gray that still fought against the sun’s rays, she was an angel. He leaned forward, his

My step-daughter

of heaven, and I kept jacking off my cock until I lowered my body towards hers....Amanda grabbed my waist, and took all of my cock in her mouth....for a novice, she was incredible.... Amanda told me not to stop and to keep jacking off in her face and to give "her what she wanted."God, she was incredible. I kept stroking my tool, and looking at

Early Sunday Afternoon

that bead of pre-cum drip down to my lips. I pushed the tip of my tongue between my lips, into the clear, wet drop and painted my lips with his pre-cum. Steve started moaning loudly, and I figured that I would be his porn queen today, so I put just the end of his cock back in my mouth, tightened my grip on his shaft, and flicked my tongue quickly

Chanel And Eugene..And Aaliyah..And Dylan 15

other and her warm skin on my own makes me tingly. One hand on her neck the other on her waist, I keep her firmly against me while her tongue tries to get down my throat. She fucking likes this. Aaliyah’s never been with a girl before. She’s kissed a few, but this shit is new to her, and she’s enjoying herself. I need to take advantage of this

His Scent

I continued to suckle his cock and then I squeezed as much of the pre-cum I could out of the head of his cock. I could see it was just a matter of time before he shot his load down my throat. He said to me, “are you ready baby, do you want to swallow my hot cum down your throat?” I nodded yes and continued to suckle his cock, and then he came

The Tow Man

closer. He starts to work a large callused finger into her. His tongue plays masterfully around her bud stopping to tap it once or twice as he circles it. He starts to fuck her with that rough finger working it deeply in and out. He pulls it all the way out and kneeling runs his tongue down through her pussy, and further still. She tries to push

Billy the kid

didn't mind going to my place, for a quick bite to eat. He said sure, then he asked if I could dry his clothes for him. I told him yes and proceeded to drive home. As I was driving I caught him glancing at my boobs again and starting to squirm in his seat a little. I thought it was cute how this little white boy was checking a sista out. When we

The not so perfect wife.

She then stood by the door….and waited.He wasn't long in coming.A knock sounded on the door and she opened it with calm haste.There HE was. Sipping innocently from a strawberry milkshake. His eyes widening at the sight of the blonde goddess before him. She didn't waste time. She took a hold of his shirt and dragged him inside the house. She was

Awakenings 7

blew out next to him, pushing through it also contained the remains of about 15 of his men. Looking back the sight almost made his heart stop. Tahir finally found her but something or one was in the way he couldn’t just bring her back he’d have to go there. Preparing to leave he felt Kim’s distress begin to climb higher that was when the cold

Denise The Submissive Mom, Chapter 22- Sheila one week later ,after party

her to go upstairs & start getting dinner ready he'd be up in a couple of hours. When he said this both Sheila & Gwen returned from taking a bath together. She climbed the stairs , but before she shut the basement dungeon door , she could see that Gwen already had had her husbands prick in her mouth & Sheila was licking her son's ass. Fucking

The Mark Of The Beast

by the briefness of the conversation between the two men. There were so many unspoken words between them. Words that were perfectly clear to them but puzzled Ava. As Edgar entered the small hut, some light fell in. It was dawn, but inside it was still dark. “Ava light a fire,” Edgar commanded. Ava turned to the fireplace and kneeled down. As she

I never thought...: Chapter Two, The Mystery Person

note. He read it and nodded. He already knew my question. I smiled greatfully in return. We left the other three and we headed to the back of the school. He stayed behind some bushes and I waited for whoever sent me the note to come. A lot of people went through my head on who it could be. I suddenly heard a crunching noise and turned towards it.

Paradise lost & found

BEEP. It had been twenty minutes yet it felt like five.She shut the alarm clock up, kicked the covers back and swung herself out of bed. She groaned. She hated mornings. She went into the small kitchen of her apartment and put on a pot of coffee. Today was her thirtieth birthday, yet she didn’t feel like partying. Instead she looked on this day

The Youth Group Party

and this guy who I could only assume was her boyfriend. I liked her mainly because she laughed at everything I said, even when it wasn’t very funny. The guy I thought was her boyfriend nervously kept looking at me and then away. The way he kept looking at me I started to wonder if he was going to make a move on me? I would rather be with both of

Sex on the Beach

down the shore line, coming at last to a secluded cove, safe from the prying eyes of the various beach gowers that stumbled up and down the coast on a sunny July weekend. They had been touching and caressing each other for hours, their passion mounting as the sun climbed in the sky. More than once they had gotten a dirty look from another beach

Sex education- the first mixed class

inch cock of a boy named Thomas pounded in and out of her teeny tiny fuck hole and played with her small firm breasts. Nor was he the only one to be playing with tits, kneeling on the floor Maria let Jacob fuck her lily while breasts while another shaft impaled her hot, moist French pussy from bellow. With boys and girls alike hyped up to a

The Intruder

stomach. A question that has always plagued my mind, is the consequence of ingesting human feces. I would very much like to find out. Any volunteers?"The room was as still and quiet as ever. So quiet, all you could hear was my ragged breathing. "Nobody? Well then, why don't we have you choose, sweetheart?" Said my captor, turning to me.This was

Handyman 2

walking dream. She blushed as she watched Mark examining her body. She noticed that there was a growing lump in his pants. “What do you want me to do now?”“Sit down here and spread your legs apart. Show me how you play with yourself.”Marsha put her hand between her legs and began to rub her palm up and down her slit. She started to get wet and

A Christmas Gift

excited. The more excited she got, the more she wiggled and squirmed around. It was fine at first, but soon I started getting that all too familiar feeling in my pants. I was starting to get aroused, but didn’t know what I should do about it, so I just sat there. The next gift she opened was a Barbie doll that she really wanted. She got so

Chinese Massage Triangle

up the massage and rescued my breasts from my hands. I gasped as he grazed my nipples, my convulsing gaining momentum as I writhed against his teasing fingers. I wasn’t aware Jack had re-entered the room. He later described what he saw as a banquet of churning flesh. He’d never seen me like this, body arched and thrashing in ecstasy, all

Late Eleven

absently stroking his penis. She looked up at him, and it was clear she wasn’t waiting any longer. Sarah got up and started to unbutton her blouse. Ollie’s erection got even bigger and redder as she took it off, then unzipped the tight black skirt and let it fall into a puddle around her ankles. She stepped out and kicked off her shoes. Then she

Hot for Daddyyy!

hair when I'm around him. I know I'm crazy but I really want to seduce my father. I know he could fuck me better than any other idiot I'd been with in college. I know being with him would just rock my fuckin' world and I am determined to prove myself right.I smiled big leaning against the kitchen counter as my father walked in."Hi, Daddy!" I said

Bad Decision

as he tore apart my shirt, buttons flying in all directions. "What am I going to wear when I go home?" "You can wear something of mine, it will look way better on you than these drab rags." With that, he grabbed the hem of my skirt and tore it in two. His hands were all over me, rubbing and kneading my body. My hands were on him, exploring him

Horny Gal Knows What She Wants

of course they glistened with her moisture. I told her she had a great looking pussy. Her pussy looked so damned good I had to go down on her....which sent her into all kinds of moans and groans. After a few minutes of this, I was then kneeling between her legs with the tip of my cock just inches from her pussy. I wanted to put it in her so bad I

Memoirs of a Bisexual: Chapter 5 - Fuck Buddies

and said, "Well you're doing a good job stroking me. So, try to do that motion with your mouth. Keep in mind that the head is the most sensitive, so spend a little time on it, too. You'll get the hang of it. If you start doing something that doesn't feel good, I'll let you know." She then took my cock into her mouth, slowly going down the shaft

My first experiences

was....I mean...""My penis?" I asked, giving up that hope and facing reality. I felt that he wouldn't stop questioning, and although I was embarrassed it turned me on, it made me very horny.He nodded."Show me again.""Only if you get naked, too!"He nodded again and stood up. Then, looking towards me he said:"No one's gonna hear of it?! No

Equal Shares Ch. 08

Wednesday morning two things were delivered to The Firm. One was a printout of a picture e-card, sent from her hotel on Ibiza, from Denise to ‘All at The Firm’. Denise had written, ‘Having a great time, nightlife is wonderful!’ and signed it with a kiss. Elaine pinned it up on the notice board, as was usual for holiday postcards. Stan noticed it

Rural Speed Trap

on me, soon I was once more fully erect was filling her mouth, then my hand tightened on her hair once more as I pulled myself from her mouth, leaving just the tip between her lips, then after a pause, I thrusted hard into her mouth, invading her throat causing her almost to retch, choking her on my cock Jackie struggled for breath, her hands

Hot Summer

as I approach.“Hi Joe, I was hoping you’d come over today” she said brightly, thinking back she had a strange air about her that morning, like she was hiding something, but me being a typical boy didn’t pick up on it.“Hi Mary” I replied casually “whatchya been up to” I added.“Nothing much, hanging out with Jill, wanna go to the island?” She

Virgin Babe Fucks Herself – Part One

but part of me does wonder what it would be like to have sex. Before dating Nicolas, I didn’t even masturbate. It was like a switch was shut off, but when I started dating him, my hormones came blasting through, full force. Nicolas is two years older than me, and has had sex with others, but promises he is okay not rushing into it with me. He

Husband and friends wife watch their spouses cheating

me!Lets fuck like they are!! C’mon Bill, let me shove thatgorgeous cock of yours up inside me.”I stood up and spun Suzie around so her face was rightin clear view of Jim and Belinda. I got behind her andstarted to push my cockhead into her succulent hole. Itgave no resistance because she was so fucking wet andexcited. “Oh Bill! That’s it! Right

It all Began

young cocks touch. Jesse: *Breathing heavily* Oh Josh this feels so good!Me: Yeah? Do you like it?Jesse: Yes!!! I love it! why couldn't we of done this earlier!Me: I don't know, but here let me try something.I started moving my hips back and forth. I was now humping naked with cousin and it felt amazing! I can still feel the waves of pleasure

Tying Daddy

I took some handcuff, shackles, and a blindfold out of your stash. As an afterthought, I grabbed a gag. I snuck into your room. You were lying on your back, naked! I never thought my Daddy slept naked! I crawled in, scared half out of my mind. I caught one of your hands and gently put the cuff around your wrist. I managed to slide the cuffs

Sinthia Becomes a Holiday Rep Pt. 06

parting enough to dance together. As Matilda took Calista by the hand with a smile two things happened, she realised that she had seen Matilda before, in fact she felt a little foolish for not recognising that she was the woman conducting the wedding. The second thing was more significant though, she immediately felt a spark as their hands

My Konstantine

anything else to compare it to, I always answered 'yes.' But this? No. This was no comparison. I could finally answer that question honestly.Kaleb licked the entrance to my pussy and darted his tongue in and out, spreading my natural lubricants and teasing my swollen pussy lips. His lip rings grazed my clit, and the electrified current that shot

Summer Discoveries No. 1: After Dinner Surprise

her, readying her further.“Phil ….” Amy moaned again.Phil pumped his large cock with his left hand while he finger-fucked Amy with his right. Her body rocked in response.“Phil!” Amy gasped.“Now?” Phil asked as his dick rested for a moment against her bare buttock.“Fuck me,” Amy demanded, as she arched and writhed back. Phil’s dick pointed upward

Our secret deal

into my cervix. With all of his strength, I could feel him pound me as deep and as full as he could. Within seconds his chest flattened against my back. I could feel his heart beat on my spine. It was so rapid and his breaths were so hyper. I pushed him off of me onto his back so I could see his semi-erect penis. “You’re not finished yet

Falling For Susan Ch. 01

his pants along with his underwear. His rock hard cock sprang upward, seeking attention Amanda got on her knees and started licking the tip with her tongue. John pulled the seat back to give her more space. Her hands caught the base of his dick and started moving up and down along the length of his shaft. She simply licked the tip while her

Obsession, Lust & Perversion - Chapters 12, 13, 14

given her a hint about whether he would go for it or not….so Cody is waiting and listening for any hint of his feelings on the subject. But……in the mean time Saturday has come again and Cody and Justin are going over to Colin and Alisha’s for dinner and a sex marathon. As Cody and Justin arrive, Colin is grilling the steaks and sipping on a

A Couple’s Dark Secret-Kayleigh

tried to rip out of her mouth. Jimmy gave her no chance to adjust but lunged all his weight into his next thrust, burying as much of his cock as he could into the girl before he hit her cervix. Ripping her cherry to shreds with the first lunge, he only impaled the pain further with the second thrust. A shiver ran up my spine as I couldn’t wait to

Lady Ariadne Punishes

I found the sight of Ariadne’s legs below the hem of her tight black skirt far sexier than anything on the screen. We eventually agreed to turn off the video. We kissed and I rubbed her legs and stimulated her nipples through her blouse. She took off my pants and played with my cock. Before it got fully hard, I put on a rubber cock ring. Ariadne

Cheating with me on her Cheating Husband

still sitting when Crystal brightened my outlook by bounding into the morning sun and welcoming the day on my lap with high spirited giggles and little girl enthusiasm. Sonia joined me and her daughter an hour later, her eyes were bleeding and her hair looked like birds were nesting in it. She greeted me with a lot less exuberance than her

My Sweet Valentine

am your sweet poem," she whispered in my ears, her intoxicating words poured sweetly in the nooks of my soul, Her fingers danced a sweet tango, sweetly flowing into jungle of my dreams, drowning out my past's scariest ghouls The epiphany dawned on me, slowly, in that frozen moment of time, the cadence slowly fiddled with me inside out My sweet

Sad Lisa

checking websites for information on our company [we chose ADM], taking notes, and writing first an outline and then a preliminary 10-page draft. The one problem was that the library closed at 6 p.m. ‘Jess,’ I said as the librarian escorted us towards the door, ‘why don’t we keep working at your place? Or mine? We could be much more productive,

That Special Moment

I said earlier, it applies here too of course. Cuddling and snuggling can be nice, but it’s another thing that can also feel awkward especially after the first time. Just talk about it if it seems neither is really into it.It also isn’t essential that this happens more than once even if it was good for you. Just one time can be a nice memory

My Wife Thrills Me

was so hot!"I moan as I lick her harder, and harder."Does that turn you on Honey? Knowing we were licking each others pussy?"My cock is so fucking hard it hurts."Honey, did you know they have wanted us for months? "They have been working on us to join them?" Suddenly I remembered the last time we were at Karen and Jim's. The girls went outside to

good bitch

with a satisfied but pleading look on her face. Wearing a thin see through dress she walks to my bedroom. I lead her into the bathroom and demand her to sit and listen. "We are going to try something you haven't done before. If you do not help me perform these tasks you will not get my reward. You know you want me so do as I say." Standing

The Engagement Ch. 09

Redondo Beach. Rosa relaxed for the first time since getting into the car and wondered what Alice would taste like. Dutch turned right onto Artesia Boulevard, then left onto Hawthorne and finally made a right onto 190th Street. ‘We’re almost there,’ he said glancing at her and thinking about how she would respond later as both he and Robert

The Hardheads

year old man Ferguson held the company picnic at his home. Bev and I went in separate cars and for most of the day it was sip beer, eat hamburgers and hot dogs, play tennis or swim in the pool. In the evening a hired band showed up and the net was taken down on the tennis court and the court became a dance floor. The music had been playing about

A Sissy Saga Ch. 19

and Abigail secretly sort of wished he’d been given a skirt if only to cover up the sign of his embarrassment. Eventually Jennifer called a halt and beckoned him forward to stand in front of her. ‘It’s gratifying to find you accepting sissyhood so gracefully, Abigail,’ she husked. ‘Stand up straight, heels together, arms by your side,’ He turned

Office Slut

of him. She hovered above him for an instant, bringing her pussy almost to eye level as she lined up his cock before thrusting herself down upon it. Her high heeled shoes clicked against the surface of the desk as she took his cock inside of her. With hurried, desperate hands he bared one of her breasts, his hungry mouth latching upon her exposed

Best Night Of Summer 2014

I would get hard as a rock(He never caught me). One night I decided to feel his package while he was sleeping, so I waited till he fell asleep and once I saw he was asleep I put my hand under his blankets slowly and I was shaking so bad and finally I placed my hand on his cock. God the warmness of his cock felt amazing through his shorts. I

The Birthday Present

way. So it was with some relief that she eventually slid into one if the leather tub chairs on the balcony,  with an amazing view of the Thames and Tower Bridge."These must be the best seats in tbe place" she whispered as the waiter came over from the bar with a bottle of fine champagne which he placed in an ice bucket after pouring their first

Harry's Luck

the wall 3 times, thinking of a room to have sex, the door opened. It had a big king-size bed in the middle with various closets containing different sex-toys. Throwing her onto the bed, Harry started kissing her passionately. She kissed with equal fervor and quickly started removing his pants and underwear. Finishing this, what she saw there;

I Love You, Stephanie Mahoney

the office, then headed down the street to a restaurant with a Day of the Dead theme. It looked good and had every kind of tequila possible, so I popped in. I was eating and something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. It might have been the bright color dress, or the laughter from the group, but most likely it was the black hair.

First day fun

demanded knowing I was close. Holding my cock to her face she jerked it with all she had. I could feel a swelling sensation building up in my me. I watched her hand the looked into her hungry eyes. She had a look on her face of pure lust, she wanted my cum so bad so who was I to deny her. At that moment, strands of warm cum flew over her pretty

The Hotel - Part 1

lounge today I heard raised voices so I paused to listen at the door before entering. Jessica was in full flow. “You stupid! stupid! girl get that mess cleaned up now!” I had heard enough. I quietly cleared my throat to announce my present and Jessica spun round and gave the most welcoming smile. The poor young waitress she was berating looked

Avenging Angel chapter 2

documentaries. They couldn’t be. Then it struck me that just as many women are loath to admit they’ve been raped, so very few men would admit they’d been neutered; neutered, moreover, in a humiliating and excruciating way. And this was supposing they did go back to their former lives. Perhaps they didn’t. Inference: it was plausible - just

The Lockeroom (Edited)

as he moved his groin towards Dawn, his balls hanging off the bench bobbing as he cock was engulfed in Dawn's mouth. Jacob was moaning as Dawn”s mouth enveloped his cock "Haaa...oh yeah...that feels so good...", she took his whole length, swirling her tongue around his ridged base, pulling down the skin of his cock, licking under his head, then

20 questions

half whispered.“I certainly thought so,” I said smiling. “But the most unexpected thing happened next. Lisa turned to Kim and said ‘Your turn’. Although Kim hesitated at first, Lisa pointed out that I knew what I was doing so the chances were she would have a good first experience and Lisa was sitting right next to her. Before I knew it I was

A rough night at work

me and despite her tongue and mouth being busy, I hear her giggle softly at my outburst. It only encourages her as she licks me as deeply as she can with slow intense strokes and I love that kind of attention! She’s letting out small sounds of satisfaction as well as one hand slides up to tweak my nipple and this time I moan. She’s soooo gentle,

Three Firsts Make A Home Run

license. "You think he can keep it a secret. Guys sometimes brag, you know." "Yeah, he's pretty straight. I'll make him promise. Think you want to do it?" "Well, I'm on the pill now. Why not?" "Yeah, I am, too. And, after all this, I'm sure ready. I can call him and have him tell his parents that he's going over to a friend's house to spend the

Renee adds to our Marriage

we were not compatible in the bedroom. I always felt there was something wrong or missing. So it was not a real surprise to me when she dropped a loaded question on me one day 3 years ago. “Dick,” she asked, “as you know I have got to know a woman on line very well. We have been talking for the past year; she is married but is not happy and wants

Emma Ch. 05

own bedroom because her bed was the widest and there was better lighting. ‘And that’s where I’m most relaxed anyway,’ Emma laughed. Charlotte was not amused. At first the exercise was very clumsy. It was very difficult for Emma to proceed knowing that Charlotte was filming her every move. She kept catching glimpses of the video recorder as it

Me and My Brothers -- Chapter VII

me what you were doing.”“Nothing…I wasn’t doing anything,” he insisted.I moved close to him and he crouched down in his attempt to hide. I said, “Show me what you were doing.”“Huh uh, no,” he pleaded.“You were beating off, weren’t you?” I demanded.He looked at me with shock on his face. He had never heard his sister use such words. Tears began

Case Study 301: Pink Polka Dot Daisy Dukes

like she was having sex with your daddy?”Kristen said, “I was in my bed sleeping. I woke up and went to my window and noticed that there was car in the driveway. I got so excited that it could have been my daddy, so, I snuck down the hallway because I wanted to surprise my daddy and mommy. I was kinda hoping that they would let me join in with

Marlee: Chapter 04

Then I slowly eased my cock deeper and deeper until my balls rested against her forehead. Then I rocked it back and forth. "Squeeze your neck muscles," I instructed her. She did. Her eyes were wide and wild. I knew the signs: She was becoming a submissive. I moaned loudly and watched her clitoris grow and her face become flushed. Giving pleasure

Mike and I Were Spanked Outdoors by my Girlfriends

as I removed my damp panties. We checked the coast was clear and slipped out through the back door to await our fate. I was flattered to see Mike’s erection twitch as he studied my body. Lisa took charge, “Stand there where we can see you Mike and you can see all of Angie’s delights. Angie bend over the patio table. Spread your legs more.”

The Electric Plant

huge, and completely filled my hand and then some. I stroked it a little bit, and then pulled down his briefs. I took a look at his piece in its full glory. It was 7”. It looked tantalizing, and I needed it. I went to my knees and immediately started kissing it and licking it. He let out soft, deep moans. For a few minutes the only sound in the

Pulling down her panties

from her soccer training and then her hot shower. It was quite warm for the early autumn and she had changed back into her regular clothes – beige woollen skirt and grey cardigan. She had her pink bra on underneath and matching panties, which were her boyfriend’s favourites. They had been together a couple of months and he had expressed a liking

My Best Friend Pt.2

She sucked me while I rode Paul’s cock. It was surreal to say the least. “What are you doing home already?” I groaned. “Watching my husband get fucked, fulfilling a dream of his and mine.” “What?” I asked. “Shhhh.” she said. “We’ll talk later. Right now I am going to lie on the couch and I want you to eat my pussy while Paul fucks you.” Becky

The unwilling gangbang whore pt1

put a finger into Jesss pussy. He started moving his finger in and out of her and soon picked up pace. Then he put two fingers in and soon three fingers. I could see his hand had gotten wet from her pussy and Jess soon started moving about a little in her sleep, breathing a little heavier. The driver now had all five fingers pulled together

Caitlyn’s Treatment Ch.18

meeting again – especially if Jack had with him something that I should only see ‘alone.’ And not only that. But the thing with Jack and I on that night. I mean I know now looking back at this that I’m being all mysterious and weird about it. Believe me you would be too. But I guess I better tell you all. After all John expects me to be honest in

my crossdressing fun

by the time had the dildo in the ass and had that first time pain subside. In no time at all I was pounding my hole harder than the porn starts fucking on the TV. I could feel all sorts of great feelings I knew my colon was Cumming like a women’s pussy does. plus I could see precum from at the head off hard on I barely touched my member and it

Cool Trees, Hot Company

expected Ell to refute what Dane had said, she was surprised when Ell nodded, “It’s true,” she agreed, a twisted grin on her face, “sex is my reason for living. I love it. As does Dane. But he’s a man, so that’s expected.We’re very liberal-minded but stop me if you’re offended.”Dane took a gulp from his bottle before he looked directly at Linda,

Cave Trap Part 1

it to keep it there and a little cum squeezed out. As he sank further and touched bottom she pushed him so that his tank was against the rocks. Suddenly he felt embarrassed and he put his hands over his engorged cock, but she pulled them away. He shook his head no. But she nodded up and down a few times. Then she pushed back and sank to her

Lizzies Lost World

to maximum effect, she called over to Richard. “Magnificent view, isn’t it?” He didn’t respond. Lizzie shouted. Richard jumped. He’d definitely heard her that time but he didn’t even bother to turn round before replying. “Yes, marvelous.” He was craning his neck to see something of particular interest out of the floatplane’s tiny window.

The rain

a slight breeze blowing, it had been very hot for the last week but the weather forecast said there would be rain. 12 year old Kim was sitting under one of the trees in the park watching a group of boys playing football. After awhile some of the boys left leaving just 16 year old Steve and 17 year old Mark both who lived near Kim. Kim’s 10 year

Three Sons on a Mission

His body was well toned. He had blonde hair blue eyes and he was well tanned from the summer sun. Ellen was a very pretty woman and very fit at the age of 43. She had long blonde hair that she wore in a bun most of the time. Her figure measured at 36-24-36 and she kept fit primarily through gardening. Ellen loved flowers and she had a wonderful

My History with Brandy, Ch. 3

controlling me subtly with the maneuver. I had nearly forgotten how intense making out with Brandy could be! The bite elicited a moan from me, and I sensed a smile crossing her lips. She released my lip and shifted forward slightly, tickling the tip of her tongue lightly over my lips. She pressed herself more firmly against my crotch, causing me

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 34

out of another stall with a sheepish grin on his face. ‘Dude! My drawers look like a hippo used them for a snot-rag. And he had the flu.’ ‘Way to gross me out, Dude. I really didn’t need to hear that. I got my own problems.’ After the pit stop we each grabbed a shopping cart and Vholes directed us to the camping section. We loaded up a bunch of

My Night With Tom

that. He called, ‘Hey baby, you feel like having company tonight.’ ‘Of course,’ I said trying to keep my inner excitement from coming through. ‘I am pretty sure I can find your place, I’ll call when I am close if I can’t find it.’ ‘Okay, I will see you in a few then, bye’ ‘Bye baby,’ he said and we hung up. Knowing he would be there shortly I


classes.We went to our classes and after that it was our routine to travel in bus together with Ramesh and Angelina. Some time, we also spent time together in canteen. I noticed many a times that Ramesh did not miss any chance to touch me when we were walking or traveling in bus together. One day, I asked to Angelina........ He also seems to be

The Hotel Weekend Pt. 02

away. Staying in you as I have you on your knees. Your wet hair makes a great handle for me as I pull all the way out of you. And then press deep into you. Your hands between your legs, playing with my balls and your clit. Only held up by me pulling your hair. You squeeze my cock as I thrust into you and we hold right there. Groaning. Legs only

Fun Behind the Wheel

bigger cities ever since leaving home I have never really needed one until now. A white Pontiac, it wasn’t brand new or anything but I loved it anyhow. My first few weeks back behind the wheel were exciting, I could come and go as I pleased without having to plan my whole day around the bus schedule or getting rides from friends. I had forgotten

The Apprentice, Chapter 1

usually ate his lunch in his office, answering the phones and getting some work done while everyone was out and he had some quiet time. She spent a few more minutes collecting her thoughts and phrases for her conversation with the boss. Mr. Thornbeck was a fair, but serious man and he always meant business. He had built his company from the

Foxy Knoxy -3 Meredith's Ordeal begins

the way the memories of Rudy swirled through her mind. He was so primal, so intense.When he had her us against the sink, he was in total control shoving himself up againsther ass, driving himself deep up her ass. While Meredith was reliving the fucking she got, Rudy was pissed off. Doesn’t work for me? What the fuck does that mean. Used again

Death by fucking ch. 14

to say it. My climax finally ended and I collapsed beside Andrew. I kissed him deeply, my female wetness on his lips, in his mouth, covering his chin. Donnie fell forward on his chest. He held her with his right arm while holding my with his left. Andrew said "Are you still mad at me?"We laughed. We hugged him. Thank God for this man. Where would

Roles Reversed

so eight for you Heather and a spanking. Gary, you will get six more strokes as well as your spanking at bedtime.” Mandy glared at them both and added, “Any more back chat from either of you or is a spanking and caning enough?” Mandy stared at the two adults daring them to argue again but they just blushed and swallowed hard, accepting the 18

the start of some great fun ( Pt 1 )

Grant swear, then orgasm and then black out for a short while, Prince now slowed his cock held tight, his knot fully in and pumped up, Grant was going to feel his cum soon, I watched as Prince began to howl, I could only imagine what Grant was feeling, his butt flooded with hot cum, more than he would ever have had. I held Prince, stopping him

A Necessary Cuckolding - Part I

them talking too. He knew a womaniser when he saw one and Bradley had his eyes on Dawn. He should have felt threatened, angry even, but no, he actually felt a hint of sexual excitement. She told him about her conversation with Bradley on their way home, but it was only later in bed that they discussed it properly. The thing was that Alan had

She Wanted A Massage

over, particularly in my back” Rosa replied, her voice muffled as it was coming though the face opening on the massage table. I put the oil dispenser into one of the shirt hip pockets. I moved to the head of the bed and pulled her arms up so they were resting crossed above her head. I placed the heels of my hands on her shoulders and pressed

Teaching Caitlyn (and Amber) part 2

know how to drove a manual tranny for over two years! I just pretended I couldn’t to get you over here. Amber wants to fuck you too, she’s wanted you since that time we saw your cock. She’s a virgin too!” “Caitlyn, you weren’t supposed to tell him you little bitch!” “You know you want it Amber. I don’t know what you’re waiting for anyway. I bet

Harvest of Expectations Ch. 10

he kept to himself. He glanced at his watch. It was ten-thirty. They had been on the dance floor longer than he had realized. At that moment he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Rich. ‘Chelsea and I are all partied out,’ Rich shouted over the thumping bass. ‘We’re going to head over to her apartment. I’ll see you tomorrow.’ Rich left and Jim

Catching the Yellow Blue Bus

him, he took it and shacked it. ‘Happy birthday’ she said. He smiled as he held on to her hand not wanting to let go. As the wave of emotions began to renew their pounding on the two, he pulled her against him, wrapping his arms around her in a tight hug. She offered no resistance as she pressed her head against his chest while her hands held him

Stuck In Traffic

view of his sculpted, tanned chest and washboard abs. Damn, this man was sexy! Just to look at him was stirring me up inside. My pulse sped up as I could see the way his muscles flexed whenever he moved. We both relaxed and sat quietly for a while, reclining back and soaking up the hot sun. I couldn’t stop from subtly casting glances over at him,

Released from Duty

street and I can feel the warmth through my thin scrubs against the muscles in my back. We climb the stairs against the flow of people making their way in for the start of the day, and his hand drops away. Our feet are heavy as we climb, not the same hurried tap as we fled the hospital; this is the slow tread of exhaustion. We have escaped, and

Her BDSM Comes True

for twenty years, she loved her husband Bob, and they had a great sex life, but Kim just wanted a little more variety. She joined some chat sites and finally found one she liked. She worked part time and had the afternoons free. This is the time she would get online. She found herself drawn to BDSM stories, they really made her horny. She found

Lady in Black, Black in Lady, Part Three.

to the left. She cried out “Woo eee, woo eee, woo eee!” He waited till she returned to a relative state of calm, and continued munching on her clit. She wiggled under his persistent onslaught, and had a second orgasm, “Oh gog, ohhh god, oh god! Damn you Zane sucking on my clit is wonderful, but stop and fuck me, I want your beautiful, long,

Lady Diane

and licked and sucked her nipples, teasing them erect. She ground her hot pussy against my growing cock and moaned as I flicked my tongue across her nipples.Then she stood and we both quickly stripped off our jeans, my eight-inch cock springing free and standing tall. A smile played across her beautiful face as she murmured, " Not lying about

My downward spiral to a becoming a slut Chapter 16 – Friendship or more

quiet. After dinner we settled into the den and watched TV for the evening. Finally I headed up to my room to get ready for bed. I turned on music and got ready for bed and got on my bed to listen to music. I thought about poor Elizabeth lying there in the hospital and my thoughts soon brought me to tears. Then I thought about two things

Shadows in the Storm- Part 4 of 5: Corrine and Sharon Find Each Other

took Sharon’s hand and led the way to to the screened in porch on the south side of the house.“I use this porch for most of my sewing and the fermentations for brewing.“I put a bed out here so that when I get tired, I can just lay down and take a nap.”Sharon looked around trying to take it all in. In one corner Cory had a dress dummy. Along one

My neighbour

Bruce's hands.On the second night away i phoned to see if all was well , no answer , so i phoned her mobile , Bruce answered , hi Steve , he said ,we are out to dinned Kim is just gone to the bathroom i will get her to call you., Kim called back she sounded so good and a little tipsy , she assured me all was good Bruce is just a wonderful

Rekindling An Old Taboo Ch. 02

wanton whore. I could feel the tell-tale signs of his coming explosion, and grabbed the headboard to ready myself for the final assault. Jack really began slamming into my, now very sore, but well satisfied slit. I felt him harden to an even larger size, and heard the guttural growl as he finally exploded deep inside of my overworked body. He

Joan, the First Female Pope Ch. 03

the door he said, ‘We learn this eve about the love God has for his own beautiful design. They are the lips of God’s love for mankind, or the Latin word for lips, which is Labia. It is obvious,’ said Father Paul. ‘That god has a high regard for woman, as he did not give men Labia.’ Father Paul then directed the girls to disrobe and lie on his

BabySitter on a Hot Night

my mons and was now caressing my mound. OK. This had gone far enough. ‘Ah, Jeff,’ I said. ‘Mm?’ he said, and his hand was now rubbing more firmly against my lips, sending peculiar sensations deep into me. ‘I, I, ah, um, oh god, what are you doing?’ Oh great, what a wonderfully coherent sentence that was, firmly telling him that enough is enough

Heaven Sent, Chapter 3

a moment as if trying to decide if he should take this game further.But when she moved her legs apart as much as her tight dress would allow, he got the message. His hand moved under her dress and found the tops of her stockings. He felt the soft, warm flesh above the lacy stocking top and Angel sucked in a small breath. His fingers traced the

Babette, Johnny And Me

and much as I was enjoying the close-ups and slapping sounds when their flesh collided, I was nevertheless longing to feel the sensation of his cock deep inside me. I had to wait quite a while before Babette agreed to give way to me but, eventually, she dismounted, and after sucking her pussy juice off his cock and licking her lips, she offered


carefully I moan quietly pushing back up against you, my body asking you for what I know I'll be denied if I vocalized my need.I'm denied anyway, as your hands moved to my ass, rubbing my skin warming it up. You don't talk, you don't need to. I know I've broken two rules, but you're taking so long in beginning. I'm about to glance back when your

What Happens On Corporate Retreat Cruises

because when I told her that I had cancelled my show that night she practically begged me to go on. If I thought she was flirting with me the night before, I was starting to become sure of it now. And there were people around who probably knew her husband. They were at the tables across the room and not paying any attention to us, but still her

Sex At A Funeral- Part 1

again, this time with more urgency. I cradled his cock with my tongue as I squeezed it with my mouth. Kyle gasped as his body stiffened. His leg trembled from the pleasure, and I readied myself for his orgasm. He shot his cum in my mouth, and I swallowed as much as I could. I lifted my head and smiled at him, licking my lips. Kyle took his finger

Easy Money- 3

his voice, ‘What, again? Always at the weekend?’ ‘I’m having my fucking period, you shit. You want me bleeding all over the place?’ He got the message, never one for confrontation he said he’d see me later in the week. First chance I got I’d blow that shit-hole. My phone pinged again, James asking if I’d be okay with a threesome. ‘Same terms’ I

Hide And Seek

cleaning it.A minute later, I felt something cold against my asshole. It was round and rough. When it was in my ass only a little, I felt it. It was a water hose and they turned on the water to clean me out. Not long after, I emptied my bowels. They sprayed me off with the cold water, and then the floor all around me. A short time later, another

The Innocent Neighbor Girl Part V

until Isamu stopped trying to push his daughter off. Suyin grabbed his dick and steadied it as Nok lowered her hips towards it. I watched Isamu lay his head back as his dick slowly sank into his daughter, and he let out a long groan. I was beside myself as I watched Nok sink completely onto her dads dick. She looked at her dad as she put her

Swedish meat and balls (part 1)

was pounding. My cock was throbbing and our tongues were dancing. We stopped and drew back. Then without a word we returned to the kiss. This time we embraced. My hand left his beautiful arse and we held each other close we kissed with a passion. Our tongues were exploring freely now. Pulling each other in to our bodies. I could feel his hard

Fairy Holiday

of civilization I had seen since I left my car. As I trudged through the snow and ice, my shoes became swamped and eventually were sucked from my feet. I continued on with staid determination. A light meant people and people meant rescue. My feet ached with cold and injury from objects on the forest floor, but I continued forward toward that

Dairy of a Slave II

by then my knees were aching and numb. I knew if I wasn’t on that spot when you got home, I would be in trouble. So I sat and waited, now 5:37. I knew I should have turned the heat up, the goose bumps on my flesh had risen and my nipples were so hard they felt like icicles. I wanted to pinch them but without your permission, but I knew I

Hawaiian Ala Cunt, ch 3 Balcony

remove the penis from his mouth and guide it back between her open lips. Kandy’s cunt and Todd’s mouth action sent Mark over the edge since he began to ejaculate into his wife’s open cunt. As their combined juices began to flow onto his tongue, Todd began to shake with his own orgasm. His legs shook as threads of hot sticky wet cum shot from the

The Ballad of Firi

Pattan clipped it to his belt and tugged on it to lead her out of the tent.The looks her tribesmen gave her as Pattan paraded his new prize to the smoldering pyre made her wish they killed her in the attack the day before. Now his whore, her tribesmen cast their eyes down, some in sadness, others in disgust and anger. Ireth couldn’t blame

Avatar : The Legend of Korra and the Immortal Avatar Part 2B

up behind her and smiled as he used basic airbending to blow a draft up around her which made goosebumps rise on her naked glistening skin."Hey quit it you!" she exclaimed as she wrapped a nearby towel under her arms that came down just below her hips enough to cover her private areas.Raiden laughed and she looked at him angrily as Raiden handed

Oh So Friendly Part 2

invited to come out for the weekend and see if you might like to spend time out there as well.” “Well I can’t have her missing school.” Colleen interrupted, “No worry there, if you decide you would like to stay Debbie can study along with the others. We have sat com and personal computers for all. Ten computers are being delivered to the

Chris Carter’s Luck Ch. 02

her into the other bedroom and stopped at the door. Katy gasped out loud! Chris had taken all the money out of the briefcase and spread it all over the bed. He obviously intended to dump her in the middle of his money and let her roll around in it. My God what a wonderful surprise. She quickly turned and kissed him as he started forward. ‘Are you

Full Package with Jan

of those wonderful sounds that herald the sheer enjoyment of our delightful sexual encounters. She stretches my ass cheeks to find a snug lodge between and asks me to wiggle just a bit. Then I feel her sweet tongue begin to lick and suck my all and I am engrossed in the ecstasy which for me is heaven on earth with my Queen. And when she uses her

Le Belle Donne Ch.01a

Omond gave earlier. And that is, just ask my fellow black man, and I can almost guarantee that he will let you know that it is okay. Personally, I feel that La Resa is something that all men should embrace, not just married men.” The professor ended to an audience who clapped in approval.“Thank you for your inspiring insight Professor Antonelli.”

Today was like every other day - Part 2

looking at how scared she was to take that first sip.She slowly raised the glass to her lips and took a very small sip. She then swallowed and started coughing and hacking as if it were taking her breath away. It probably was. I am sure it was burning on the way down by the look on her face and her clenching her chest. I am sure she thought she

Hope Remains

never be able to end it myself. I was even a failure at contemplating suicide and it made me become almost hysterical with laughter as I knelt there, the snow melting on my head. The headlights weren’t registering in my brain as they approached and when the driver noticed me at the last moment I watched as the car flew off the side of the road,


told her I didn't!" "Oh dear!"The girls giggled along, swapping stories for some time until Claire broached another subject: "Well, how was the flight?" "Oh, it was fine, they really took care of me. But the meals were kind of, um..." Melissa's stomach cut in with a deep rumble, as if to finish her point. "Maybe I shouldn't have picked the

Late Night Phone Calls

he chuckled. All I managed to do was whimper again, wound tighter than a spring, my body ready to explode.All he had to say was "Now" and I was off again, my eyes shut tight, fireworks bursting behind my closed lids as another orgasm shredded my will to move and removed my power of speech completely.I heard him ask me if I felt better. I managed

The alley.

news.“Ok then, can I walk you to your house, to make sure he doesn’t try anything?” I inquired, next her now.“I’d like that thank you, but I don’t even know your name.” She said, looking distrusting. “My name is Frank, I’ll take you home, just tell me where you live ok?” I said.“Ok I just live two blocks down and one to the left, my name is

Kat and Cyrano – Chapter 3

spot in the park among the bushes this morning, as you focused on MY bush. Lying under you on the grass as you kissed my mouth and nibbled my neck. You gently unbuttoning my blouse and then forcefully, primitively flinging it open to hungrily devour my aching nipples. Feeling you so thick and so hard, and throbbing so powerfully against my hand

Evening Out

so here it is for all to see. Enjoy! “I really don’t feel like being here,” I told my boyfriend, James, as he pulled up into the parking lot of the bar and grill. I had told him several times that I didn’t want to go and hang out with his friends while they talked sports and I was left alone to nurse my virgin piña colada. It would have been a

Showing off

stepped in and got myself wet from head to toe. I then got out and grabbed a towel and waited for the doorbell to ring. In a couple of minutes, which seemed like hours, I finally heard it. I called out "just a minute!" and went to the door with the towel wrapped around my waist. When I pulled the door open, there, standing on the porch were 2

Felix becomes Felicity - Chapter 7

I was really a guy! Bradley was going to take me out to dinner that evening, and I thought it a good time to tell him before things really did get too heavy. We were already in love, and it wouldn't be fair on him to find out my secret the hard way. I went shopping earlier in the day and bought a sexy, very lacy, red wonder bra, panties and

The executioner

each other. Is every one bisexual here or I’m wrong.” I asked they all laughed. Simon spoke up “ No were not all bi, but were not all of an even match of male and female couples. And the Master is Bi and so is the Mistress. They insist on us being bi as well and its the only way we could get out of our chains and get together freely with the


remember, you walked in on your dad and I several times late in the evening when you were supposed to be in bed. When we stepped into the shower, I was beginng to get a boner. Mom smiled and took hold of my cock and told me that I had a nice tool. I told her that it was about six and half inches. She noticed that I was looking at her pussy

Kelly - Part 2

each cheek in hand, spreading them and kneading them. God she was soft and warm. Kelly's hands, as if to reply, then left my head, and traveled down my chest to my lap. She found and began petting the stiffness beneath that had been pinned to my leg. "I can see." She smirked at me, and leaned in to kiss me. I happily met her. Her lips were

Bigboy and His Bitches Part 3

will always have her in it. It had been hard for me to accept that as close as we'd been we could just part like we had. I knew she must love Ray tremendously for that love to separate us. Now I'm finding out that she missed me as terribly as I missed her. This thing with Jack was just another thing we shared together and showed us both that

If Only… Pt. 02

the music being quietly played in her ears. She pretended she was being watched from the shadows, that she was trying to make her lover hot while she ever so slowly revealed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Leaving the bra till last, she slowly reached behind her to free her large tits. And the while receiving soft encouragement in her ears

Forbidden Thoughts Of You

smile at you as I thrust my hips forward harder and faster, penetrating your sweet juicy pussy making u moan my name with passion and desire… “ ohhhhh shit, fuck me, fuck me, Ty,” you moan as I pound my dick in and out of your body.As your forbidden lover, I then pick you up and flip you around so that your body is facing me and your legs are

Pokemon Ash and Misty

both moaned loudly. She started to move, a sheen of sweat covering her body, her breasts bouncing slightly. His much larger hands cupped them, pressing them together as he suckled. His face became rougher as a young 5 o’clock shadow appeared. She moaned louder as his cock grew more, filling her completely. ‘Yes…yes Ash…God this feels so good!’

Chosen Ch. 06

once-wooden floor had rotted entirely away and there was greenery growing in many spots. The ceiling had been destroyed in the fire, and the stone walls were sagging and leaning at points. Moonlight peeked over a wall, but the light was very dim. I swept it with a flashlight, but the additional light didn’t make me feel more confident. ‘The fire

My downward spiral to a becoming a slut.

day after lunch I put on my bikini again. Scotts request gave me a good alibi and I told my mother I was going to the pool. I walked so fast to Scotts house I was so excited. He was there washing his car and I helped him finish it. He then invited me inside his house for a drink and we went inside. He got me some iced tea and to my surprise


And once again I responded by nodding yes. “Well then…how about if we play a little game? By my rules of course” she finished. Once again she reached down to my cock. I think she just wanted to make sure I was still hard (which I was), either that or she just enjoyed watching the precum seep thru the material. She started her soft stroking again,

Like Father, Like Son

a glimpse at the speedometer confirmed that I was driving well over the posted speed limit. Sod’s law said that the way things were going today, it would be no surprise if I was pulled over and fined. Wearily I let out a long slow breath and eased my foot off the gas. As I tried calming down, I couldn’t believe how a day that had promised so


to elicit sex. Most of the styles came in womens sizes rarely seen on women. He wasn’t home, far from it, but he was in a place of comfort. A ‘normal’ couple entered the store. He hated them for being normal, for being able to be normal. He felt less normal as they walked around, and he wished they would just leave. He registered the slight look

Annie Says Maybe Ch. 7: Pussy Therapy

legs."Annie, Ashley, Sian," Dr. Carly called, "take off your clothes as well please."Sian complied immediately. Ashley and Annie looked at each other for a moment and then back at Dr. Carly, who met their eyes with patient, but insistent expectation.Meanwhile Lauren was removing the top of Jen's cube to reveal a kind of black, leather dome or

The Strange Case of Allen Blake and Eric Hide

You can k-keep it,” she stammered. “Well, what do you want to do now?” “I-I-I…” “How about we go into that alley and I fuck your brains out?” he said, motioning to a dark alley next to Starbucks. Amanda felt so horny right now. She couldn’t explain it. It wasn’t just the kiss. This guy with his dominating personality was quite a turn on. But

Amgel 3

She sounded much like a horse whinnying. “On my God I’m going to…to…Eeeeeeee!” Her body shook in the throes of a massive orgasm. Then she fainted.When Angel came to, she was laying on the table dripping sweat with a stream of sperm running out of her pussy. She failed to get up the first try. Then with more effort, she managed to scoot off the

My cuckolding by Sara part two

You could see that she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were sticking out, she looked amazing! She came over and kissed me and I said, “You look gorgeous baby,” I continued, “I would love to strip you naked and make love to you.” Sara smiled and said, “I would love that as well, but you can’t,” she continued, “you are in punishment and you

Mystery at Brackenwood - Part 3

his testicles with my left hand, whilst rubbing his cock back and forth with my right hand. “Please don’t tell will ruin my whole life if she found out,” he said, and I can still hear the panic in his voice as he spoke. “Well,” I replied, “ maybe I will forget all about it...if you stay and fuck my brains out.” He gasped, open mouthed.

The Newtons

arms for a kiss. ‘Let me have a bath and I’ll get dressed up and we’ll go and say goodbye to our friends in the bar.’ I only stayed in my bath for half an hour and then got half dressed and with my cock standing up straight from doing so, sat down and did my make-up. When fully dressed with wig, dress, shoes and handbag, went downstairs with Miki

Bug Control

limply on the stool, waiting for something to fill the void in her head. Slowly, the bug appeared from behind a pillow, moving to the center of the bed. Miranda couldn’t see it. She was staring forward with unblinking eyes in a slack face. The bug lifted its head in the air and made a finely tuned sound that traveled in the air and entered

The Operative: File 05

over anything they might not be as thrilled about, freckles and the like. The other evident thing was that he had a great deal more equipment than I did. My chamber only had a place to hold the prisoners, my observation booth, and a small closet for wardrobe changes if they were called for. I'm a hands-on kinda girl. The Specialist on the other

Picked by a Pepper

on her. ‘Oh, you… I’m too old for that, hon,’ she said, smiling. ‘You’re only 40, and you look 30,’ I said. ‘Pff… don’t even tell me. Anyways—we have a situation,’ she said. She came over and sat sideways on my desk, in her usual way, leaning towards me as if to share a particularly juicy piece of gossip. We traffic in those—though they tend to

Sam 10

stepped forward whispering in the being's ear, "I am a Cliveastone, and you have been lied to, though I expect you to not believe me."The being's eyes were wide a moment then it nodded. "I can believe you, I have heard stories of how they were a kind people."Sam was a little shocked that it said this though held his tongue 'til he had further

Perfect Club, No.1

I could fuck anyone, even a man.” She chuckled at me. She knew that I was horny all the time. As a butch Donny had been embarassed by me pulling her into bed, rather than the other way around. “Well, if you’re THAT open-minded...” Donny sipped her coffee, teasing me. “Sometimes I am... and?” I knew that Donny had travelled far further into the

My Cousin Jacqui

gently as I rimmed her. Her moan was audible above the soft music, and she pushed against my face lustily. She sat back against me, forcing me to lay back onto the bed below. Keeping her crotch pressed firmly into my face, Jacqui leaned forward and softly kissed her way around the purple head of my cock. As she lowered her mouth to take me in, I


confused about what happened. So let me tell you why I now have an ex-friend, and an ex-girlfriend. I was in the final year in senior high and was doing pretty good in all my classes. Doing good meant I didn’t have to worry too much about my marks, so I got a job after school that I worked at for four hours every day, plus any weekend I wanted to

We Met On Line

to seeing, saying that he would love to chat and get to know me, and that his name was Drew. Since he had sent X rated pics, I did the same so everything was even up.We conversed for several days and learned lots about each other. After the first day we exchanged cell numbers and had actual phone conversations for hours. We shared our life

Being Watched

another guy which we fantasised about also. Sara enjoyed our fantasies of fucking another man. She was so sweet though, so I didn't think she would ever arrange for it to happen. I masturbate thinking about my girl showing the window cleaner her moist juicy lips and what he would be thinking after cleaning our windows.- - - - -This is a true

Amber's Family Part 2: A Week With Daddy

Looking deep into his brown eyes she said "Of course I'm sure Michael. I've been sure all along." Amber looked back and forth at her parents. Apparently they were finishing up a conversation from earlier. She smiled sweetly at her Daddy. her nipples now hard on her large breasts, her skin flushed. This was the best present she had been

Pillbox Sex Dungeon - Chapter 3 - Introducing a friend

seconds Dan split his second load of cum of the evening, Sarah continued to suck, swallowing every last drop. Gemma quite disappointed she hadn’t come and now feeling quite redundant, rolled off of Sarah to see this most erotic sight of her best friend blowing her boyfriend. Without thinking Gemma reached down, grabbed her phone and took some

Accidental Discovery

becoming more and more a part of her life and she found herself plotting and scheming to find a way to have the real thing. Marlene was no slouch among other girls at the school when it came to looks. She was bleached blond, heavy breasted and with wide hips. Her full, rich lips and big round eyes, accented by darker eyebrows, accounted for the

Laura’s Awakening: Chapter 5

moved between his legs, stuck my ass in the air and fondled his limp dick. It took forever to get it to a state remotely close to being hard. As soon as it reached that I stuck it in my mouth. Not even my mouth could get him hard again. The moment he realized this he said, “I don’t think it’s going to happen again today.”I smiled and said, “Maybe

My Hottie Aunt Sujatha Part-II

inside its lining. It was much more longer as compare to her tits cleavage. I put my mouth deep inside it. By looking at it you would guess that my mom was 100% Latina. It was big but toned as well, you could squeeze it nicely but it could also stand its ground.One day when I came home from office it was 7 o clock. I came earlier. Aunt was

The Lady in Blue Ch. 07

that your answer to everything? Find a man and all my problems are solved? No thanks. Women are safer.’ Murphy laughed back in exactly the same tone. ‘Really? Then why did your last girlfriend dump you? Oh, I forgot. She left you for a man. That must be rough, having a lover switch to the other team. Do you think you drove her straight?’ I felt

The Department Store

to look for a bed and mattress combo.  We wandered around for a while and then as I looked up, I was met with a massive set of breasts, almost in front of my face.   Wow! What a set. These belonged to the Department store employee whose name was Karen.  She asked if she could help us with our search and we then proceeded to look at a variety of

From Straight, to Bi, to Gay

story is based in the UK, and not fictional*Chapter 1 – “Monday Fuckin’ Mornings”The familiar rhythmic buzz of my alarm set my eyes fluttering open. Dreary grey light seeped through my thin, striped curtains. After hastily jumping out of bed, I ran downstairs and tried to get dressed into my school uniform as quick as possible.As I tore off my


an interesting near-miss at the bar after class. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I often imagine, with a neutral eye, what it was like the night Trey kissed Corie. Was it in a bar, or was it in the parking lot? I bet it was in the lot, right alongside her driver-side door. Was she pressed up against her white RAV-4, or did

For Him

reply was disappointing but expected. 'Thats hot what's for dinner?'  It pissed me off a little. I was trying to hint that was what I wanted. Should've seen it coming considering we haven't had much sex in months. I managed to work the disappointment out of my system and go on with my day but as soon as he set foot in the door hours later I was

Lina's Dream

“You?” I ask, questioningly. “Where are we? What are we doing here? Can you unti…”“Silence!” you bark, and I and startled into obedience. “Good… there will be a time for questions later. For now… we’ll just have a little fun” you say, and I can hear the smirk in your voice. “Fun? What kind of ffff…. Fun?” You start stroking your finger up and

An Incest Birthday Chapter 26

“See now that wasn’t so bad was it,” dad said as we left the goodwill.“Not for you guys, my little body can’t handle that much exertion,” Rita joked.“Don’t even try it, I’ve seen you pick Randy up with ease, can’t handle that much exertion…”Before I could respond my phone beeped with a text message from Stephanie. I opened it and was surprised to

The Swan(Part IV)

they asked you out? Well, he's asking you out. Go for it. You don't have to do what we've been doing, but at least you have some idea. You know, I've got to ask some of the other girls out, otherwise we may really get tongues to wagging."Sue Ann propped herself up on her elbow and looked me in the eyes and said, "Logan, I want to ask you


saw his mom slip and fall forward, landing on her hands at the top but her knees two steps below. Her nudity was erotic, but when the bare tush was presented in that fashion, thrust back at his prow of a prick that was prodding her already as they ascended, he couldn't resist the tempting target. She gave a short laugh, clearly she was fine.

The Confession Ch. 03

‘Sure Kevin what is that?’ she asked. ‘Show me how good state is at taking care of one of these.’ He said standing up and pulling his shorts down to reveal his hard throbbing cock. ‘Oh my.’ She said. ‘I was not expecting this.’ ‘You take care of this and I will tell my parents I want to go to state.’ He said. ‘If not I will sign with one of the

Daddys Little Girl Part 5

her hips and slid her underwear off. The sight of that completely bare pussy was more to bear than last time. He spread her legs and guided his sex to the wet entrance of her hot little cunt. I want you so bad, Lindsey whimpered, tossing her arms around him. Their lips locked at the exact same moment as Alex slid into her. The walls of her pussy

What a Deal! Chapter 16

because he loves fucking that tight ass of yours. You're just a fucking cum dumpster and he's going to use you and then throw you away like a fucking condom. Why don't you just admit that you are a cum slut and get it over with."When Cindy paused, Mary answered her. "Oh, fuck. I'm a cum slut. I'm your husband's ass whore. Just make me cum,

A New Dawn Ch. 04

and stood, taking the bag, she kissed Neta’s cheek, ‘Thanks Neta, can you keep an eye on him, call me out if anything changes.’ ‘Of course I will, now go.’ Neta turned Susan towards the doorway to the washroom. Susan walked slowly towards it, before glancing over her shoulder towards Harry on the bed. Neta sat in the chair and looked lovingly at

One Hot Night

the moment he walked in the door from work. Actually, he should have known well before that because at lunch time, I decided to use my vibrator to get myself in the mood for a night of hot sex with my husband and I had sent him several texts letting him know what I was doing. They were something like this: Me: Want to know what I am doing?Him:

Youre beautiful to me

tweaks.What would happen, I wonder, if I watched you… well, watched you touch yourself? Could you? Would you like it? Would you start out slow and gentle, music, soft candlelight? Would you wear something comfortable, silky on your smooth skin? Maybe you’d enjoy a glass of wine perhaps, maybe two just to lubricate the moment, the tangy taste of

Hell Hath No Fury…Ch5

hard. Jacob removed his finger and slurped up her juices. No more, Jacob! I cant take it anymore! Gabby pleaded, trying to push him away. Jacob wouldnt budge till hed licked her clean. My sweet sweet Gabby, you know I couldnt leave a mess&hellip, Gabby giggled like a little girl. Jacob moved up to hover over her. So, did I relieve your tension?

The Gift

seventies. He was dressed in an ill-fitting suit that looked as if he had found it on the clearance rack in a thrift store. Nonetheless, he was neatly kept and wore a top hat, which he politely removed and held to his chest as Cara faced him. “My name is Donovan,” he said softly as he extended his hand to her. “But, you may call me Don if you’d

Wings of Scarred Ch. 01

crimes. Is this woman behind this? Or is she as much as a victim as anyone else? ****************************************** The wind. The birds. The beauty of the sunset. These were Aria’s favorite things. To her, there was nothing compared to soaring through the open air with the wings you were born with. She was a Skyian. Half human, half

Amy runs into an old friend at college

lit up every nerve in his engorged dick. He looked down to see her tits bouncing languidly to his thrusts. Her cute belly rippled with his impacts. Bill was always a visual person, and what he saw drove him wild. Amy saw in his expression and felt in her pussy that the countdown had begun. She felt his cock swell and harden. “Spray me with your

Cat Fight 11 Chase

with the flat of the sword causing Bill to growl. "You are making the same mistakes all first years make. You aren't slow, your eyes are. You need to start depending on ALL your senses, remember what the eyes see can almost always be a lie. Listen for the slightest movement of muscle and bone, the heart beat, the breathing. Smell the confidence

I love my son Daniel (1-4)

work it like a pro. This got me very wet so I reached down and started rubbing my clit. Daniel stared at me doing this while he continued to get his dick sucked by Amber. “Amber baby, get up there and eat out my mom for me.”“Mmmmmm baby, sure I would love too.” Amber stood up and climbed onto the bed with me. She came up in between my legs and

Settling down with Mistress

back to her old position by the wall, pulled her hips out, and pressed her back up against it, returning the back of Mistress’ skirt into her hands. Reaching for the tub of Vaseline, I massaged a large quantity of it into Mistress’ lovely plump bum. She knew what was coming, or so she thought. I was giving her one idea, while intending to do

Sean's Story: Chapter 8

softened, and I was thoroughly out of breath, Josh released me. He looked up at me and opened his mouth, showing me the white load within.“Swallow it,” I gasped.I watched as he made a show of exaggeratedly swallowing my cum. Just seconds before I had seen it coating his tongue. Now it was down inside him, a part of me deep within him. That would

Auntie Mabel Ch. 11

the sooner John shoves his cock in it the better as far as I’m concerned,’ Mabel said with a smile. ‘I was thinking more along the lines of him shoving his big cock in your mouth while I fuck you from behind,’ Jane replied cheekily. ‘As long as it’s not up my arse, I can barely sit down since I’ve been fucking you girl. What is it about my arse

The Conner Family Ch. 07

tried to call home, but her father was still so angry with her that he had hung up as soon as she spoke. She sighed. Then she was busy with her children. She would try again later, perhaps tomorrow. Maybe catch her Mom alone after her father went to work. And then let her know she had two grandchildren. She had sent a postcard from the clinic

X-rated Shoes he beat Me

walls too many men go deeply in. She felt her stomach do dancing sweats going faster her head was spinning erotic flips. Some of their views he could have seen something with us. We don’t need a political disaster. I’m not singing Happy Birthday to the President blowing him under the here we go again table. Should I go to work it should I stay

Metamorphosis, Part 2

side of the booth. I calculated that I got the better of that deal. Jason was much better looking than Buddy. They both seemed to be in their mid twenties.All seated, Sharon started, "Okay, here's the deal: In about an hour, our husbands are going to be here. They aren't going to sit with us. They'll sit where they can watch us."Jason spoke up,

Puta Means Slut (Chapter 2)

wantingly accepted his cock. I really didn't know what to suck cock, so I mimicked what the whores did in Costa Rica did to me: keep it wet, use a lot of tongue and take it as deep as I could. He groaned in approval of what I was doing and it strangely elicited a sense of pride for me. He was pumping my face now. He'd go full in and full out,

Butt Banging Sandra in her Big Nipple Brassiere

suntan flimsy diaphanous gossamer pantyhose.” said the handsome stranger. He was eating from a pint of cottage cheese he had pulled from his large overcoat. “Call me a romantic, but I think the way your legs look in those slinky sheer shiny suntan pantyhose made me want to talk to you; Engage you in trivial banter with the hope that I would

Wandering Through Life..A Look Back At The Ladies I've Known and Loved... Chapter 4.

tits and nipples. The third time around she had her top off and was getting quite a bit of attention from men and women. J said she wanted C to take her around the block but he said not in this crowd. The fourth round for M had her dropping her bike right in front of three cops..we watched in amazement as they helped her lift the bike as she put

Wash Away the Pain

crown. Sucking hard she let it slide in and out of her lips. The feeling on the head of his cock was unbelievable. Her tongue probed at the open slit. Her fingers played in the soap in his crack and finding the little bud they began to press and slide all around it. He felt a finger press to the side of his hole and when it easily slid inside him


interests, so there was no reason not to. A couple of weeks into this new arrangement, I came home from work one morning around 8am. I was working 12-hour shifts, two weeks on day shift and then two weeks on night shift. It was generally a good arrangement, (again despite popular opinion), the only real problem was the weekend where we switched

Razor Ch. 09

in the room, both of us wondering what had happened. * * * * * She loves him, those three simple words kept echoing in my mind as I ran out of the room. She loves him? She loves him! It had been right there, in black and white, on that paper. It wasn’t a particularly difficult code she’d been using either, probably because she was trying to

River Man (2016 revision)

a flying fuck anymore…’ It sounded a lot like a one-way conversation to me. Mumbled evasions, a life of simple denial, perhaps. ‘Tell you what, Hank. I’ll have my lawyer call your lawyer. Maybe then you’ll say something…and maybe someone will care enough to listen, but I sure don’t…’ More rumbling from down below, then I looked on as a suitcase

Take Me Over the Table

shall be visited by scary-ass gingerbread men who will giggle at them every time they try to have a wank.I’m waiting for you.I beat you home from work again, and I’m waiting. Here I am, in the kitchen, bent over the table and facing the door. I’m wearing nothing but a pair of shiny heels and an apron. I adjusted it so that you will be able to see

A Tale of Two Sissies

looking at me, “Just remember, bitch, it was you who brought your mommy into this.”Jarome and another boy grab my mother’s arms. She struggles, but can’t stop Clayton from grabbing the neck of her blouse. With a grunt he tears open her shirt. Buttons flying across the room as the boys cheer.The only thing left covering my mom’s big breasts is her

Do I make you nervous?

my arms in the air, it was about nine am in the morning and my housemates were still asleep. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed the carton of orange juice. As I began to eagerly poor it into my glass, I felt warm hands around my waist. “Hello there, sexy” A voice whispered in my ear before lightly kissing my neck. The surprise almost caused me

Marking my territory

in my dorm room. Woke in the middle of the night raging and got into that tight cunt again. Now this morning we jump in the shower together. Soaped her up good, then after rising off licked her sweet pussy and even stuck my tongue up her asshole. Got her so excited she was on her knees in the shower begging to suck my dick. How could I say No.

Getting wife to do me. (Chapter 1)

That way my wife could fuck Cleopatra any time she wanted and as much as she wanted. Cleo was her bitch, not me as mentioned already. My wife would start asking how was Cleo today. She would then speak of what Anthony (Cleopatra's real lover) was ready to do to Cleo. Let me paint this part. Let us say that we were at a night club dancing. My wife

She Slips Away Safely

slit, up at the top and touched her clit giving her a big thrill, and me too. Then I stood up and sucked each nipple into my mouth.We heard Mom’s car door slam. Terri sent me up to help my mother so that she could get dressed and go out the cellar door.I helped Mom with the groceries and then Terri knocked on the back door and I let her in. She

My First Orgasm Was With a Girl

B+ tits (whose areolas I’d later discover were dark pink and perfect).Really hot.Her face wasn’t ugly but she was no makeup model.But the overall package.Wow.At 14 she had reached her full mature height of about 5’2″.A little about me.I, too, had reached my full height of 6’0″.A football player, I was in great shape at around 200 lbs.I am white

The Perfect Stranger

guys and maybe going home with them. The others drank and prepared for the night ahead. It was just above freezing as they slipped out the taxi, immediately starting a slight jog to avoid being out in the cold as much as possible. The club they were headed to was obvious, with the smokers all outside, braving the air to fill their needs, and the

Geena and Me

feeling would never end. Whatever it was that she was doing was so great of a feeling. I was wondering if she wanted me to do it her. But when I tried to precipitate shed block me, and kept doing what she was doing. It wasnt until a month later that I found out what this awesome feeling was called, or the many different names it had. Geena made

Kissing Cousins

Alex wanted to do more than chat? ‘Stop it! You slut,' she thought to herself as she eased open the door and waited for her cousin to follow her in. It was a gloomy afternoon and it was already getting dark as they walked through to the lounge and Jenny drew the curtains, turned on some subtle lighting and switched on the stereo, which was

Vincent and Erin: Halloween Special

around the corner. Vincent quickly tucked himself away and almost tripped on the towel rack on his way out the door and around the corner. What he saw in the coat room was what he desired all day. Erin's red hair was covering her now-naked chest. The bra had been discarded somewhere on the floor and her dress was bunched around her waist.

Friday Night; Dinner and a Shower

to tease me, to make me take you. I bite my lip. “Better play fair.” “Never said I can’t tease back,” you cutely say. “True and it is more fun with you teasing also.” You smile, and blush lightly, as I lean in and kiss you deeply, my hands slide back in between your legs teasing you lightly. After I break off the kiss, I softly kiss your neck.

Hildr - The Valkyrie

his mouth with our juices. He sucked up our sweet nectar as I came. I moved off of Elrik and onto my knees with my ass up in the air. "Elrik, fuck my ass!" Elrik moved behind me, thrusting his cock into my pussy. Covered in my nectar, he slowly pushed his cock head into my ass. I was impatient and pushed back, taking his entire length. "Fuck me

Bartering for Freedom

ass, indicating she should get to it.Kneeling before the man Amelia started to reach for him but then remembered Nicolette had said she was to do how they liked. So, she dropped her hand and waited.“Lick it.” His voice was nearly a whisper of anticipation. “Don’t use your hands. Just your tongue.” Amelia planted her palms on her thighs, rose to

Daddy and Shawna: Seduction 1

distract her with their usual playful stubble-on-the-cheek game, when she tilted her head back and offered that beautiful neck to him. The taste of her skin on his tongue was almost his undoing. He kissed that pulse point again and then worked his way up to right below her earlobe. Moving lower on her neck again he gently bit down. His arms drew


but it gave me a great feeling inside, so I kept my secret to myself, and wrestled with as many guys as I could as often as I could, It was only a feeling then, I knew it was dirty and wrong, I did not know why I just knew it had to be my secret, even at that age I was getting my cock out, playing you show me yours and I will show mine, I

My Life As A Hermie Part 1 – Discovery

clit (or a penis) but I knew what I had was weird.After examining, tickling and rubbing my new part for a while, I started to feel sleepy so I went back to bed. As I lay still and relaxed, my new part slowly deflated and then retracted back inside my urethra. Wow, I thought, I either have a super big clit or I have a retractable penis.When I


eyes lifted in thought at that statement.)Now comes the question: What do you think about your place here?HIS MISSIONSJames-- Well, I of course would have liked to have had a real choice in this matter, but I see the mission here, and would like to serve and succeed here. And, oh, I don’t think I have to interview any other candidates for my life

Have You Seen My Wife Lately?

spreading her legs for him to see.  Since it was so obvious that we wanted him to look, he was going to do just that. Now I was getting hard at the beach, so it was time for us to go.  Just the fact that she spread her legs for this guy with me right there was an incredible turn-on. One time an asian guy struck up a conversation with her and

The Mother in Law

– her arsecheeks curved as her dressline lifted – she wasn’t wearing underwear. He got a smell of woman. Was she horny? Asking him to come back – he was getting aroused, now he was always faithful up to that point. His Mother in Law was coming onto him. what should he do? Moving forward, her cheeks touched his thighs. He started to harden.

My New Wife and The Young Spaniards.

her shoulder simply said, “Let’s go to the beach”. We did and stayed together all afternoon. At the end of the day Louise asked if we would see them again tomorrow. What a silly question. Yes please they said as once more they both ran off along the beach chatting excitedly to each other in Spanish. I should describe here the sex we had in the

A Super Hero’s Slut Ch. 05

up to something and that Mary Jane should stay away from the man. Right on cue Mary Jane exploded. ‘Your problem Peter, is that you don’t want me to have a career. You want me to stay at home and wait for you to decide to spend some time with me. When you aren’t being Peter Parker, boy photographer, you are out web swinging and wall crawling

Voyeurs and lovers

and raised her ass and cunt in aninvitation that is a million years old. I took my cock,placed it against her puffy lips and made the smoothwet entry I expected. Her cunt was like a very wet,very warm, very nasty mouth that pushed back against meand swallowed me all in one gulp.I began slowly, wanting to savor the feeling and theunion of lust and

Pulaski Square

they are family no matter what Mr. Martin thinks—together. They share a father. ‘Miz. Roberts needs a new kidney,’ I blurted out. There, I’d said it. I’m sorry, Miz. Roberts, but you are a fool yourself for not sharing this with family—not even telling Mr. Martin. You are putting your faith in your husband earnin’ enough money down in Memphis to

The Shopping Trip

he’d totally forgotten he was holding them. I walked back over to the stool and repeated the process of covering my legs in the silky material. His eyes never left my body for a second. When I was done, I did a little turn for him. “Better?” “Yes, I think that looks better. I know which shoes as well.” He went over to the shelves and selected


get no benefit.The cousin was only about eighteen years old, but very capable of giving any man a truly great time. And in the process of rewarding Brice, she taught him a number of things that he was ignorant about. As he learned, Clara came into his mind and he determined to teach her these things, too. His favorite was the filing him up him

Job Interview

about their first invoice. They were all upset at the amount we'd charged them for a short commercial. Everything has been straightened out. And, Jake, they gave us another job.” “Enough about our problems,” he continued with a big smile. “You're here to see about a position as bookkeeper with us. Has Jake filled you in as to what's involved?”

My Turn

my cheeks apart. My pussy on display, your fingers manipulating my ass. Pushing your fingers in deep, pressing against my spot before you pull them out. You position your cock. There is no seduction, no acclimating. Just a cold-blooded thrust. Making me scream out. I push back and meet your every movement. Lost in the feeling now, I am oblivious

First Time out at a club…

very sexy girl, Rebecca’ said Ana, dragging her hand slowly up your leg, and making you go bright red. She reached up, and slid her hand inside your sheer top, ‘mmmmm, a VERY sexy girl!’ as she moved her hand up to touch your piercings. Your nipple immediately swelled, as she gently pinched and pulled upon it. She lowered her mouth to your lips,

Tina and the Stuffed Pussy - Chapter 2 Tina's First Show

waitress, and entertainer to help you out and…” Ed looked at Tina meaningfully, “Silvia will keep me from having to wait tables should you get tied up again.” I looked up from the table I was wiping down. This was my second surprise of the day. My first was finding out that Toby was going to be doing dishes and bussing tables for Eddie. I

We're Nothing But Animals - Chapter 1

drink, I was feeling bold enough to reach up and give each breast a squeeze... not like I don't do that without liquor anyways. No shame! "They definitely feel real enough. Au natural," I responded without even batting an eye.He might've been a bit surprised, but not that much. I showed how open I was this morning when I was at the café, and he

Degrees of Attraction

she met me at a restaurant near my apartment, and we never did go to the planned movie. We spent the evening in my place. By ten-thirty I had her leaning against me, naked to the waist, with my tongue in her mouth and my fingers in her panties, bringing her to orgasm. She did not go home that night. I suggested to her that I could open my couch

The Last Communion of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

both meet her for the first time. I suppose we can see for ourselves what the truth behind these stories is. If she is a saint we are bound to notice it”.Anne Catherine’s cell turned out to be a small and dark room heavy with the smells of sickness and sleep. The window was closed shut and the curtains drawn. The saintly nun was a small and frail

The Tournament 04: The Trial

‘As you can see, Morrigan did not kill Li, nor did she do anything but interrupt the challenge and help her champion to escape,’ Anbay said without any trace of giggles. ‘Do you contend her actions were outside the rules of challenge?’ Shamash asked in a deep voice, stroking his beard. ‘We contend that the actions of Li Bao-Zhi were outside the

Caravan of lust Part Two

of coke so half was poured out and the vodka was added then passed around every single one of us were out of our nuts by 8pm. I remember sitting on a cut down tree next to Barry my arm around his shoulder telling him I loved him. Thankfully he was just as drunk as me he even kissed me Ok not on the lips but on the forehead but close enough for me

My Next Desire (Our Next MMF)

him at the supermarket or in a school function. We have to have rules. On the long awaited day, I will have to remove the two middle seats in the van, and put in place some comfortable pillows and blankets. Oh, and some towels, we will have to have towels. We will meet in the late evening, 9 maybe 10 o’clock, in some relatively secluded spot,

Big Bill Sandy

with out having sex with a woman. I did belong to a motorcycle club for the past two yrs and sense I was now of age to speak, I was now allowed to do more within the club. No we were not a bunch of Harley riding, bar busting, leather wearing roughs necks. We were a AMA sanctioned club that sponsored races, and were a nonprofit group. We held

Trying to please her

indeed,   despite her 45 yo.  She was the owner of a well built , robust and vigorous body,   adorned  with gaudy showy curves. Despite she was tall, she often wore high-heels, a flowered dress, which consisted of a mini skirt.  A typical bystander would gaze at her bare,  solid, firm and massive legs.  Apart from this,  it was mandatory to stare

Senior Week Ch. 00: Prologue

be a little confusing (and surprises/themes ruined) if it is skipped over. PRELUDES is the follow-up and it deals with a crucial stretch of time that led to where Prom began. It weaves the two series together and fills in a lot of missing details and untold storylines that help explain how the events of Prom occurred and why Rachel may have acted

Teegan and Michael - A Chance of

and very satisfying.” Like I did not know, he thought.“More than you know, more than you know. I was just wondering if by any chance your office was in the downtown area?”“Yes it is. We are in the Marquis Two building.”“I can’t believe it! So am I! I am a para-legal for Brown and Bronson. What a coincidence.”“Yeah, it really is. We are on the

For Warmth, For Life

make things weird.” “I don’t know, I think it’s hot. I mean come on, we are three attractive naked woman pressed against each other in front of a fire,” Christine says quietly. “In fact, friction would make us warm much faster,” she whispers into my ear as she rubs my arms with her hands. Sensing what is happening, I shift uncomfortably.

Time, Like a River

here?’ ‘Such as?’ Smithfield shrugged. ‘Oh, I don’t know. Who goes next, on what ships? How we go about setting up colonies on new worlds? Things like that.’ ‘You mean, of course, that we tell the people? Let the people know who’s up there, what they’re capable of doing to us?’ Smithfield looked at the man, at the lack of imagination he saw in

Rough Cut Ch. 07

a mortal enemy. It wasn’t the first time Moe had seen that kind of look. But coming from a man who had almost killed him, Moe was inclined to take the menacing glare a little more seriously. The crowd was breaking up one at a time, each man shuffling back to the part of the sidewalk he called his own. The pain lanced through Moe’s gut, but he

Vanessa Meets John

and wondered what to do about Dave. I’ve been seeing – which we all know means fucking – Dave for about four months now, and honestly, it’s what I prefer. Why deal with strings when I can just get what I want without the emotional attachment? I can’t seem to be able to keep a relationship going anyway, and I’ve tried dating one guy steadily, but